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Use stake in a sentence. An ownership interest that one company acquires in another that represents less than percent ownership. A company takes a stake in another company in order to obtain the rights to a product or territory that will strategically help it.

Companies are willing to sell stakes in themselves for a cash infusion or to partner with a larger competitor and thus improve their relative standing in the market.

Often, stakes are popular ways to expand overseas and give both companies an opportunity to work together before considering whether a merger would be appropriate. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. The definition of a stake is the portion owned or invested in a business venture.

Stake is a length of wood or metal with a pointed end for driving into the ground. A vertical post to which an offender is bound for execution by burning.

A race offering a prize to the winner, especially a horserace in which the prize consists of money contributed equally by the horse owners.

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A share or an interest in an enterprise, especially a financial share. Personal interest or involvement: To mark the location or limits of with stakes. Often used with out: To claim, establish, or register as one's own.

To fasten, secure, or support with a stake or stakes: Noun plural stakes A piece of wood or other material, usually long and slenderpointed at one end so as to be easily driven into the ground as a support or stay ; as, a stake to support vines, fences, hedges, etc.

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A sharpened stake strong Dryas found. A piece of wood driven in the ground used in the game of croquet. The stake, often referred to as the peg, is placed in the middle of the court and is used as the finishing point after scoring 12 hoops in croquet.

A stick inserted upright in a lopeyeor mortiseat the side or end of a carta flat car, or the like, to prevent goods from falling off. Thomas Cranmer was burnt at the stake.

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  • Several people enjoy taking Jackpot Casino Xanthic Definition Of Economics in lotto games. Non current assets are those assets in the balance sheet that are not current assets. Trading forex is the best thing that ever happen to you. Unfavorable variance is when the actual costs incurred are greater than the standard costs.
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A share or interest in a business or a given situation in the sense "stake a claim". A small anvil usually furnished with a tang to enter a hole in a bench top, as used by tinsmithsblacksmithsetc. That which is laid down as a wager ; that which is staked or hazarded ; a pledge. Mormonism A territorial division comprising all the Mormons typically several thousand in a geographical area. Every city, or stake, including a chief town and surrounding towns, has its president, with two counselors; and this president has a high council of chosen men.

Verb third-person singular simple present stakes, present participle staking, simple past and past participle staked To fastensupportor defend with stakes; as, to stake vines or plants. To pierce or wound with a stake. To put at hazard upon the issue of competitionor upon a future contingency ; to wager; to pledge.

I'll stake yon lamb, that near the fountain plays. John went broke, so in order to play Jill had to stake him. Anagrams Keats skate steak takes. Origin Old English staca.

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  1. The Craps people make twice as much as any other dealer because of the higher stakes that are wagered on craps. the tips generally are higher as well Disco music is designed for making people move and have fun on the Stake Casino Dealer Salary Vegas floor. . That means no windows and no clocks.:
    Double stakes about is a form of up-and-down bet. It is a bet on two selections, with a single bet placed on each nguyensan.meg: xanthic ‎economics. The definition of a stake is the portion owned or invested in a business venture. An example of a stake is to be one-fifth owner of a silver mine. Stake is a length of wood or metal with a pointed end for driving into the ground. An example of stake is what people use to keep a tent secure. YourDictionary definition and usage  Missing: xanthic. Definition of equity stake: The percentage of a business owned by the holder of some number of shares of stock in that company. Shareholders of a significant equity stake in a company may exercise some level of control, Missing: casino ‎xanthic.
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    There is a broad range of free pokie spins bonuses available for online casino players. Some are no deposit bonuses; some come as part of a welcome bonus package. A free pokie spins bonus often means you get a fixed number of free spins on a designated slot machine. In some cases Missing: club mkw.: Casino. Casino Slots features an online high scoreboard that allow you to compare your luck and skill against other players from around the world. The Casino also contains an high Five years ago when the economy was booming, no one expected that the economy would be the way it is today. There isnt much of a difference. paranormal romance the protags are both human cra, stake definition of stake by the free dictionary - define stake stake synonyms stake pronunciation your bitcoins high limit unique games along with casino favourites register instantly and start your bitcoin, you don t even know what s at stake microsoft.
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Las Vegas slot machines in an android App with Bible games. Most fun Bible game App around. This slots game is intended for adult audiences and does not offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes. Success within this slots game does not imply future success at real money gambling. For Liz Wooley, the games highlight an emerging and little-known social problem relating to video game addiction.

Wooley founded Online Gamers Anonymous after her year-old son committed suicide in following two years he spent playing a game called EverQuest, an Internet fantasy game. But when he got sucked into that game, he became a different person. Wooley said her son was addicted, and that made him depressed as well. Developers and industry advocates of social casino games say these apps aren't as dangerous as critics charge. They say the stories of harm stem from abuse. Tony Lawrence, a year-old recovering gambling addict, and a counselor at the Aboriginal Gambling Help Service in Adelaide, Australia, says he's used social casino games as a teaching tool for himself and his clients.

Still, the freemium model presents a challenge. Lawrence trains his clients to pick games where there aren't continual pop-ups for buyable extras, saying they can trigger the addiction.

Addicts who encounter the games on their own, without the sort of guidance Lawrence offers, may not have that strength. Brett said gambling apps shouldn't be so pervasive, particularly because they make it harder for him and other gambling addicts to stay clean.

Move social casino apps to a separate section of app stores, so it's less likely a player will find them just by swiping through their home page. Spokespeople for Google and Apple, which run the most popular app stores, declined to comment. It's definitely an issue.

Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. We'll remove comments that violate our policy. Please read our Comment Policy before commenting. Don't show this again. Video Games The hidden cost of those 'free' gambling apps Some of the most downloaded and highest-grossing video games in leading app stores use casino motifs for their designs, raising questions about the potential dangers of gambling apps.

Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Some of the most downloaded and highest-grossing video games in leading app stores use casino motifs for their designs, raising questions about the potential dangers of gambling apps. Many worries about the future weigh on Brett as he works his way through a gambling addiction program. The year-old's biggest worry after his release from the three-month program in California: If the bet on the first selection wins, double the stake is then placed on the second selection.

If this selection also wins, two further bets are placed — the original stake on the second selection, and double the stake on the first selection. The benefit is that the returns are much higher than placing two single bets. An up-and-down bet takes place in two parts. There are a number of variations of this type of bet, including single stakes about and double stakes about.

Here is an example of a double stakes about bet:. You make two selections and decide on your stake. If the second selection also wins, the bet moves on to the second part.

This basically involves placing two further bets in reverse — a single bet at the original stake on the second selection, and a single bet at double the stake on the first selection. A share or an interest in an enterprise, especially a financial share.

Personal interest or involvement: To mark the location or limits of with stakes. Often used with out: To claim, establish, or register as one's own. To fasten, secure, or support with a stake or stakes: Noun plural stakes A piece of wood or other material, usually long and slender , pointed at one end so as to be easily driven into the ground as a support or stay ; as, a stake to support vines, fences, hedges, etc.

A sharpened stake strong Dryas found. A piece of wood driven in the ground used in the game of croquet. The stake, often referred to as the peg, is placed in the middle of the court and is used as the finishing point after scoring 12 hoops in croquet.

A stick inserted upright in a lop , eye , or mortise , at the side or end of a cart , a flat car, or the like, to prevent goods from falling off. Thomas Cranmer was burnt at the stake. A share or interest in a business or a given situation in the sense "stake a claim".

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Their corporate employer has discovered — and kept secret — a gateway to a pristine medieval world called Alissia. Now, the head of their research team has gone AWOL, with a backpack full of disruptive technology. I read the glossary, the genealogy, and the forums on Dragonmount. When the time came to write my novel, I wanted to create an equally compelling secondary world. So I asked one of my favorite authors, Scott Lynch, how he does it so well. When I took his advice, I learned something interesting.

