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They dont have the professional scanners. Our democracies are based on nation states.

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  2. -Louis and family would never live in versailles again . -when lifted, caused commoners' lives to be much cheeper. Suffrage Reform Bill .. Zollverein. German customs union, was a coalition of German states formed to manage tariffs and economic policies within their territories. Organized by the Zollverein treaties.:
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Expands his role to be more active over time. Actively campaigns for the abolishment of slavery. Became the president of Societys of arts. Napoleon of Peace loved by the lower class.

Attempts to invade France, gets arrested and goes to England. Marries Eugenie de Montijo. A new constitution that provided a hereditary crown for the Bonaparte family and he gets to pick each person in the senate. Middle and Upper class like him. Has power of the French state. No opposition at the beginning of the second empire. Censorship of the French with active Police. Not a planner and lacks powerful politics. Tries to take land from the Italians for his help without actually helping them and pisses off the pope and Italy.

Limits religious orders in France and is captured in the battle of sedan by the prussians,. Support of a person from the Bonaparte family. This is what sweeps Napoleon into power. Combination of Napoleon code and more land for crops. Does not like the open trade with Great Britain.

Don't want to much involvement with government in economy. Don't want wealth to spread across everyone. Rise in the elections of orleanists. Opened French trade to Great Britain. Napoleon sends him to mexico with French troops. They win the battle of Puebla, but couldnt actually secure the Mexicans. Reorganizes paris and makes the lay out more ration to improve housing density and more housing outside of Paris.

Barricades are not effective in the new Paris because the roads are wider. Closed sewers, buildings were aligned and set the maximum height of building from Loyal to the Prussian Crown. German speakers like him because he makes unification happen. He Dissolves parliaments because they didnt want to fund the army and keeps on dissolving them until he finds a group that agrees with him.

Holstein is with the German Confederation because it is mostly German popultion. Schleswig is a mix of German and Danish people. Bismarck argues with Austria on who gets who. Holstein will be with Austria and Schleswig is with Prussia.

Austria thinks that they need to lead unification of Germany. Prussians send troops into holstein and austria declares war on Prussia. Germans and Austria vs. Austria lost to Prussia and Prussia army wanted to continue going through Austria but Bismarck said no. Decided that Austria had to pay indemnities. Austria has to withdraw from the German Confederation, but Bismarck creates new German Confederation.

Has veto power over the Reichstag and is made up of represetative from different states. Bismarck declares war on France to unify Germany. The Third Republic continues the war and the Prussians seize Paris. The loss of Alsace-Lorraine angered the French. First act of the third republic is to continue war with prussia. Parisians brought in all the livestock into the paris walls to outlast the prussians.

Thought the seige would last only 80 days. All that paris need to gain peace was give up the province of Alsace. Allows the Germans to parade down the streets of paris. Socialists seize onnons and take them to a village of Montmartre because it is revolutionary strong hold.

Thiers runs to versailles to gain an army. Built an army that fights the commune and government and puts Paris under siege. They argue with themselves. Tainted with the stain for the two generals being killed. Great a declaration but thats the only thing they do. Bring down the Vendome Colums because it is a sign of imperialism and militarism.

They are about peace and redistribution of wealth. Less people help barricade paris because they are bored with the commune. People of the commune. They set fire to many places in paris. They achieved that there will never be another monarchy in France again. Ran by Carl Marx and did not raise a finger when the commune came about. Devoted to the idea of revolutionary socialism.

Redistribution of wealth immediately. Associate them to jackvist. The idea of getting more land than Germany after losing Alsace-Lorraine. They are going to extreme lengths to get back Alsace-lorraine.

Reliance on military power to maintain and control. In less than 25 years all of Africa was split among European powers. Economic motives, Diplomatic reasons, social darwinism, Industrial and technological advances, Social tensions and domestic policies in Europe, Interest groups, white man's burden. Rises up because of Social Darwinism. The country that has the most colonies will survive and holds racial implications as well.

