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So, you're looking for a job. Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana. Several Vegas trips under my belt by robyank Aria, Dig This, Carbone, and Britney!

First time in Vegas! Looking for a workout buddy? If you feel like your submission has gotten caught in the spam filter, message the mods. Are there any other books that have such coupons? I asked for a "fun book" at damn near every casino on the strip and downtown and out of the handful I got, none of them had any gambling stuff.

There used to be Vegas Rover but they closed down. Check the big local print magazines I can't recall which one, but one of those will typically have a few coupons in it.

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Check every week, because although a lot of the same places put coupons in it regularly, many only do it once in a while. Sometimes if you stay at a hotel they will give you a book of coupons, but it's hit and miss.

Here's some data points:. Stayed here many times but only got something the first stay, so they may only give you one set of coupons per year. Stayed here a few times and got some coupons for matchplay, bingo, and dining most of the times I stayed. If you get the ACG now you can go ahead and use many of the coupons, plus they are good next year too.

Only a few of the offers allow you to use multiple duplicate coupons -- usually "once per month" offers. You have to go to the cage to get one.

You will most likely have to sign up for an M life card before hand. I went to Vegas last year for the sole purpose of finding and using as many coupons as possible.

I basically made the same thing but it looks even less pretty: Good enough estimate for me variance makes the rounding error insignificant for one Vegas trip anyway. If the casino isn't close to the strip or downtown then it's probably not worth the drive for the average tourist.

Some of those were some pretty intensive point investments too. Best thing to do is sign up for the Casino's player card. Some will give free slot play or free match play initially. Cosmo, like many other casinos, gives you really good offers based on your first trip.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Want to add to the discussion? Here's some data points: Didn't get anything Four Queens: A small book of coupons, none of which are gambling related, but Best Casino Free Games For Kindle Fire on dining, bowling, and bingo.

Amongst some dining coupons, you get a small matchplay and small freeplay coupon. Pretty nice sized book with lots of gambling coupons. I wish I'd known about these in trips past! The two problems I had translating a coupon to what it was actually worth to me were casino location time investment If the casino Casino Slots Free Match Play Vegas Coupons close to the strip or downtown then it's probably not worth the drive for the average tourist.

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