Apparently, my favorite bit is the booze. Alcohol is more than just a way to get drunk. You can produce alcohol by fermenting grain mash beer , grapes wine , fruit juice cider , rice sake , and even honey mead.

You can distill it into high concentrations for spirits like vodka and gin. One of our favorite parts is driving up the Old Mission Peninsula to look at the cherry trees. Over the past few years, however, vineyards have replaced many of the orchards.

I love wine as much as the next guy, but I miss the cherry trees. It made me wonder how far a society would be willing to go to produce an expensive alcoholic beverage. The only time they got any notice from the locals was when they encountered a wine caravan. Ten wagons, each pulled by a pair of draft horses. These were hardly visible behind the mounted riders that escorted them, who happened to be some of the hardest mercenaries that Caralissian gold could buy. They looked up at the sound of the approaching horses.

Hands went to sword hilts. Two of the men reached down into the nearest wagons, probably for spears or loaded crossbows. He slowed his mount and moved to the side. Their casual positions only looked haphazard. If Logan were to attack, three or four would engage him from multiple angles. An equal number would stay with the wagons. And a few would ride for the nearest Caralissian outpost for reinforcements.

Bandits tried raiding wine caravans from time to time. Some even got hold of a cask or two, but they rarely made it far enough to enjoy a taste. All of this grew from a simple idea: I started thinking about economics of that, in a pre-industrial society. The exploitative labor practices required to produce it. The impact on international trade. Caralis is a monarchy, so only a few can enjoy the vast wealth brought by Caralissian wine. The queen, of course, and her pet nobles.

That leaves an entire populace out in the cold. Forfeiting most of their crops to the Caralissian vintners. Starving while the chosen few grow rich. Dan is also an avid hunter and outdoorsman.

He lives with his wife and children in St. Louis, where the deer take their revenge by eating all of the plants in his backyard. Some mortals welcome these creatures of legend, some fear them. Last autumn Kim and Julian stood at the center of that storm. Now they face a challenge closer to home: Many feel that change should wait until the current upheaval has ended. The roots of that shield run deeper than she knows.

The quest to destroy it will lead her and Julian back into the world of the sidhe, where they will uncover ancient lies, face betrayal on all sides — and gamble everything on the possibility of freedom. It also, not coincidentally, happens to be the core of what drove me to write the book in the first place. Little details kept drifting into my mind, though — most of them background for the secondary protagonist, Julian Fiain. Over the following years, as I revised and rewrote and revised again, the picture began to fill in — not all of which fit into that first book.

And Julian in turn needs to open up to Kim, rather than closing her out the way wilders usually do. Half the time this expresses itself in little details, like when Julian telekinetically yanks an object to his hand rather than walking over to pick it up, then admits to Kim that he trained himself out of the habit when he went to live among ordinary psychics.

Changing his behavior is hard. I wrote that scene long before I started drafting the book. That one, and a couple of others playing off the same conflict. Marie Brennan is an anthropologist and folklorist who shamelessly pillages her academic fields for material.

She is also the author of the doppelanger duology of Warrior and Witch , the urban fantasy Lies and Prophecy , the Onyx Court historical fantasy series, and more than forty short stories. Detan Honding, a wanted conman of noble birth and ignoble tongue, has found himself in the oasis city of Aransa. They set their sights on their biggest heist yet — the gorgeous airship of the exiled commodore Thratia.

And with this sudden power vacuum, Thratia can solidify her power and wreak havoc against the Empire. Did Detan accidentally walk into a revolution and a crusade? And if his dangerous secret gets revealed, he has a lot more to worry about than a stolen airship. There are a lot of moving parts in the book, and which one tickles me the most at any given time varies quite a bit. But what I come back to again and again, what I feel is truly the heart of the book, is the deep well of friendship between Detan, my conman protagonist, and his best friend Tibs.

They even help each other to overcome them when necessary. Disagreements between them are hashed out quickly, and usually with sly jibes. In the excerpt below, Detan has just upset Tibs by using his family name — Honding — to gain social leverage over someone who had pushed his temperamental buttons. The Honding name is an old and respectable one. When he and Tibs were back on the solid rock of Aransa, the old rat gave him a sturdy punch in the arm. I got a good look at them from above. Detan ruffed his hair in frustration, then shook himself and scurried to catch up.

Dusk was descending over Aransa, the purple-mottled sky making Tibs little more than a silhouette before him. He stomped with every step he took, wiry fingers curled into knobby fists at his side.

Detan slowed his steps and shoved his hands in his pockets, ducking his head down like a whipped dog. Detan sighed and sat down hard on the top of a low, stone fence, heedless of the dust that undoubtedly coated his backside. Well, let me be honest: She has worked in both arts management and graphic design, and spends her free time tinkering with anything she can get her hands on.

Megan lives in the Bay Area of California and makes soap for a living. She is a first place winner in the Writers of the Future competition and her debut novel, Steal the Sky, is out now from Angry Robot Books. In the near future, a fluke of quantum mechanics renders Nat Morgan utterly forgettable.

Along with a brilliant Iranian physicist who wants to defect, Nat and Yelena must work together to stop a ruthless billionaire from finishing a quantum supercomputer that will literally control the fate of the world. For sentimental reasons, my favorite bit of Unforgettable is the original beginning of the novel. When I started writing that first scene I had no idea I was starting a novel.

I just had an idea of a character who could not be remembered, and I wrote it simply to meet my daily writing goal. Becoming a CIA agent was my only choice if I wanted to go legit. I had to make a strong impression. The balding man behind the desk looked up. He leaned back in his chair and pinched the tip of his nose a couple of times as he looked me over. Tell you what—I admire your creativity.

Anyway, I need a job that will pay me now, and I think you can use someone of my unique talents. I have to show it to you. You have to see it first. Write this down on a piece of paper: Nat Morgan promised to show me his talent. Then sign it and put the date and time. I counted to sixty, just to be safe, then walked back into the office. The interviewer looked at me, blinked rapidly a few times, then shook his head as if to clear his thinking.

He leaned back in his chair and pinched the tip of his nose a couple of times. A version of this scene is still in the novel, though it is no longer the beginning. His debut novel, science fiction thriller titled Unforgettable , was published by Baen. Eric lives in Utah with his wife, who is a high school physics teacher, and their daughter. His website is www. When I started writing This Is Where It Ends , I knew I wanted the entire story to take place over the course of fifty-four minutes and follow various different characters.

In short, it seemed like an impossible task. Because not only did I have a ridiculously short time frame to play with, several of the characters also happened to be in the same enclosed room.

Everything one character did, immediately influenced the others, and vice versa. And even in the few cases where I did not have to relate the events consecutively, there were entire chapters that took place over the course of a minute, and I could only focus on simultaneous happenings for so long without messing up the balance of the story.

It took me all of two chapters to figure out I needed a very clear roadmap for this story. I plotted stories before. I was convinced I could do this. It sort of maybe fitted one structure but not quite. It needed elements of another. It was to the drawing board and back to the drawing board for me. Eventually, with the help of Excel, two massive pots of coffee, and the famed example of J.

A spreadsheet that tracked most, if not all on-page characters on a minute-by-minute basis, from shortly before the story started until the very end. The last was color coded, of course. And there is something about forcing yourself to think through the movements of every character on such a micro level that drove me up a wall while I worked though the spreadsheet… and became such a massive help when I was writing the story.