White people thought they were superior. King of the Belgians. Negotiated with native African Leaders along the congo river. British and French replied by claiming north side of the congo river. Lays down rules for colonization in Africa and divides Africa among themselves. No African leaders were present. Recognized Leopald's claims to the Congo. European leaders agreed to stop the slave trade. Belgium started the race for colonizing African.

British feel the most cheated. Ethiopia ad Liberia are the only independent countries in africa. If you claim a territory in Africa you had to occupy the land with military forces and civilian administrators to govern the land.

Germany claimed these for their territories. Does not take over land but protect the land. France does the same. British East India Company. Private enterprise ran by British Merchants.

Controls the territory of India. Main crops were cotton, indigo, and opium. India's First war of Independence. The indians revolt against the BEIC. The monarchy takes control of India for itself. The British ruling over India.

Act for the Better Government of India. Separate secretary of state for India. Fifteen member for India made up the counsel how to spread revenue in India. Government general in India head of government. After revolt indians were put on legislative powers. More communication between the indians and british. Reorganized army by increasing the number indians in army. Princes rewarded for their loyalty by the British. Britain bans this practice but some still practice. Britain stops trying to change anything that had to do with religion.

Race between Great Britain and Russia to obtain land in central Asia. Key location was Afghanistan for Russia to invade india. Germany, Russia, and Austria.

Aimed at isolating France and stop an attempt of France taking Alsace-Lorraine. Does not last long because Bismarck tries a peace settlement with Austria and Ottoman Empire and Russia doesn't like this. Now Austria and germany vs russia. Italy Austria and Germany. Guarantees neutrality between Russia and Germany if they go to war. Germany Forces Bismarck to Resign. Refused to renew the Russo-German Treaty. This allows France a diplomatic opening with Russia.

Britain remained in good relations with Germany until Bismarck was forced to resign. Britain is scared of what he can do. Takes place in South Africa. British win the war but has consequences. Wilhelm openly support the Dutch and send military aid and advisors. This made the war longer and costly. British realize they need help. They form an alliance with Japan and resolve all historical issues with France. Britain joins Russia and France to take down Germany.

Neither of the alliances are military alliances. First war in 20th century. Japanese won and severely undermined the Russians. Germany attempts to take morocco thinking they can force an open door policy there. Britain and France stay close and Germany doesn't get the open door policy. Germany Forcing the open door policy in Morocco. Strengthens bond between the triple entente.

Peaked American interest and Germans felt betrayed so Germany decides to spend even more money on navy which leads to war. Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Montenegro. Wants to destroy ottomans and further Balkan nationalism. Austria is scared and Albania is created a free state.

They defeat the ottomans and Bulgaria is still not happy. They go to a second Balkan war where Bulgaria is against the rest of the League. This is a short war and Bulgaria loses and loses a lot of territory they had gained. Western Front of Germany where they plan to bleed the French out of men. Takes about a year to fight and both armies are in the same position they were in the beginning. Made France fight a more defensive war.

The French army refused to fight. Worst day for British in the war. Offensive war was used for four months and they moved the line west three miles.

Goal is that nothing is wasted, civilians are expected to do without until the war is over, economic efforts go towards the war. Women get involved with public life because there are no men to do male jobs which transforms social roles in Europe.

Leads to more freedom and equality for women. Socialists were on board with the idea of total war. The event was disguised as a non-political county fair. This conservative French king ruled from , alienating French liberals by attempting to compensate French nobles for land lost during the Revolution and to increase the power of the Catholic Church July ordinances.

Charles X puts these into effect in France, it dissolved the new government, deprived bourgeois of vote, censored the press. What are the three days of revolution known as? The three colours of the revolutionaries in France. Blue, White and Red. They were monarchists that sided with Louis Napoleon in the repression of socialism. Ruler of the French July Monarchy benefited middle class.

Which house of Bourbon member was subject to a celebrity show trial. Italian nationalist whose writings spurred the movement for a unified and independent Italy A secret revolutionary society working to unify Italy in the s.

