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Until now we have written in our blog mostly about the natural heritage of the island. But is there something more romantic than to breathe the old fashion atmosphere in the small and cozy villages? To know the real Canarian people you should visit their traditional villages. Today, we will introduce you 3 willages of Gran Canaria, that we consider the most emblematic and inspiring.

The historical center of the village itself had been declared a historical-artistic heritage to keep its beauty for the next generations. Due to the apparition of the Virgin on a pine tree more than years ago, the basilica of Our Lady of the Pine became the goal of many pilgrims.

After rambling the cozy streets of Teror, you should visit also the nearby Osorio Farm and have your picnic on fresh air. Afterwards you can defeat the Jackson Rancheria Casino play online peak of the area — the mountain of Osorio m and enjoy the views. You can read more about Teror here. Tejeda — mountain village in the heart of the island is officially considered to be one of the most beautiful villages of Spain.

Its charm consist in the fascinating views that you will admire from any corner. After making the photographs of the typical houses with traditional Canarian balconies, you should definitely treat yourself in the almond sweets shop or have a coffee with breathtaking views of Roque Bentayga and Roque Nublo dominating the countryside. You would find more about Tejeda here. Agaete — this village inspired many painters, poets and writers. Lets visit the small Scatter Casino Zagreb Vrijeme Sada garden in its center where the artists used to meet to find out if it would inspire yourself too!

Inviting fish tavernas with ocean veiw, small volcanic beach and natural pools are the goal of many locals to visit on their days off. Did you know that the Valley of Agaete is the only place in Europe, where coffee is produced in a traditional way? Read more about Agaete here. There are many more lovely villages in Gran Canaria and each of them has its own beauty for those who visit them.

If you happen to be on Gran Canaria on Tuesdays, maybe you would like to join our Gran Tour to visit Teror, Tejeda and Agaete and learn Jackson Rancheria Casino play online about their stories and legends. The largest botanical garden of Spain covers an area of 10 hectares and surprisingly, the entrance is still for FREE. On the Canary islands you would find approximately kinds of plants, of them are endemic.

A bit of historical facts: The garden was founded the year by a Sweedish botanist Eric Ragnor Sventenius who was in charge of its direction until the year The main purpose of the garden is the collection, cultivation, study and conservation of the unique Canarian flora. In one of its parts called the Garden of the Islands you would find endemic plants of all the Canary islands divided into sections according to its relevancy to represent all the 7 islands: Apart of them, you can also appreciate plants from another Macaranesian islands such as Madeira, Azore Islands and Cape Lottery Scheme Casino Dealers. Possibly the most interesting part of the garden for you will be tha fascinating Cactus Garden.

Most appreciated are for example those from Madagascar or a large selection of many different kinds of local Aloe Vera or agaves from Mexico and Caribian, that were imported to the Canarian islands in the 17th century and since then they complement the caracter of the local countryside. Palms from all over the world can be admired in the Worlds Palm Grove that also host a very endangered kind brought from Hawaii, that was preserved from extinction for future generations only thanks to our botanical garden.

More trees you would find in the Pine or Laurel forests. Water Lily Square sometimes hosts different social events such as small concerts of classical music, folclore dances or special awards events.

A romantic touch of your visit you will get by the water pond with birds and cascades. It is possible to visit it easily even without a car, by bus number proceeding from Santa Catalina or San Telmo bus station. Opening hours are usually between 9: Today we have something for Find Online Casinos nature lovers.

It is incredible to see, that in the world, that is still getting more and more globalized and transformed by the human being, we can still find places that we can consider virgen. As we have already written times, Gran Canaria is often called a small continent, so there is no surprise you can find some virgin places here also. A synonym for a virgin place in Gran Canaria is undoubtedly the area of Gui-Gui, that had been declared a special natural reserve in order to protect its virgin beauty.

It is situated in the west of the island and to drive to its beginning from Las Palmas will take you approximately 2 hours. The road will be quiet curvy, but at the end you will find a small wooden sign showing you fromwhere you have to continue walking.

As you will be rising up, your views will be better and better Jackson Rancheria Casino play online slowly as you will become more distant from the civilisation, you will understand, why is this place called virgin. Suddenly you will arrive to the top of the slope and an impressive world with the ocean on the horizon will open to you.

Comming to Gui-Gui means to learn about the island to its basics.

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You will definitely learn about its geology and unique flora even without books and if you are lucky you may also meet some representatives of local fauna. You will see the incredible game of mother nature in shape of amazing geological creations that have been formed here. Many birds find here their hideaways, as well as butterflies, lizards and giant Canarian lizards.