It helped me to see the shape and the balance of the story. Whenever I felt blocked, I only had to refer back to the spreadsheet to get myself back on track. I could play with minor elements without disrupting the overarching narrative. And with every revision, I could color code problem areas to reshuffle, revise, rewrite. The spreadsheet became the thing I geeked out about most. My favorite bit, and the perfect example of exactly what I hoped to do with the story.

Besides that, it became a really cool thing to show to both readers and aspiring authors. So of course, when the next story reared its head, I knew I had found the perfect method—my favorite method. The perfect structure is the perfect structure for a single story—not for all of them.

Marieke Nijkamp was born and raised in the Netherlands. A lifelong student of stories, language, and ideas, she is more or less proficient in about a dozen languages and holds degrees in philosophy, history, and medieval studies. She is a storyteller, dreamer, globe-trotter, geek. Her debut young adult novel This Is Where It Ends , a contemporary story that follows four teens over the course of the fifty-four minutes of a school shooting, will be published by Sourcebooks Fire in January With their permission, here are 83 entries from people who received a supporting membership.

With the ones that agreed, I redacted their identifying information, but otherwise am presenting them unedited. Liberals, Libertarians, moms, students, teachers… we all love this geeky stuff. And for making this offer in the first place. Attended Denvention where Lois was GoH in Not active in fandom because I was busy breeding and exhibiting cats for many years.

I have always been interested in genre fiction, but before now never really dreamed of being a hugo voter. Thank you for doing this. Poor college kids have a shot at participating in something meaningful.

I am a wife, mother, hobby book blogger, and an avid reader and lover of SFF in many forms. I have considered myself part of fandom or many ransoms for at least 10 years, and the troubles of the SFF worlds are showing themselves in comics and gaming as well, and it frustrates me that someone would try to shut out diverse voices in all of these related fields. But finding the anglophone online fandom? That was easy as browsing the Geocities directory or finding the right LiveJournals because that was how it was back then.

That was because you are organized, because the community created the cons and the cons sustain the community. Disagreement means there are enough of you to have different opinions. Different opinions are what makes meaningful conversation possible, and conversation means the narrative changes.

SFF is a gigantic conversation about humanity, society and what is what. So, please, do not break this. The rest of us, all around the world, are watching and hoping. SFF is important to me, and I believe we should all be able to see ourselves in the genre, and in the Hugo Awards. I have enjoyed reading fantasy novels since elementary school, and have more recently gotten into sci fi by way of dune. I went to school to get my degree in biology, found out there are no jobs for someone with an undergraduate degree in biology, so I followed my passion and have started a business making glass beads and sculptures.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to vote if my name is chosen. My interests range from hard science to soft science sci-fi.

I was the president of the sci-fi group of the college I attended, as well as convention manager for the annual convention held by that group. But if not for that, I would have loved to buy a membership and be able to vote for not only the Hugo Awards, but the site selection for upcoming cons. I was also pleased to find that the Best Graphic Story category had been added to the awards, since comics are another of my passions. I was less pleased at how repetitive the initial years of this category were, and how underrepresented [imo] DC and Marvel Comics have been among the nominees, but I do see signs of change in those areas.

Tattooed, ponytailed, and unrepentant. Now, my tastes lean toward epic fantasy or YA Adventure fantasy. Despite that, I enjoy just about anything with magic! The definition of prize is something that has received an award, is worthy of an award or is the award.

Prize is defined as something given to a winner of a contest, or something of value taken by force. Something offered or won as an award for superiority or victory, as in a contest or competition. Something offered or won in a lottery or similar game of chance.

Noun plural prizes That which is taken from another; something captured ; a thing seized by force, stratagem, or superior power. An honour or reward striven for in a competitive contest; anything offered to be competed for, or as an inducement to, or reward of, effort. That which may be won by chance, as in a lottery. Anything worth striving for; a valuable possession held or in prospect. A contest for a reward; competition. He's described as "having people's limbs torn off" as a penalty for non-payment; so again, owing him an arm and a leg can be quite literal.

Also in Discworld, in Mort , when Alberto goes back to Ankh-Morpork after a year absence, he finds a small bar tab he had has been handed down, and has interest added.

Subverted because of what Alberto does when he has the discussion over the ancient, now huge, bar tab. Emma Bovary, the title character of Gustave Flaubert 's Madame Bovary , falls into an all devouring black hole of debt which ultimately destroys her by purchasing fine clothes, fabrics, furniture and general haberdashery 'on credit' from unscrupulous merchants - maybe more like the modern credit card debt for consumer items than loan sharking, but with the same disastrous, life-destroying results.

The details on the interest rate, by the way, were contained in the microdot of an "i" in the closing line of the loan agreement. In Guy du Maupussant's short story " The Necklace ", the young couple are compelled to deal with loan sharks to get the money to replace the lost necklace. It takes them ten years of scrimping and penny pinching to get out from under the debt. Only at the end do they learn that the necklace was actually just costume jewelry.

On learning that the crown has defaulted on its debts Jon Snow considers that when princes default on ordinary banks the bankers starve, but when they default on the Iron Bank new princes arise and overthrow them.

As a result of the Lannisters' defaulting, a representative of the Iron Bank goes to find King Stannis Baratheon, presumably to offer him the financial aid he needs to claim the throne, traveling through harsh weather and ransoming prisoners to serve as a protective escort. Harn suffers from a case of them early on in The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. Mrs Finucane in Angela's Ashes , who hires Frank to write threatening letters on her behalf.

A tertiary character runs afoul of one of these in a Sweet Valley High novel. Kenobi shows some of Jabba the Hutt's other business interests on Tatooine, besides smuggling. After his friend Dannar's vaporator began producing incredibly delicious water via Miraculous Malfunction , local Rancher Orrin Gault invested heavily in that vaporator model and attempted to replicate the results.

But he can't get the settings quite right, and his promised payoff to his creditors is not forthcoming. He spirals into his downfall from there. First, he goes into debt to Jabba's thugs to save off the bank, then starts embezzling from the Settlers' Call Fund, which the other settlers entrusted him with since he's so apparently rich and successful. When he can't get enough from that, he turns it into a Monster Protection Racket. Linderman, who sends thugs after her to retrieve it.

In a twist, Linderman actually doesn't care much about the money. He's much more interested in having Niki's In a comedic subversion , Three's Company had Jack teaching a loan shark's lusty wife to cook because he couldn't pay back his loan. Buffy the Vampire Slayer featured a loan shark that menaced Spike. The loan shark was an actual demon shark guy.

And the currency of the loan was kittens. After seeing her fighting prowess first hand, the loan shark offered Buffy some "freelance" debt collection work. An episode of Blackadder revolves around Edmund having to pay back a loan he took from such a group - which is, as it happens, the Anglican Church - under penalty of imminent death if he doesn't ante up. He ultimately gets out of the debt by producing a painting of the debt collector, the Baby-Eating Bishop Of Bath And Wells, engaged in an unspecifically perverse sex act after learning that he'll "do anything to anything".

Making the unspecific act even more squicky is the fact that the other person involved was Percy. Michael Westen goes up against one in an episode of Burn Notice. He mentions that all loan sharks, while usually criminals, are ultimately businessmen.

They aren't really interested in harming their clients, but just want their money. Michael naturally manages to use this trait to his advantage. The loan shark in question, while undeniably dangerous, actually comes off as fairly affable and more reasonable than most of Criminal Of The Week villains. Quite a number of Chinese-language dramas shown on Singapore's Channel 8 feature the local sharks. Korean Series like using this as a plot twist.

Case in point, Twinkle Twinkle , both the poor dad and the rich son end up owning lots to the local " money lenders ". They mostly are never the real guilty party, expect to hear some variation of the line "Yeah, I killed him, that'll make him pay me" as a reason why they may have beat the guy up, but not killed him. One particularly nasty variant took out life insurance policies on the debtor's family members , anyone who claimed he couldn't pay his balance would be told that his family would be shot and he could then just mail them the check.