Started in by Guiseppe Mazzini. Italian nationalist and revolutionary who conquered Sicily and Naples and added them to a unified Italy in Camillo Benso Conti di Cavour. After the declaration of a united Kingdom of Italy, Cavour took office as the first Prime Minister of Italy; he died after only three months in office, and thus did not live to see Venetia or Rome added to the new Italian nation.

The two men were soon joined by Pietro di Santa Rosa and Michelangelo Castelli, who soon assumed the position of vice-director. Publication began as a result of the relaxation of stringent press control which made the newspaper financially viable. The paper was initiated to form a moderate middle-class "respectable" balance to the more radical "democratic" program of Concordia, which was initiated at the same time.

The initial editorial by Cavour made the following claim: English philosopher and sociologist who applied the theory of natural selection to human societies Who discovered that sterilizing surgical instruments with antiseptics would help prevent infection?

A French chemist, this man discovered that heat could kill bacteria that otherwise spoiled liquids including milk, wine, and beer. The husband and first cousin of Queen Victoria. He wanted a strong domestic policy, and he had vision of Camelot. It contains a large number of educational and cultural sites. French right-wing faction which arose out of the French Revolution. It is generally seen as a transitional period dominated by the bourgeoisie and the conservative Orleanist doctrine in economic and foreign policies.

Was to keep Germany from becoming militaristic again. The French built the Magnot Line to keep the border with Germany safe. Also known as the Aztec Empire, a large and complex Native American civilization in modern Mexico and Central America that possessed advanced mathematical, astronomical, and engineering technology. Holy Roman Emperor elected in He began a long line of Hapsburg emperors. Who did Napoleon III appoint to redesign Paris, with a partial goal of widening the streets to make for an easier response to insurrections?

It included the demolition of crowded and unhealthy medieval neighborhoods, the building of wide avenues, parks and squares, the annexation of the suburbs surrounding Paris, and the construction of new sewers, fountains and aqueducts. Chancellor of Prussia from until , when he became chancellor of Germany. A conservative nationalist, he led Prussia to victory against Austria and France and was responsible for the creation of the German Empire These two northern duchies with significant German populations had been ruled by the kings of Denmark.

In an effort to prevent the states from being consolidated into the nation of Denmark, Prussia teamed up with Austria and beat the Danes. Otto von Bismarck purposely stirred up border conflicts with Austria over Schleswig and Holstein until Austria declared war on them.

Austria got humiliated and had to accept more Prussian annexation. After it was replaced with the current German parliament, the Bundestag. The upper house, or Federal Council, of the German Diet legislature. This was a major war between the French and the Germans in that brought about the unification of Germany. It was caused by Otto Von Bismarck altering a telegram from the Prussian King to provoke the French into attacking Prussia, thus hoping to get the independent German states to unify with Prussia which they did, thus creating Germany.

He was a leading historian of the French Revolution, with a multivolume history that argued that the republicanism of the Revolution was the central theme of modern French history.

Paris council members who wanted a decentralized government, separation of church and state, and other socialist reforms. To unite working people in paris. Which French revolutionary has perhaps been falsely credited with formulating the theory of 'dictatorship of the proletariat' as used by Marx , and was elected president of the Paris Commune in despite his being in prison?

Comes from revanche, the french word for revenge. Applies to a country who wants to recapture lost territories, etc. Historians' term for the late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century wave of conquests by European powers, the United States, and Japan, which were followed by the development and exploitation of the newly conquered territories. An agent that proved effective in controlling attacks of malaria, which had previously decimated Europeans in the tropics.

Treated the people there very badly. Stated that powers could hold colonies only if they actually possessed them. A country whose affairs are partially controlled by a stronger power. A joint stock company that controlled most of India during the period of imperialism. This company controlled the political, social, and economic life in India for more than years.

