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The book is about getting you to set up a solid plan to help you make up with your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. There are numerous attractions that Milwaukee boasts and one of these is the citys art museum where Picasso, Warhol, and OKeefes masterpieces can be found. He demonstrated how the app worked, by making still images of Stern, Osbourne and Mandel into active, talking dummies.

Before he caused fits of cachinnation laughter among his audience members as a comic and ventriloquist, he was mesmerized by the world of magic and illusion. From there, I started researching more about it and became an established magician. Upon visiting a magic shop in New York, Pizzi came across a box that contained several dummies.

He wondered how he would be able to include a puppet in his performances. At first, he thought it was just a doll, but when I expressed how meaningful it was for me to have it, he gave me the money. When asked what is it that makes the crowds really come alive with laughter, Pizzi mentioned that comedy is a broad term. Some people enjoy physical humor, slapstick comedy or innuendo, but what typically results is stress relief when they have a hearty laugh. Back then, Chad had a crush on Raudel and swoons from afar so it's not like they were friends - Chad is the little brother to Raudel's friend.

So the whole premise and how Raudel feels now seemed odd to me. But the book was cute, particularly Grandma and the parents. Oct 24, Ariel rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Yogurt Man meets the lawyer to be. One ran from the other in high school. Will he run to him now? Chad is an assistant manager at a yogurt shop. He's lived on his own for one year in a studio apartment. His sister is getting married and has turned into bridezilla. He can't even have a civil conversation with her.

She invited, of course, her best friend from high school Raudel. Chad had an embarrassing situation with him in high school and wants nothing to do with him. When the family arrives in The Yogurt Man meets the lawyer to be. When the family arrives in Lake Tahoe, where the wedding is going to be held, Raudel is there to greet them. Chad panics and tries to think of different ways to avoid him.

They end up having to go into town to purchase a chocolate fountain that Chad accidentally broke. While in town, Raudel professes his long held attraction to Chad and Chad can't believe it. They have dinner together and have their first kiss. The next day is wedding preparations and an opportunity for Chad and Raudel to get to know each other better. A few days later they go back to town for the tux fitting. The owner says that the tuxes will take 4 hours to be ready for pick up. Chad's sister Lindsay does not want to wait that long.

Her and her fiance leave and tell Chad and Raudel to check in with the Tux Shop every hour. They take advantage of that time alone and go to the casinos to drink and gamble. During this time in town, Raudel proposes to Chad and they end up getting married. When they arrive back to the house the next day, everyone is waiting to interrogate them. They notice their wedding rings and Lindsey has a fit and runs to her room crying.

Chad and Lindsay make up that night. The next day is the wedding Scatter Bonus Casino Jokes Cartoons Insurance everything goes according to plan and Lindsey has a beautiful wedding. I loved this book. It's a comedy, a Winstar Casino Games, a bridezilla episode - all in one. The plot was brilliant. The nerd from high school who has a crush on his sister's best friend and then they meet years later.

He just wanted to avoid him, and turns out, sister's best friend also liked him back in high school. Then they get married. Everyone's fantasy come true. The chemistry between Chad and Raudel is electric. I never would have thought that Raudel also had an attraction to Chad. Not only that, but he Scatter Bonus Casino Jokes Cartoons Insurance Scatter Casino World Travel, and that really came through in the story.

It was so beautiful, romantic, and sweet. It was such a joy to read. The personalities of each main character also came through. Raudel is the quiet, silent type, but he also has strength and confidence, and his love for Chad really shone through.

Chad is the bumbling, loveable, smalltown naive guy with a heart of gold. He is also funny as all get out. His thoughts are hilarious. Here's a few examples: Chad wondered if they grew in the yard. The story itself with Chad's comedic thoughts totally make up for it. I highly recommend this story. If you want a short story that you will thoroughly enjoy and laugh your head off at with a wonderful romance that is so sweet it'll make your teeth hurt, you got to get this book. I'm even planning to read it again in a month - or sooner.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review by Gay Book Reviews. After that it became a bit better but still couldn't grab me. Nov 04, Lorraine Lesar rated it really liked it. My first venture into the world's that Morticia Knight creates and I liked it.

This offering was sexy sweet, insta-love that was OTT but suited this book so well and the pre-wedding preparations that bought back so many now humorous memories of my own. Of course having a pre-wedding party includes the mandatory close family.

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And what a menagerie of a collection they were Oh, grandma, I do love you all so memorable and all seemingly knowing where the magic fountain of never ending beer was! Now I don't want to do a spoiler here, but……. The blurb really does cover the book well, so I'm not going to repeat. Just sit back and enjoy this sexy delight, but thank your lucky stars that you weren't on the Guest List to join the party.

I voluntary reviewed an Advanced Review Copy of this book. Nov 02, Deanna rated it really liked it. I love stories like this! Your high school crush comes back to town after a few years and the sparks fly.

Raudel is best friends with Chad's sister Lindsey. Lindsey is getting married and driving her whole family crazy. The only bright spot for Chad is that Raudel can't make it to the wedding.

After their last disastrous encounter Chad would rather die that have to face Raudel again. Raudel has rearranged his schedule to be able to make it to Lin I love stories like this! Raudel has rearranged his schedule to be able to make it to Lindsey's wedding and on the top of his list is working things out with Chad.

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