A subversion happened in a episode where a stock scheme runs so bad that the Mafia comes to the Manhattan D. There's also an episode in Criminal Intent where the loan shark is so impatient to get his money back that he kidnaps a guy's family, during which his hired kidnapper rapes one of the daughters. Too bad he didn't know that Goren knew what the letters on his tattoo stood for.

Used quite a lot on The Sopranos. It's all but stated that this is one of their main sources of income. Robert Patrick plays David Scatino, a local Sporting Goods store owner who gets in over his head in poker debts to Tony. Tony then "busts out" Scatino's store, buying random crap and exhausting its assets and lines of credit until it is forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation.

While he may have intended to file for Chapter 11—reorganization of debts, with creditors to be repaid from future profits—we very clearly see the liquidators roll into the store, take everything, and put up a "for lease" sign, so we can be reasonably sure that even if he filed an 11, it was converted to a 7. This situation actually presents a very peculiar circumstance for a bankruptcy attorney: On the other hand And even if you had the balls to do it, how would you prove it?

This culminates when Tony, in a genius move , gives Meadow an SUV that he took as collateral from Scatino, her boyfriend's father. Christopher loaning to, beating, and ultimately murdering his Narcotics Anonymous sponsor.

One of the thugs exploits Vito by borrowing money from him, then turning him in to the rival New York family that wanted him dead. Even Angie Bonpensiero gets in on the game, "putting money out on the street" after she gets ahold of Big Pussy's old body shop. She doesn't do any beating herself, but it's obvious she controls guys who do.

Hal goes to one on Malcolm in the Middle to pay Malcolm's college tuition, explaining that there's no way he can pay it back, but he's offering to be the guy who gets his thumbs broken as a lesson to everyone else. He quickly changes his mind once the loaner suggests that he could simply not give Hal the money and still break his legs. Lisgoe and his incompetent collectors in the third season of The League of Gentlemen. Kramer places a large bet with a bookie in Jerry's name and ends up winning a large amount of money The precise figure is never revealed.

Unfortunately, his bookie is very new to the business and can not afford to cover the bet. Since Jerry never actually placed the bet at all he is in no rush to get the money, but he keeps accidentally behaving like a debt collector. First he breaks the guys thumbs, then he locks him in his trunk and in the end he seemingly plans a murder.

All of it In true Seinfeld fashion is unintentional and misinterpreted to turn Jerry into an unstoppable debt collector. Kenji from Deep Love borrows some money from some loan sharks to pay for his drug addiction, unfortunately he got fired from his job because of his drug addiction. It doesn't end well. An episode of WKRP in Cincinnati has the enforcer for this type of shark loitering in the station's lobby, waiting for loan-defaulter Johnny Fever to turn up.

He was only given a vague description of what Johnny looks like, so of course Hilarity Ensues. Red Dwarf had an Outland Revenue man in the Better Than Life episode who was instructed to "to break both Rimmer's legs and pull off your thumbs The episode ends with the Outland Revenue man taking a hammer to Rimmer's hand. He was, however, virtual. Given that Outland Revenue appears to be based on the Real Life Inland Revenue, he was probably collecting taxes, not loans, but the trope is functionally the same.

That means nothing to these people. He threatened to close down Nathan's favorite pub. Nate's father was also a loan shark as well, fueling some of Nate's anger with that mark. In the alternate timeline in the sixth season of Lost , Sayid's brother borrows money from a loan shark to open a second business. When he can't pay the high interest rate, he asks Sayid to use his "skills" to scare off the goons. Sayid refuses until his brother is beaten and hospitalized, at which point he meets with the loan shark Joe McIntyre fell victim to one in Coronation Street.

Paddy Maguire lends Yvonne Karib money in Shameless when banks do not deal with her. Jimmy from Third Watch gets visited by several throughout the seasons. One notable example is when a Loan Shark takes Jimmy's car and makes him walk his kid home, in the cold and dark. Hack had an episode where Mike, the protagonist becomes the personal driver of a local mob boss who is a Loan Shark.

When a restaurant owner is about to be beaten for not paying back a loan, Mike saves the guy and the mob boss makes him personally responsible for collecting the debt. He tries to be reasonable but it turns out the the restaurant owner is actually Too Dumb to Live and does not intend to pay back the money. If Mike can't get the money, he will owe the mob boss and thus having to join the crime gang to avoid getting killed.

Desperate he ends up threatening the restaurant owner with a bat till the guy give up the money. Disgusted he quits and goes back to being a taxi driver. An episode of Crusade had a loan shark trying to get the vig from Max Eilerson's ex-wife.

He responded by using an alien artifact that was used to control prisoners, mentioning that it will kill on proximity to either him or the wife, or by a manual code entry. In Castle , some evidence quite often implicates loan sharks who the Victim of the Week had dealings with in one way or another, whenever they come up, but it's never them who's guilty of the episode's murder. In fact, when questioned, they typically state the victim had just paid them back with interest, which is a lead Beckett's team can investigate with a little Forensic Accounting.

Once Upon a Time 's Mr. Gold, in addition to being a pawn broker and the landlord for pretty much the entire town, frequently operates as a particularly inflexible loan shark. Gold is not a man you want to be indebted to. Rizzo to purchase a valuable Chinese vase from a Korean vendor.

Blood and Sand , a loan shark named Ovidius keeps pestering Batiatus to repay his debts. Eventually, Batiatus has enough and has the man and his family murdered. It turns out that Bert has had to go to some loan sharks to keep his restaurant afloat. Only then did it finally dawn on him that he was dealing with a Loan Shark. Even then, it still took the man not so subtly threatening him, his mistress, and finally his wife and kid by showing up at their home for him to scramble and come up with the money.

Mario Condello was portrayed as such in Underbelly with the idea being played up to the point of beating down those he loans to so they cannot pay, take everything from them, and laughing as a teenager is Driven to Suicide. Both the man himself and his best friend Mick Gatto were very upset at how he appeared. In Game of Thrones the Iron Bank of Braavos is essentially described this way on a ''nation-state'' scale — you don't pay them back, they fund your enemies — but contrary to what that might imply , they really don't play favorites and only judge a debtor's ability to repay, so once Davos Seaworth claims that his king is actually more reliable than the one physically on the Iron Throne — essentially offering to be their collector — the bankers come around and agree to fund Davos' king.

Jake goes to one in "The Apartment", the episode where his apartment is going on co-op and he is left hanging, as he hasn't paid his rent in years. One of crime boss Datak Tarr's "activities" in Defiance , in the pilot he has a man's wrist broken for bringing him a payment in public on the street. Bacchus deals out a little street justice to scare them off.

In one episode of Fuller House , Ramona and Jackson borrow money from Max, and Max forces them to be his servants to pay him back. One of the villains in Police Force is Loan Shark, a literal version of this trope — he's a great white shark with two bags of cash in his fins.

Half an hour later, Harry owes 14 billion swans. Later on, Pip Bin, in dire need of cash after burning down parliament house, is approached by a "greaser of financial wheels, a servant of the fiscal hinterland". Or as the man eventually admits, a moneylender. Played with, in that he offers Pip the money he needs loan-free, but tricks him into signing a form for the grossly inflated interest, fluctuating wildly and randomly in the loan shark's favour.

It eventually results in his sister and brother-in law getting sent to debtor's prison, and his getting married to a Miss Talula Not-A-Man the series Big Bad in disguise. But how can I be sure you're not sharks?

