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I think that mostly comes from me being a huge S-style body fan via my Kramer addiction.

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However, when I noticed Musicyo had released a Les Paul type of Kramer that was just absolutely stunning looking on their website, I knew I needed to try one out to determine if it lived up to its label on the headstock. Overall Look — A truly beautiful guitar to look at, without a doubt. Sound — Driving metal sound with rich buttery tone at the neck pickup.

Price — Easily challenges any Epiphone or Gibson in this category. Fit and Finish — The finish is extremely shiny, the buff job on this guitar is incredible. Things I would change or improve upon 1.


Neck - Offer option to have an unfinished, satin, or oiled back on the neck, similar to a Wolfgang. I would offer more options such as a natural top, blue, etc. More Hardware Colors — The addition of gold hardware would really add some sizzle to this instrument.

Quality — The only issue quality wise I would improve upon is the tuner placement. The model I received had the tuner holes just a tad bit off center on one side compared to the other. This did not affect playability but was sort of a nit issue that needed to be noted. I personally give the thumbs up on this guitar to any Kramer head wanting to get their Les Paul fix taken care of — with the added bonus of the Kramer logo on the headstock of course.

The Kramer Custom can be purchased at Musicyo. The Kramer Custom in Amber Stain. Cosmetics and Hardware First, opening up the case, I was stunned at the quilt top. The abalone inlay work was phenomenal as well, I think I could have just left it in the case and stared at it because of its beauty.

The Kramer logo itself is inlayed in the headstockwhich is yet another selling point as to the detail that has been put into this instrument. The tuners are Scatter Casino M8trix Cheerleader Oopsies Grovers, very nice tuners for such an affordable guitar.

Additionally, the control knobs are black metal dome knobs for quick adjustment while playing. The back of the body is sculpted in more of a V pattern, and sits quite comfortably when being played.

I recently brought the Custom to the Kramer Konvention in Nashville last month, and everyone that walked by it was stunned at its beauty. It has that driving Paul deep chunk that most are familiar with. I tested the guitar on a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier with no effects, and it could go from that nu-metal, heavy distorted tone, to classic, lower gain richness.

The neck pickup is very buttery without being muddy for warm solos and runs. The instrument I received was setup very nicely too; the action was set low and was very playable. The tummy cut and the balance of the instrument when sitting down was nice, very much like a Paul.

The Custom has killer sustain too, and resonance. Mahogany, 16" radius fingerboard, 22 fret, Rosewood, abalone bound. Painted back, Elliptical, Slim-Taper. Classic design, 14 degree pitch angle, 3 tuners on a side, abalone bound. Mahogany with Quilt Maple Top, abalone bound.

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