At the end of your wandering a compensation in the form of a beautiful virgin beach will reward your difficult access to the place. On your way you will find only few more independent travellers who will have the same adventurous caracter as you, but on the beach you may find a small group of visitors who will come to visit the beach by boat. The goal is not the beach. The goal is all Gui-Gui itself!!! Find more inspiration about Gui-Gui here. We always like to add small trekking tours to all of our excursions, so that you get in direct touch with the Canarian countryside and to make your tours really memorable.

Roque Nublo — this natural monument in the heart of the island represents one of its most known symbols and the hike towards its spike became a must for all the visitors who like to explore the island and do not mind to sweat a little when defeating its top.

The hike takes approximately 35 min one way and on its way you will observe how the flora changes according to your altitude. You will start the trek in stages with canarian pine trees and as you climb up, they will change for shrubs until the vegetation disappears completely in the final stage in the height of approximately m, from where you will have unforgetable views.

To visit the natural monument of Roque Nublo, you can join our Gran Tour on Tuesdays or if you are more fit, you can a book private long way Tejeda — Roque Nublo. A trekking tour of hours will take you along a small river with water cascades and you will observe many local endemic plants on your way. The Jackson Rancheria Casino play online is approximately 8 kilometers long and you will have a lot of fun jumping over the Casino Slots Free Play Vegas Craps, make your way through the jungle areas or climb the small rocks with the help of installed ropes.

Set up for a small adventure and join our Thursdays Walking tour Valley of Azuaje.

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The 2 km long walk is suitable even for those who are not ready for a proper trekking tour. You will breathe the fresh air produced by the laurels and tils and you will find even more endemic plants and trees. The circular tour takes aproximately 40 minutes. You will listen to the lovely birds singing and if you are lucky, you may meet also some lizards, geckos or frogs. There is nothing unusual on bathing on the beach.

But have you ever swum in a natural pool? The huge waves are breaking over the rocks and you are observing this natural theatre of flying drops and dancing foam from the safety of your sunbed area. The ocean can be pretty rough in the north of Gran Canaria. That is why it became a popular place for lovers of surfing. Those who cannot surf can enjoy the pools created partly by the nature and partly by the human being. The basaltic rocks polished by the never-ending power of the ocean have been transformed into amazing shapes and some of them were suitable for the creation of those natural spas.

Swimming is possible even if you are not a skilled swimmer, bacause the natural walls usually protect the pools from the rough waves. They are also equipped by stairs for more comfortable entrance. As the surroundings of the pools are obviously quiet rocky, it is recommendable to bring with you your own sunbeds or sunchairs or at least something soft to relax on. If you are a lover of snorkeling, do not forget your equipment.

The tranquil waters of the pools will permit you to observe the small fishes trapped inside. Do not worry about them, when the tide goes high, they will be able to escape back to the ocean again and the water in the pool will be changed for fresh one.

The most scenic pools you would find in Puerto de las Nieves on the north-west coast. It is a complex of 3 interconnected pools that you would find after a nice walk by the ocean side promenade. There is a small palm grove close to them a view point from where you can get fantastic photos of the pools and surrounding rocks.

Then, after the swimming you can have a fresh fish in the local tavernas. You can even spend all your holidays here, accommodated in a comfortable Agaete Beach House with the ocean and pools wiew. Long sandy beaches are good for lazy sunny days, but if you are a real explorer, than you will be searching for something more cool! Get away from the crowds and find something only for you! The uninhabited western coast of Gran Canaria hides real treasures that are waiting for you to be discovered.

We will now share with you our secret and invite you to 2 beautiful beaches. Before the trip we recommend you to check the prediction of tides, for example on this link. To visit them, please choose the part of the day when the tide is low or close to low. During the low tide you will find them as beautiful sandy beaches, but when the tide gets high the sand disappears and the beaches convert in stoney.

It is good to wear swimming shoes and visits are advisable from Monday to Friday as on weekends and Jackson Rancheria Casino play online holidays the locals want to enjoy them as well. It is necesarry to walk approximately 20 minutes from the place where you will leave your Pokies Casino Zombies Band Members. There is a small stream of water leading to the ocean in the winter months and you will see a small farm before reaching the beach.

From the beach itself you will have views of the port of Puerto de las Nieves. According to the historians, the last guanarteme king of the aboriginal people used to live here as this place have been Jackson Rancheria Casino play online to him by the Spanish king.

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You can also visit this beach on our private walking tour Charco Azul — Guayedra. To reach the beach, you will have to walk quiet a difficult trek of 2 hours and defeat a considerable hight difference. But it is definitely worth it as this tour will be absolutely unforgettable and not only for the musle pain!

If you are afraid that you could get lost, you can reserve our private walking tour to GuiGui Beach. There are many more wild beaches on the island.

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