William Shakespeare used this in The Merchant of Venice. A Doll's House deconstructs the trope by having the final payment and signing off of the loan cause more trouble than the loan itself ever did, and the "loan shark", Krogstad, isn't just an evil and unidimensional Jerk Ass stock character but a fully realised human being with his own flaws, virtues and motivations.

In The Little Foxes , the Hubbards are said to have "made their money charging awful interest to poor, ignorant niggers and cheating them on what they bought," which is why Birdie's mother never trusted them. Previously the Trope Namer. You can take out a loan in Boktai and Boktai 2 from Dark Loans. If you can't pay it back in three days, you're kidnapped and forced to run on a treadmill until you've built up however much energy you owe.

The game heavily advises against patronizing Dark Loans, however, and says that Dark Loans should be resorted to only once you've expended your last resort.

Welcome to the club. I've been there, done that, except for the reviews. Generally you have to choose between good reviews and good success. It's likely to be the same for you. That's just one of the facts of life, in writing. So what does it take, to make it big? You need a series of significant breaks, or you won't get anywhere, they won't necessarily be of your own making. My own career is an example. Sure I can write, and write well. Ask anyone except a reviewer. You can write well too, but without good luck you won't get far.

I wrote and published good novels for a decade before I got my big break. Let me tell you about Judy-Lynne del Rey. She was a dwarf. She stood about three and a half feet tall, but I call her a giant for what she accomplished. So I wrote a fantasy novel, and he accepted it, and Judy-Lynne published and promoted it. The rest is history. Here's where the luck comes in. Fantasy was about to take off for the stratosphere. None of us knew it; it had been a drug on the market.

I just wanted to work with that editor. I found I couldn't take fantasy seriously, so it became a humorous novel, with puns and things. Then fantasy caught on, thanks to the efforts of Judy-Lynne, and I rode that escalator right up to the New York Times national bestseller list.

Suddenly I was famous, and rich, doing much the same thing I'd been doing for a decade. I just happened to catch the right editor and the right publisher at the right time. Otherwise I wouldn't have made it, and would not be here talking to you now. Certainly I have done serious writing, including some more ambitious than what I have seen any other writer do; I'm speaking of my GEODYSSEY historical fiction series, that covers several million years of global human development.

But as I said, good writing doesn't necessarily do it. Xanth was what put me on the map. So can you do something similar? Let's face it, big writing success is like winning the lottery. It's great when it happens, but hardly one person in a hundred or a thousand or a hundred thousand will win. I just had the luck to be there at the right time. Maybe one of you will get a similar lucky break somewhere else; I hope so.

Given that actual writing ability is secondary, in this arena, you still do need it. I don't know whether I can help you there, but I'll throw out some incidental notions. One thing is to be able to orient effectively on your market, whatever it may be. Mine turned out to be humorous fantasy, but of course there are other types of fantasy, and other types of humor. I remember examples I saw long ago on TV. There was a contest-type program decades ago where the object was not to laugh.

They would put contestants in a chair, and three comedians would have at them for something like two minutes each, and if the contestant succeeded in not laughing, he won the prize.

One was a young Army man in uniform, and he had an absolute deadpan face. Nothing was going to make him laugh. The first comedian got nowhere.

Then the second approached. You know, I was in the army. I was the cook. He had to laugh. I spent two years in the Army, and back in those days all soldiers hated the food. That comedian had zeroed in on the man's weakness, and scored. You need to do the same thing with your target readership. Another show was a Latino comedian, a small dapper man with a musical instrument, I think a guitar, who told this tough audience how he had dealt with a tough audience before.

There are those who don't like Latinos, and they especially don't like uppity Hispanic immigrants like this one. One table was making unkind remarks and messing up the comedian's act. So he approached that table and told those big tough laborers off. Then he paused, returning to the present, and concluded: The man knew his audience.

Then there's one of my favorite cartoons. You know how we all have to make difficult choices? It's easy to choose between right and wrong, or between good and better. But what about choosing between bad and worse, the lesser of evils? This cartoon showed two demons, devils with horns and spiked tails.

The smaller one was saying "I'm tired of being the lesser of two evils. If you can do that as a writer, you have promise. There can be halfway amusing side paths to writing. I had a letter from a man who said his uncle told him that my book Split Infinity was the finest novel ever written.

Then he committed suicide. Another reader told me he had ruined his copy of one of my books by vomiting on it. I told him that normally only critics did that. Instead his stomach regurgitated the drug, and he survived, but with a sadly spoiled book. He said he really liked the novel, and wanted to replace it. So I sent him a replacement copy. I take my fans where I can find them. But back to luck. Sometimes you can steer it a little.

You can't win the lottery without buying a ticket. I don't gamble that way, so I'll never win a real lottery. But I did in effect buy a ticket gambling on renewed bestselling success as a writer. I realized early-on that traditional publishers were not going to do it for me. They operate by weird rules. For example, they have this notion that the readers will buy only one novel by a given author in a year.

So if he publishes two novels in a year, each will sell only half as many copies. If he publishers three, then each sells only a third, and so on. Yes, it's ludicrous; we all know that. But it seems to be in their big book of rules. That's why some writers use multiple pseudonyms, so the publishers won't know. I didn't do that, and have paid a certain price.

So how does a publisher's delusion affect the author who tries to resist it? They cut the print orders and the promotion to fit their rule.

A publisher can't make a bestseller out of nothing, but it can make nothing out of a bestseller. I'm in a position to know, unfortunately, having had three fantasy series taken off the bestseller lists that way. So they took me off and perhaps figured I'd fade quietly into oblivion. A writer who gets screwed by the idiot publisher is supposed to say "Thank you Massa," and disappear.

Let me tell you this about success: Staying there is another challenge. I resolved at the outset that I would manage my career so as not to allow it to fade out the way I had seen happen to other writers. But I found that the publishers were really determined to follow their rules, and they broke promises and lied to me to accomplish it. They don't even consider it lying when they fake figures to the author; it's just their idea of good management.

One publisher even shredded signed contracts. They'll do the same to you, if the occasion warrants it in their eyes. There's an analogy I like. It's a kind of game: That's all; it's easy money for them both.

But after a while he'll realize that the ratio isn't specified. He can offer the other person less, like maybe three dollars, and keep seven himself. If the other person balks, okay, no deal, and he gets nothing while the one with the bill goes elsewhere.

He'll find someone who will make the three dollar deal. In fact, what about two dollars? Would you take two, if you knew the alternative was nothing? The man with the money makes the rules.

Well, this is the game the traditional print publishers play. They take the author's book and offer him about fifty cents. That is, five percent royalties for mass-market paperback books, give or take a couple. Ten to fifteen percent for hardcover.

Any who balk get nothing. If they cheat a bit on payments, and the author makes a fuss, he's out. I know; I was blacklisted for six years when I protested. The possibilities are simply endless. Wild strawberries have no nasty look-alikes and are never toxic. By using knowledge, youll realize that theres a great deal of other information disguised. Obviously though, there is a need and you've done a great job here - congrats on Purple Star and LotD which I think are well deserved.

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For example, they have this notion that the readers will buy only one novel by a given author in a year. So if he publishes two novels in a year, each will sell only half as many copies.

If he publishers three, then each sells only a third, and so on. Yes, it's ludicrous; we all know that. But it seems to be in their big book of rules. That's why some writers use multiple pseudonyms, so the publishers won't know. I didn't do that, and have paid a certain price. So how does a publisher's delusion affect the author who tries to resist it?

They cut the print orders and the promotion to fit their rule. A publisher can't make a bestseller out of nothing, but it can make nothing out of a bestseller. I'm in a position to know, unfortunately, having had three fantasy series taken off the bestseller lists that way.

