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I get asked about this Ghost quite a bit.

We have included the segue and entire Makisupa Policeman. Lets get this over with.

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Ghost enters nicely from a spacey Piper ending. Situated in the middle of the second set, it is poised to be a monster. Turns out it had as much poise as Lindsey Lohan.

The first inclination of this travesty, is how quickly Trey gets into the lyrics. The intro is almost non existent.

The rushed pace of this Ghost. Knowing what we all know about this Ghost now, the clues are all over. This was going to be shorter than Danny DeVito. The solo section continues the quick pace and it certainly feels like they are rushing. When Mike enters, the jam is pretty sweet though. So the jam starts nicely and heads toward its customary breakdown.

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It works toward an initial groove. Trey is leading out in front a bit. What the hell is going on here? Is Trey really playing Makisupa Policeman immediately into this jam?

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We aborted a mid second set Ghost for a song with some funny key words? I mean…I like Makisupa Policeman and all but I will catch you later…. You did not read that wrong. Phish played a 4: This Ghost is short. Did I mention that? Yeah Makisupa Policeman was a cool version, but this is the second set.

I remember streaming this show on hoodstream.

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Lets try this again: I was at this show and the 2 preceding shows and I still refuse to listen to anything from it because of the travesty described above. I almost left during Maki one of my friends bailed shortly thereafter but stayed in the hope of some phish goodness and hijinks…. I will banish this ghost from my memory. April 10, April 10,5: June 11,8: Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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