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I am Casino Playing Card Collectors Club the unfortunate position right now where my partner — who, up until a few months ago had absolutely no interest in playing cards, playing card collecting, or Joker collecting — has become absolutely obsessed with the little critters!! There are more interesting topics you know! I got out all my old decks, my Joker collection, I bid on decks on eBay, pledged for new decks on Kickstarter, worked my wee socks off, wrote reviews and spread the word about the fascinating world of playing card collecting, and had a blast doing it.

Meanwhile, a pair of beady eyes were scrupulously watching my every move…. Today, as I sit here updating my site, the post arrives and there is a neat little parcel for my partner. These decks are NOT for opening. It started with just Jokers, then went on to the Jack of Spades, and then I would buy decks of cards specifically to get the cool Jokers and Jacks. What I would do is open the deck and put the Jokers and Jack of Spades into their separate binders and keep the deck to the side — because I still wanted to collect the deck.

Grand Casino Hinckley Alcohol maybe even a LOT. But that was my way of collecting and I liked it just as it was. I love taking each card and studying it to see all those extra little bits and pieces of detail that the designer has surreptitiously thrown in there, either for their own amusement, or just because… well, just because. I want my Jokers in their binders. I want my Jacks in their binder.

Elsewhere in my house there is a stash of decks of playing cards. I did have a laugh to myself when I texted my partner and commented on how great the David Blaine Green Gator Backs looked in a fan-out.

So have it your way. Whatever makes you happy. Maybe you already have a collection of playing cards. How do you collect yours? What is your ultimate purpose in buying decks off eBay or from card websites? Are you a collector? Please leave any comments or questions in the box below.

And, as always, please do feel free to share this post on your social media by clicking on any of the buttons below. Hello, encountered this card collection in between the walls of our house.

I have no idea about cards. It was in bad shape. I really dont know what to do with it. I was wondering if i can squeeze some cash with it: Hope you reply to my inquiry. The email address is info icollectplayingcards. I collect packs of playing cards.

I adore the feel, the artwork, and even the sound and smell of playing cards. I fully appreciate what you say about not locking them away for years until they become worth something. I self agrandoisingly is that a word? Ran across your post. I have, as well, collected playing cards for 30 years now. I love every time i run across a sealed deck i do not have matter of fact, i just bought 2 decks online before this post, lol and i too, cant wait till they arrive in the mail so i can appreciate them and their beauty and add them to my collection.

Thank you for your interest and dedication. But this is the thing — people need to know that how they collect is actually up to them. So of course, they have to be sealed. We may never know…. I can see you opening one of the decks and totally blaming Casino Playing Card Collectors Club on sleep walking lol!

No doubt your partner started collecting cards!

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It is nice to understand and accept that people need to appreciate their cards however they want even if it means not opening the deck at all. If anyone asks it was your idea ok……? Most of the time, I collect coins more for fun than investment. In fact when I went to a coin show recently, I picked up a coin folder of the latest America the Beautiful Quarters. In the long run, it is not going to be worth much, but it gives me something to collect going through my change and quarter rolls, and I can continue to look and enjoy it.

We have a deal now though — as long as I buy more than one of the same deck I can open one and keep the others to sell in my online shop. Seems like a good deal to me: Thanks for your comment: Your Casino Playing Card Collectors Club a pretty detailed love of cards. I have never seen playing cards other than what they are, which is playing cards. Reading what you have written here, gives me a whole new view. But what I tend to do is buy at least 2 decks at a time — one to open, and keep and the rest to sell in my website shop.

What a fun post! I absolutely enjoyed reading it! It truly seems like a unique passion and an interesting one at that. I played cards all the time growing up with my grandfather and I always admired his cards. He had some uniquely designed card packs.

I remember one was a WWII themed and I remember being so in awe by how detailed the artist made each card.

I have to say it does suck you in once you get started collecting. Do you know what has happened to his collection of decks? There are that many different decks dedicated to that many different topics — zombies, cats and dogs, Egyptian art, sports cars etc. Or then again there are the decks that simply have beautiful designs — anything by Stockholm17, Jackson Robinson, Steve Minty etc.

But like I say, if you like it then get it. Let me know how you get on: I stumbled on your post by complete chance and smiled my way through it. Do collectors often build a collection with the intent to eventually sell them for Casino Playing Card Collectors Club profit anyway? My husband once bought these terribly expensive Mickey Mouse card while were in Disneyland, then later regretted the decision.

But how do you know if a collection or purchase with worth anything? It breaks my heart…. Value is based on how rare something is, or how desirable it is. A limited edition deck that has been signed by the designer would be worth more than a deck that you could go into any shop and buy for a few quid.

You might be pleasantly surprised: Loved your latest post and I would be hard pressed to set the decks aside without playing with them. It reminds me of when I first met my wife and after dinner when she was washing the dinner dishes after the meal I had prepared she had broke one of my water goblets by accident. She felt really bad and wanted to replace it.

I Spent $10,000.00 on Playing Cards!! Here's why...

When I told her they where the last 12 ever made for that type in Germany and could not be replaced, she asked me why I use them. So I told her, I like nice things and they are meant to drink from, now we have eleven more to drink from.

Wine is meant to be enjoyed, and so are playing cards and water goblets: I knew people collected cards but I always thought it was picture cards, like from NBA or something. I have a friend for example who sells WWE cards and he basically can do that on ebay and his his primary source of income. Never heard of people collecting playing cards like Jokers etc.

Is there anything you are really looking for when you add something to your collection? Is it the mainly the art work Mountaineer Casino Gift Certificates the front of the card or the back too? Do you stay away from any particular kind of card? I know know the backs of cards you can get go from pictures of Winnie the Pooh the playboy models.

Do you still narrow down your collection or anything goes? Some playing card collectors collect because of the image on the back of the card — horses, cars, flowers, airlines etc. If I like it then I want it: But now, half the time the fronts are way more interesting than the backs.

And there are a lot to love: Kyle, there are so many different types of playing cards it would make your head spin: That shows how passionate you are about it.

This is an awesome niche you have selected. Really love your site and had fun reading it! And they still Casino Playing Card Collectors Club my interest. Very cool and very stylish website.

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