So they took me off and perhaps figured I'd fade quietly into oblivion. A writer who gets screwed by the idiot publisher is supposed to say "Thank you Massa," and disappear. Let me tell you this about success: Staying there is another challenge. I resolved at the outset that I would manage my career so as not to allow it to fade out the way I had seen happen to other writers.

But I found that the publishers were really determined to follow their rules, and they broke promises and lied to me to accomplish it. They don't even consider it lying when they fake figures to the author; it's just their idea of good management. One publisher even shredded signed contracts. They'll do the same to you, if the occasion warrants it in their eyes.

There's an analogy I like. It's a kind of game: That's all; it's easy money for them both. But after a while he'll realize that the ratio isn't specified. He can offer the other person less, like maybe three dollars, and keep seven himself. If the other person balks, okay, no deal, and he gets nothing while the one with the bill goes elsewhere. He'll find someone who will make the three dollar deal. In fact, what about two dollars?

Would you take two, if you knew the alternative was nothing? The man with the money makes the rules. Well, this is the game the traditional print publishers play. They take the author's book and offer him about fifty cents. That is, five percent royalties for mass-market paperback books, give or take a couple. Ten to fifteen percent for hardcover. Any who balk get nothing. If they cheat a bit on payments, and the author makes a fuss, he's out.

I know; I was blacklisted for six years when I protested. The average author is not in a position to enforce honesty by the publisher. The publishers make the rules. This does not mean that all publishers cheat, or even that most do; most are straight. But some do, and only the insiders know which ones. Apart from the bitter authors relegated to oblivion, and who believes them? Short of an audit of the publisher's accounts, which is like sticking your finger into a hornet's nest.

Regardless, traditional publishers tend to be arrogant, and the author is just about the least important element in their business. They'll promise him anything, but once they don't need him, promises are just words. So what's it like, sliding down the other side of the mountain after savoring the heights? I went to the most local Waldenbooks, a store where in the past I have autographed, to see them on sale.

Several months before I had checked that store, and the only book of mine there was Faith of Tarot , which is one third of a reverted novel I wrote almost thirty years ago. This time-it was the same story. Only that one book there. Oh, he's out of print, the clerk replied.

I introduced myself and named the novels; they could hardly be out of print in their month of publication. So she looked them up on the computer, and found them listed, but they had never been sent to the store and apparently the store had not known they existed. Guess how many copies will be ordered at a store that doesn't stock them and says they are out of print. If that's the way the local store is, how will it be elsewhere? In fact, I haven't seen these titles on sale anywhere.

And that's what it's like on the other side of the mountain. Just like the near side many of you are facing. Are these bad novels, and that's why the stores don't stock them? I don't think so. I have had a few fan letters from readers who did somehow manage to find them on sale, and they like them. Pet Peeve is about a talking little bird that insults everyone in sight, using its companion's voice.

The peeve even spent some time in Hell, and wore out its welcome there; it's pretty obnoxious. Poor little Goody Goblin, the politest and least aggressive of goblins, is assigned the chore of finding a good home for the irascible creature.

If he can survive the experience, as the peeve frames him for insulting dragons, ogres, women, and other fearsome creatures. In Stork Naked , grown and married Surprise Golem is expecting, and the stork brings her baby-then refuses to give it to her because of a confusion in the record about her age, thinking she's only So she has to chase after it, trying to recover her baby, and that takes her on a horrendous excursion through alternate realities.

As it happens, the peeve is along, helping in its fashion; at one point it gets into the realm of bad dreams and poops on the heads of the walking skeletons.

That annoys them, for some reason. Are these dull notions? I really don't think so. If my talent as a writer declines, I want to be the first, not the last, to know it, and I don't think it has declined yet.

But as I have indicated, writing it is only part of the equation; you need to get it published, promoted, and distributed. I suspect I'll be changing publishers.

So life is not necessarily fun on the twilight side of the mountain. I saw this coming long ago. I gambled on the movies.

I took my Hollywood agent as my primary agent and focused on getting the attention of the movie industry. It took about 15 years, but now I have serious movie options on three of my fantasy series, including, perhaps appropriately, On a Pale Horse with Disney.

Now an option isn't much unless it is exercised, but the indications are that they will be exercised and they will make the movies, and they will not be minor ones. It is largely conjectural at this stage, but if it works out, I'll be back at the top, through no particular merit of my own other than ambition and luck.

I simply gambled on a rather special lottery. Give it a couple more years, and we'll see. But what of you? Unless you have rather special connections, a movie is not in your near future. But you can still do the best you can with what you have. You have worked to write your book, to get it published, and maybe with luck you'll pick up an award here tonight.

I wish you that luck. Even King Max, who was literally being guided by a primordial intellect, was taken by surprise at Robotnik's takeover. As the book has gone on and revealed all the powerful wizards, factions, and occasions that could've ended in his defeat, but have obviously not, he really seems to be this.

To the point that Sonic's Chaos Factor is really just someone finally getting a counter ability. Jeremy Chance is a man who has the best luck in the world, but always at the expense of someone else. In fact, it turns out that his mere presence actually creates all sorts of disasters so that he can miraculously survive them for instance, someone shoving him out of the way for a seat and immediately getting killed by falling debris from a spontaneously collapsed roof. It's decided to blast him off into space, where Jeremy's ship goes through a time portal that appeared for no other reason than to have Jerry avoid a collission with another spacecraft.

The end twist is that Jeremy was thrust back in time and became the center of Halley's comet, which has been causing disasters as it got ever closer to Earth. After crashing into the planet and wiping out all life, Jeremy's sleeping body is perfectly unharmed. Often, the titular character of Tintin overcomes a peril not thanks to his skills, but because of sheer blind luck.

Naruto FanFics have a tendency of taking Naruto's good luck and flanderizing it to ridiculous degrees. Take, for example, the Naruto fanfic Yet Again with a little extra help.

One such occurrence is when Naruto has to bet on either Sasuke or Tenten for a swordsmen's tournament, having correctly predicted that they would be the two finalists. To help him decide, he flipped a coin.

It landed on its side. You can guess how the match ended. In fact, Naruto was so lucky during that tournament that he ended up winning thirty million ryo. The epic Supernatural fic Down to Agincourt mentions that angels have the ability to manipulate probability on a local scale. Castiel, apparently, mostly used it to make a whole lot of money playing the stock market and to win at dice.

The Flim-Flam brothers seem to have reached this status ever since the Pegalathon started, and is the only reason they're still in the race. Whenever it seems they're about to be arrested or harassed by the other racers , something happens that stops it usually in the Amusing Injuries category and lets them get away scott free. Up until they nearly kill all the other contestants by accidentally burning down the Appleloosa prison.

Then Princess Celestia decides she's had enough of their horse apples, and has them disqualified from the race and pursued by an entire battalion of her best guards.

They still manage to dodge the guards all the way to Canterlot, but then their luck runs out and their flying machine falls apart just short of the finish line.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Ferris Bueller for those who view him unfavorably undeniably accomplishes some of his achievements through his own cleverness, but he had a hell of a lot of luck with some of them. He becomes, in chronological order: Not to mention setting various historical events in motion without even realizing it It's strongly hinted that he isn't really disabled, but his mother being equally naive is being conned by a quack doctor.

His luck is in being scared into running himself out of the braces on his legs, and concluding that he's miraculously got better. While Gump really is incredibly lucky throughout the film, it should be noted that this often happens because of him doing what he believes to be the right thing to do. A major theme of the film is Forrest doing things that everyone considers stupid just because he doesn't consider the pros and cons like everyone else, and just does the simplest thing with childlike sincerity.

