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Specifying material in RapidRough. The new RapidRough operation is available on the 3 Axis menu. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to quickly generate optimized roughing and pre-finishing passes in one step. Enter the final step height and stock after all cutting passes are complete, then add multiple tools. Up to eight tools can be used in a single RapidRough operation.

Each tool is used for two purposes. First, the tool removes the maximum amount of material as quickly as possible.

Second, the tool prepares the surfaces for the next tool in the list. RapidRough uses the most efficient method for maximizing the capabilities of your tools.

This is the initial roughing phase. After the tool reaches the bottom of the smallest area it can cut, it immediately begins machining from the bottom to the top in preparation for the next tool.

Using advanced analysis of the part geometry and the capabilities of the next tool, SURFCAM ensures that all steps are of equal height before moving to the next tool. RapidRough never makes an unnecessary cut in areas that have already been machined. After the tool reaches the bottom of the smallest area it can cut, it machines from the bottom to the top reducing its own steps in preparation for the next tool or finishing operation.

To prevent any finishing tool from encountering more material than it can safely handle, it is suggested that the smallest-diameter RapidRough tool match the smallest-diameter finishing tool.

Traditional rest roughing operations use a constant programmed depth of cut, regardless of the geometry you are machining. This produces a constant step height, but more material is likely to remain in some areas than in others particularly when the surface geometry includes a combination of steep and flat areas as the illustration below shows.

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The steps from the first tool are even—large but even. A second operation with a smaller tool is used to machine the areas where the first tool could not fit. But it also must clean up the large steps left by the previous, larger tool.

Tool 2 uses less than optimal depths on each cut. After two tools are run, you are left with very uneven step heights. If you attempted to finish this now, the varying depths of cut that would be encountered by the finishing tool would be very problematic.

After 2 operations the steps are too large and uneven to begin the finishing process. In RapidRoughthe first tool produces the same step heights as the first tool in rest roughing. But, at this point, RapidRough does not change to a smaller tool. Instead, the same tool is used to machine from the bottom up to reduce its own steps.

It looks ahead to the capabilities and limitations of the next tool in the list, and reduces these steps such that the material is optimally prepared for that next tool. The material is prepared for the next tool. After tool 1 is finished, the material already looks better than what rest roughing produced after two tools.

Steps after second tool is used, ready for finishing. Tool 2 will then look forward at the capabilities and limitations of tool 3 if there is a tool 3 or at the user-entered Maximum Final Step Height if there is no tool 3and go back and reduce these steps in preparation for whatever tool is next. This option on the Setup tab controls the final step height after the RapidRough operation is complete. The final step height may be less than this height, but never more.

Final step height after all tools are used. This option on the Cut Control tab prevents the tool from cutting minimal amounts of material on steps.

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These conditions typically occur on steep surfaces. When generating RapidRough toolpaths, it is important to understand the effect of specifying material boundaries that do not fully contain the surfaces to be machined.

How to give SURFCAM a boost with 3 Axis Multi Cut

The part surfaces are gouge-checked only within the material boundaries. If material boundaries that do not fully contain the part surfaces are specified, it is possible that entries to and exits from the material may gouge the part surfaces.

Many parts, depending on their topology, can be safely machined using this method, and an enhancement is planned for the Velocity III release later this year that will automatically avoid gouging in such cases. Until then, the user should be aware that gouging can occur outside the material boundaries whenever those boundaries do not fully contain the selected part surfaces. Parameters have been consolidated to reduce redundancies and much of the RapidRough technology is built right in to make your job easier.

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