India's First War for Independence. Title of British control in India. Created in order to trade, wanted cooperation from the government. India is now under direct rule of the British Crown. Competition between Great Britain and Russia for conquest or control of Asian countries north of India and south of Russia, principally Afghanistan.

Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia's emperors formed ; the three most conservative powers of Europe. Formed by Otto-von Bismarck to deal with Germany's threat of encirclement. Austria's challenge was internal cultural diversity. Russia's economic prosperity was vulnerable to whoever controlled the Bosporus seaports for trade.

In the event of war between Austria and Russia which seems inevitable , Germany would remain neutral and also allows Russia to invade some parts of the Ottoman Empire. Who led Germany during the last decade of the s and most of World War I? Wilhelm sends boats over to Morocco, a French colony, and says to the Moroccan people that he will help. Makes French and the British mad and they threaten to attack. The point was to test the Brit-French alliance.

A battle in WWI. Is considered some of the bloodiest fighting in WWI and the German offense was stopped; offensive battle on the western front initiated by Germany in which they hoped to crush France and taken them out of the war, however France was in a very good defensive position and French held it for 10 months.

Nearly a million killed. French drew reserve troops from the Somme to help defend. No territory was gained; Battle in WWI that ended in massive casualties and had little direct result.

Fought in , lasted 6 months. A war that involves the complete mobilization of resources and people, affecting the lives of all citizens in the warring countries, even those remote from the battlefields. The divine right of kings is a theory of monarchical absolutism, claiming that kings derive their powers directly from God and are therefore above reproach and beyond control by earthly bodies, including their own subjects.

The right to land The Third Estate can be simply defined: Sometimes referred to generally as 'commoners', it was by far France's largest social group, making up around 96 per cent of the population. Being so large, the Third Estate was marked by considerable diversity: Its million members included everyone from lowly beggars and struggling peasants, to urban artisans and labourers the future sans culottes , France's commercial middle classes and its most wealthy estate owners and capitalists.

The members of the Third Estate often had little in common with each other, aside from the fact they were not ordained members of the First Estate or ennobled members of the Second. Yet as the pamphleteer Emmanuel Sieyes pointed out in , the Third Estate was the working heart of the nation, responsible for its production, its profits and its successes.

The parlements spelt and pronounced like "parliaments" but with a different meaning were the supreme courts of law in France. There were thirteen parlements altogether, with the Paris parlement the most prestigious and influential. They also had a political role, recording and enacting the king's decrees to give them the force of law.

The parlements could - and occasionally did - refuse to register these decrees. This required the king to summon a lit de justice a special gathering of the Paris parlement with the king in attendance to force their registration.

When parlements frustrated royal authority like this it was usually motivated by self-interest or political factors. The public perception of the parlements was that they acted as a check on absolutist royal power. The main guardians of that law were the parlements, protectors perhaps of individual and corporate privileges but only in so far as these privileges were a fundamental part of French custom.

Any infringement of law and custom on the part of the monarchy was tantamount to a shift in monarchical power in the direction of undesirable despotic or arbitrary government. Hufton, historian From the mids the Paris parlement gained a reputation for consistently opposing the government's fiscal policies. In particular it objected to the raising of new loans, arguing the deficit could be managed by reducing expenditure. The lavish spending of the royal court - already under close public scrutiny and subject to satirists and propaganda - was one area where the parlement believed spending could be curtailed.

Others held a different view, like minister Calonne, who favoured raising revenue by ending the nobility's exemption from personal taxation. Calonne's attempts to push through these reforms were unsuccessful and in he was replaced by Brienne. In April-May the Assembly of Notables made suggestions to the king about economic reform, however the king found these reforms unacceptable and dissolved the Notables on May 26th.

Brienne now attempted to push through his reform package: He looked to the Paris parlement to enact these reforms - but in July it refused to do so, declaring that only the Estates-General had the right to make such wholesale changes.