One of the best examples is him becoming a war hero without firing a single bullet: His only reaction to being told to stop because napalm is about to be dropped in the jungle is to yell "I've gotta find Bubba! So while he is incredibly lucky and, in a way, he doesn't know any better, he DOES become a war hero because he does something heroic. There are other situations in the film where he is very lucky as sort of a karmic payoff for doing something silly, but noble in its simplicity.

His shrimping business takes off because he was the only one foolish enough to try and ride out a hurricane; all his competitor's boats were smashed in the harbor, while he and Lieutenant Dan amused themselves bobbing on the waves leaving the previously over-fished waters all for him. In Godzilla , you can count how many times Ford survives with his encounters with the MUTO, the same one he keeps encountering.

This trope is the basis of the Spanish thriller Intacto. Certain people are Born Lucky ; Samuel Berg Max von Sydow is luckier than most, and has the ability to take the gift from others.

Lindsay Lohan's character in the film Just My Luck has extremely good luck, until she inadvertently swaps her good luck with a man's equally extreme bad luck by a kiss, and the rest of the film has her searching for the man to reverse the exchange.

Subverted in Lord of War: Yuri manages to come out unscathed from a drug-induced stroll around Monrovia despite having unprotected sex with a prostitute, encountering a pack of hyenas and two militia members who would have killed him if their Kalashnikovs had not jammed , not to mention being a rich Westerner in one of the deadliest African cities.

He had just committed his only actual murder and wanted nothing more than to die himself. Easily one of the darkest moments in an already very dark film. He's a popular junior high basketball player, gets good grades by guessing answers, finds money on the ground often because of the lucky gold coin he wore his whole life. Chris Wilton of Match Point: Somewhat seen in the film Maverick , with Mel Gibson as the title character. In fact, that's pretty much what it's about.

Although sometimes it could be seen as a subversion, his bad luck usually ends up being a con. Goes to ridiculous heights when he gets four of the five cards for a Royal Flush to beat his opponent's Straight Flush only hand in poker that can actually beat it and the best hand possible. With instances before and after failing in practice, it seems he can only do this at the best possible moment.

Subverted since he basically worked out that the house was cheating and exploited it there's a full explanation on the film's page. Ways, from the Terry Pratchett science fiction novel The Dark Side of the Sun is a robot built with an intrinsic ability with p-math, meaning he can manipulate probability to make himself lucky. In one scene he's forced to roll 3 sixes twice in a row at gunpoint to prove his identity. Rincewind, another of Pratchett's creations from the Discworld , has the most amazing luck thanks to being the pawn of the Lady herself , and has leapfrogged in, out, around, and through so many sticky situations relatively unscathed that even Death doesn't know when he'll die.

Bear in mind, however, that in this case amazing luck doesn't necessarily mean amazingly ''good'' luck. As stated above, Rincewind is amazingly lucky because he survives everything he's put through. Rincewind himself feels it would be luckier not to go through these things at all, but the Lady doesn't seem to see it that way The problem is that while the Lady blesses him on a regular basis, Fate is out to get him. The two of them are playing a board game, and Rincewind is one of the Lady's favorite pieces that Fate is always trying to take off the board.

Nobby and Sergeant Colon are also Born Lucky. As Watchmen, they are always stumbling across important clues usually without realizing it and surviving "million to one" events seemingly by chance. By the time of Snuff , they have demonstrated this power so often Commander Vimes finally catches on and gives orders to just let them follow their noses, confident they'll trip over the key to the mystery sooner or later.

Teela Brown, in Larry Niven's novel Ringworld , was the result of a project to try to breed a person with supernatural luck: The Puppeteers figure that humanity exists primarily due to luck anyhow since humans are just Puny Earthlings , so breeding for luck will make humans extremely lucky.

There is much debate about whether she is extremely lucky, and, for that matter, what it means to be extremely lucky. The debate is mainly between the other main protagonists. Louis thinks she's lucky because she has survived many brushes with death, each time by pure chance. Nessus argues that her luck does not exist because the rest of the crew was not protected. Louis counters that the luck works only to preserve her and her fortunate genes; he says that her luck brought them to the Ringworld in the first place, because it will be the safest place for her descendants to ride out an inevitable galactic disaster.

The counter-counter-argument is that the Puppeteers were already planning this expedition before they started the breeding program that produced Teela. In universe there are yet more viewpoints and further levels of argument. Canon indicates that the luck is real. Niven has a later story in this universe, Safe at Any Speed, showing a future world populated by people even luckier than Teela.

The protagonist gets swallowed by a giant pterodactyl and comes out perfectly unhurt. Interestingly, when recruiting for the mission, they have a lot of trouble filling the Born Lucky slot.

Teela Brown is the only one they can reach, since attempts to call the others end in very improbable failures. Either Teela's luck is causing her to win a position on the mission by process of elimination, or the luck of all those other candidates is causing her to lose. Funny thing is, Teela refuses at Louis's urging to join the mission at first, at which point Nessus receives word from another Puppeteer that another candidate was found.

Apparently, Nessus doesn't talk to the others of his kind much because this "other candidate" is once again Teela. This seems to change in the sequel, where Teela ends up eating the Tree-of-Life root and becoming a Protector, ensuring that her genes will not be preserved, as Protectors are unable to reproduce. She also allows herself to be killed during the climax in order to preserve the Ringworld. This seems to change in the sequel to the sequel, where Teela had allowed her contraception implant to expire so that she could bear Louis' child she loved him and he was a hero and he had good genes but never told him before she left the expedition to remain on the Ringworld.

Teela was protecting her child by arranging for the Ringworld to be saved since she could not do it herself and by dying so that her child would not be held ransom by the existing protector who she knew about but had been unable to find to kill.

Erast Fandorin in Boris Akunin's detective novels always wins in gambling games, which causes him to find them boring. In The Turkish Gambit and its movie adaptation , he exploits this to win a donkey in an inn in a game of dice to transport away Varvara Suvorova Later, in The Jack of Spades , he uses this ability to expose a fake lottery wherein he loses his bet meaning that there was not a single chance to win, otherwise, he would have.

Even later, he plays Russian roulette in front of a suicide club president to convince the latter to accept him to the club. In fact, he comes from a family where luck always skips a generation: Rene Arroy in the Arcia Chronicles is actually nicknamed " the Lucky One " or "Lucky Rene" for his improbable luck that saves his skin again and again throughout his life and unlife. Subverted in the Alfred Bester story "Oddy and Id". Oddy has the ability unknown to himself to have everything go in his favor.

The subversion is that what he gets is what his id wants, not what his ego does. So while he really wishes for peace, his id really wants him to be galactic dictator and a war soon enables this. He goes from the son of a horse trader in a small town into a rich gambler throwing around money like it grows on trees simply because he can regain it easily.

While all three of the ''ta'veren'' characters tend to twist probability and cause unlikely and bizarre events to happen just by being there, those events can be either good or bad. Mat, however, adds an elven gift of luck to this. Not only does he have amazing luck in general including battle , but his gambling luck is openly supernatural: If he's paying attention, coins are liable to land on edge, and dice on their corners.

Happily, this sort of thing never happens when it would have gotten him killed It should be noted that his luck can often be a string of bad luck that turns out to be useful to him in the end, such as losing a dice roll when winning would result in a fight, or losing many rolls as a sign that something is about to happen.

Heinlein 's recurring Marty Stu Lazarus Long had "a feeling for what makes the frog jump", which his descendants put down to latent Psychic Powers , but which he saw as a learnable skill. That he just happened to be born with. In Harry Potter , there's a potion, Felix Felicis, that gives the user luck and will make everything go their way, usually in improbable ways.

For example, when Harry drank it, he accidentally bumped into Ginny while invisible, causing her to think it was her current boyfriend, and got unusually annoyed and dump him, so that leaves her open for Harry. It also gave Harry the perfect chance to bribe Slughorn. Later it is used by nearly all the main characters to survive the climactic battle. The effects are temporary, and Slughorn advised against abusing the potion, as it'd make one reckless after a while.

It's also banned from sporting events, essays, and elections. It should be noted that the potion doesn't actually make one lucky , per se. Rather, it lets the user instinctively take actions that will bring them towards the best possible outcome. Thursday Next had a villain who could manipulate entropy. Thursday soon learned to judge whether her enemy was near by seeing whether a lot of weird coincidences were going on.

As he puts it, if you're standing next to him and win a million dollars, rest assured that you'll have lost it again by nightfall. Bink's power in Xanth looks like this, but it's actually that magic can't harm him. This was determined to be a top-tier magic talent. Given that everything in Xanth is at least partially magical, it is. The reason his talent manifests as luck is because his talent can't hurt him either.

In other words, it makes it look as though he's just lucky at avoiding magic, because if fireballs just bounced off him, people would just start punching him. And that would be his talent causing people to punch him, thus harming him indirectly via magic. In the finale of the first book it manifested by having his enemy work it out through being unusually blatant; when he then attacked with his sword it set off an unlikely chain of events that ended with them reconciling their differences.

Played with in A Song of Ice and Fire: When the wildlings knocked him off the Bridge of Skulls, somehow he landed in a nice deep pool of water. How lucky was that, missing all those rocks? Still, it was pretty lucky, missing the rocks.

Rachel in the American Big Brother. She comes back with an unbreakable alliance with Brendon and is also paired up with Jeff and Jordan, who are likewise unbreakable. They are then put against people who barely know each other and have never played; the veterans Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, Daniele have.

The challenges are all something they're familiar with. After her boyfriend was evicted from the house, he somehow wins a popular vote to come back but is voted back out again.

Then after things get turned around again and causing Jeff and Daniele to be voted out, then Rachel and Jordan are put on the block, Porsche is forced to open Pandora's Box Conveniently, the next veto competition Read: That Rachel needs to win is The twist manages to save both Rachel and Jordan, then the next head of household challenge is a challenge that Rachel had already won in the past - and just a couple days before, she was talking about how she did so well on it.

When she's forced to open Pandora's box, it's not a game changing power that completely sabotages her game like it did to Porsche That's some amazing luck. British-Iranian comedian Omid Djalili has a sketch titled "The Bloody Lucky Arab" in which he portrays a stereotypical rich Arab who manages to strike oil everywhere he goes. Mostly on golf courses. Tom Chance, from the mid 80s series Chance in a Million , for whom life always seemed to fall in place including once knowing the train schedule of an obscure route, from having been held hostage by terrorists in the past, who forced their captives to memorise the London Underground timetable The protagonist of Stan Lee's Lucky Man receives a bracelet that grants this power.

Pretty fortunate for a gambling addict. Though it appears that always winning is somehow taking the shine out of the compulsion. It is also strongly hinted at that every bit of good luck that falls on him is balanced out by bad luck falling on someone close to him - unfortunately, he can't take the bracelet off and attempts to do so have been spectacularly unsuccessful.

Most of Ramsay Bolton's actions would have gotten him killed, or at least horribly mutilated, yet thanks to being the bastard of a high lord who is evil enough to be ok with it, but not quite evil enough to kill him when he fucks things up, he has support. And, since some of the strongest Northen houses are ruled by more ruthless and opportunistic offspring, he still has enough allies to cower the indecisive in an uprising. His luck finally runs out in the penultimate episode of Season 6. It's easy for us to judge Dinsdale Piranha too harshly.

After all, he only did what most of us only dream of doing,. After all, a murderer is only an extroverted suicide. Dinsdale was a loony but he was a happy loony. He's the guy who's drafted the morning the war ends. He's the guy who marries for love and then discovers his bride concealed the fact that she's a millionairess to avoid fortune hunters. He's the guy who's turned away from a fancy restaurant for not wearing a tie the very same night thirty-six diners succumb to food poisoning.

This particularly shows up in the TransTech story "Gone Too Far", where he puts it to use hustling people with his partner Hubcap. Sometimes he does so to avoid exposing a successful scheme, but other times Douglas's good luck involves factors, such as the weather, that are beyond even Douglas's control. Many tabletop games use an "action dice" system which allow a player to add another die to a roll's final result to avoid bad luck, create an exceptionally good result, etc, a certain number of times a session.

A version of this is part of a deity's legend in the Forgotten Realms. Tymora, goddess of luck, supposedly flips a coin for every person born in Faerun.

If it comes up heads, that person will have good luck in their life. If it's tails, naturally, bad luck follows. And for those extremely lucky few where the coin lands on its edge Savage Worlds has the "Luck" and "Great Luck" advantages, which give you one and then two more spare die re-rolls per game session. Marvel Super Heroes models super-luck by allowing characters with the power, like Longshot listed above, to pick which die is the tens die and which the ones die when rolling d Look into the statistics of that die roll and you'll see it's the most powerful ability in the game.

The "Fortune's Friend" could force so many re-rolls a day in so many different situations that he must have been as infuriating to the DM and his teammates as he was to his foes. There was also the Luckstealer from Races of the Wild , who could curse others with bad luck, and claim their good luck for himself. In 5th edition, an available feat is "Lucky", which grants players three "luck points" that they can spend to take advantage on a roll or force an opponent to take disadvantage in effect, forcing the DM to use a bad roll if attacking the player.

There is also Super-Luck which, while much more expensive, is well explained by a nearby picture of a man standing in an alleyway surrounded by bullet holes. There is also another Advantage called "Serendipity" which causes fortunate coincidences outside of dice rolls as the GM sees fit.

To put it another way, a person with 20 ranks in this power could essentially throw their dice away and declare "I win. The Masquerade supplement Kindred of the East are best known for their luck powers, a spiritual side effect of the unlikelihood of their existence. They're born to Asian vampires with significantly more Yang chi than Yin, the only time said vamps are fertile.

The Requiem has the Bohagande bloodline. Their unique Discipline, Sunnikuse, emphasises draining the luck from others, typically supplementing the Bohagande's luck in the process. Champions has the Luck power: This is how the Edge stat works in Shadowrun - and humans get an extra point of it as a racial bonus.

If a character had the Lucky talent, fortune favored them and always seemed to intercede on their behalf in the direst of circumstances. The Spycraft tabletop game, designed around the cinematic physics of spy movies, obviously has an entire feat tree of abilities that embody this trope. Among other things, there is an ability that causes you to roll a die after being hit by any attack.

If it comes up odd, circumstances interfere and the attack misses entirely and you take no damage instead. Extra funny because it applies to things like nuclear explosions and buildings falling on you as much as the usual bullets and fists. All of White Wolf's Mage games rely primarily on powers that manifest as extremely convenient turns of fortune, referred to as 'covert' magic. The "entropy" sphere from second edition deserves special mention for even blatantly magical effects manifesting as insanely good luck of the "a grenade goes off at your feet.

Nobilis has a Gift simply known as Luck, which allows you to bring yourself some good fortune. Chad Kensington in Friday the 13th: The Game has the highest luck stat of very counselor, meaning his weapons last much longer that others while also increasing some of his other stats. This is Nell's defining character trait in the Advance Wars series. She has an occasional chance of causing more damage than normal, and her CO and Super CO powers amplify this luck immensely.

This also applies to Flak and his Dual Strike counterpart Jugger, although it's more depicted as brute force but works the same ingame and comes with the drawback of sometimes inflicting less damage than expected.

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