Brienne's response was to persuade the king to force the Paris parlement into exile at Troyes. For almost a year Louis XVI and his ministers issued and enacted decrees arbitrarily, without the endorsement of the parlements. At one point the king suggested that " Brienne eventually agreed to schedule a meeting of the Estates-General for mid The king recalled the Paris parlement to endorse this.

Louis' order contained no specifications for the Estates-General, so the parlement, fearful that the king might manipulate the numbers, determined it should meet using the same structure and procedures used at the last Estates-General in This last action had significant consequences for the rising Third Estate, which would be locked into voting by order one vote from each Estate rather than by head one vote from each deputy.

The book is especially valued for its vivid descriptions of the French Revolution and of the conditions that produced it. The son of a rector, Young was initially employed in a mercantile house at King's Lynn, Norfolk, but showed no taste for commerce. When he was only 17 years old he published the pamphlet On the War in North America, and in he went to London to start a periodical, The Universal Museum.

He also wrote four novels during this period. After his father's death in , his mother gave him the direction of the family estate, but the property was small and encumbered with debt. In he undertook on his own account the management of a farm in Essex. He engaged in various experiments and embodied the results in A Course of Experimental Agriculture Though Young's early farming experiments were, in general, unsuccessful, he thus acquired a solid knowledge of agriculture.

He had already begun a series of journeys through England and Wales and gave an account of his observations in several books that appeared from to , including A Six Weeks Tour Through the Southern Counties of England and Wales. He said that these books contained the only extant information relative to the agricultural rentals, produce, and livestock of England that was founded on actual examination.

The books were favourably received, being translated into most European languages by He published in The Farmer's Letters to the People of England, in The Farmer's Calendar, which went through a great number of editions, and in his Political Arithmetic, which was widely translated. He made tours of Ireland from to , publishing his A Tour in Ireland in In he began the publication of the Annals of Agriculture, which was continued for 45 volumes; this periodical had many contributors, among whom was George III, writing under the nom de plume of "Ralph Robinson.

Traversing that country in every direction just before and during the first movements of the Revolution, he gave valuable accounts of the condition of the people and the conduct of public affairs at that critical juncture.

The Travels in France appeared in two volumes in On his return home he was appointed secretary of the British government's newly created Board of Agriculture, where he gave valuable assistance in the collection and preparation of agricultural surveys of the English counties. His last years were spent in reclusion and were characterized by melancholy and growing religious fervour.

Though not a particularly successful farmer himself, Young was an important propagandist for the progressive agricultural practices of his time. He advocated such innovations as the seed drill, improved crop rotations, and the use of marl as fertilizer. He advocated the enclosure of open fields and the settlement of the indigent on newly enclosed waste agricultural lands. His many books on agriculture were highly influential in their day. Frederick II of Prussia.

Frederick II of Prussia commonly known as "Frederick the Great" was seen by his contemporaries as the embodiment of enlightened monarchy. He read philosophy, played the flute, and composed works for orchestra. During his lifetime he carried on a vigorous correspondence with Voltaire, whom he invited to live at his castle Sans Souci. In addition, Frederick promoted a measure of religious toleration in his kingdom, arguing famously that each subject could become holy "according to his own fashion.

One of his first acts as king was to conquer Silesia from the Habsburg monarchy. He successfully defend this conquest in both the War of Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War , in the process demonstrating a talent for military leadership and organization that earned him admiration throughout Europe.

He must be thoroughly acquainted with its resources, the character of the people, and the national commerce Rulers should always remind themselves that they are men like the least of their subjects. The sovereign is the foremost judge, general, financier, and minister of his country, not merely for the sake of his prestige.

Therefore, he should perform with care the duties connected with these offices. He is merely the principal servant of the State. Hence, he must act with honesty, wisdom, and complete disinterestedness in such a way that he can render an account of his stewardship to the citizens at any moment. Consequently, he is guilty if he wastes the money of the people, the taxes which they have paid, in luxury, pomp, and debauchery. He who should improve the morals of the people, be the guardian of the law, and improve their education should not pervert them by his bad example.

Princes, sovereigns, and king have not been given supreme authority in order to live in luxurious selfindulgence and debauchery. They have not been elevated by their fellow-men to enable them to strut about and to insult with their pride the simple-mannered, the poor, and the suffering. They have not been placed at the head of the State to keep around themselves a crowd of idle loafers whose uselessness drives them towards vice. The bad administration which may be found in monarchies springs from many different causes, but their principal cause lies in the character of the sovereign.

A ruler addicted to women will become a tool of his mistresses and favourites, and these will abuse their power and commit wrongs of every kind, will protect vice, sell offices, and perpetrate every infamy The sovereign is the representative of his State. He and his people form a single body. Ruler and ruled can be happy only if they are firmly united. The sovereign stands to his people in the same relation in which the head stands to the body.

He must use his eyes and his brain for the whole community, and act on its behalf to the common advantage. If we wish to elevate monarchical above republican government, the duty of sovereigns is clear. They must be active, hard-working, upright and honest, and concentrate all their strength upon filling their office worthily.

That is my idea of the duties of sovereigns. He was executed for treason by guillotine in Louis XVI became the heir to the throne and the last Bourbon king of France upon his father's death in After a slew of governing missteps, Louis XVI brought the French Revolution crashing down upon himself, and in he was executed.

His wife, Marie-Antoinette, was executed nine months later. Nevertheless, because he was not of noble birth, his opportunities for further advancement in the church were limited. Hence, he was already embittered against the aristocracy by the time the States General were summoned in January ; "What Is the Third Estate? The Revolution had begun. In the months that followed, the Assembly passed decrees abolishing feudalism and restricting the royal prerogative.

He was elected October to the Council of Five Hundred set up under the republican constitution of , and in May he won a seat on the five-member Directory, France's ruling executive board. Nevertheless, he had already concluded that the executive must be strengthened at the expense of the legislative bodies.

He remained a senator and was nominated grand officer of the Legion of Honour and count of the empire The primary forces leading to the French Revolution. Located just 20 kilometres from Paris, Versailles was not just a single palace but a gigantic complex of buildings, outbuildings, grounds and features that had been built gradually over the previous century.

The interior of the palace was adorned with murals, paintings and statues extolling the strengths and virtues of French kings, particularly Louis XIV himself. There were scenes of Greek and Roman mythology; lavish tapestries and sculptures; numerous ballrooms and staterooms, lined with the finest glass, marble and gold-leaf.

The massive grounds were filled with statues, grottoes, fountains and chateau; there was also Marie-Antoinette's custom-built model village, where she spent many hours amusing herself by pretending to be a milkmaid.

The buildings, grounds and business of Versailles was costly to run and maintain, requiring a staff of more than 2, people. Despite its importance, Versailles had always been an open place; its gates never closed - until October With Louis XVI no more disposed to the use of force than he had been earlier, and with most of the hardliners who had advocated force the previous summer now gone, the King's rejection of the few remaining counselors inclined to military resistance is hardly surprising.

In fact, his own bodyguards were instructed 'not to oppose force with force', a remarkable order which recalls an earlier account of Louis as a "pacifist-king" With military confrontation and flight ruled out, the only alternative was a familiar one: Shapiro, historian The rise of the National Assembly, the abolition of feudalism and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen might all have eased the political tension of the s - however they did little or nothing to ease the food shortages and the hunger which continued to plague France.

On October 5, , thousands of ordinary people, most of them from Paris, began a series of journees, some involving marches on Versailles.

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His glory belongs to a different sphere from that of a king at the head of conquering armies, wealth and power. Sacred and healing sites can be co-created with Nature for the benefit of all life, seen and unseen. Every individual wants to have different sources that increases their monetary profits and allows them various luxuries of life. You may have Barbie attend events and you can get to resolve which gown she is wearing. What we love most when we play Mega Moolah slot on mobile is that it doesn?

The consequence is that your brain is carrying out everything other than actually listening in the direction of what is becoming mentioned.

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