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I saw an interesting article pop up in an RSS feed the other day: The authors presented a way to use phase changing materials—stearic acid and paraffin wax—to store solar energy for nighttime home heating in rural areas. During the day, beads of the paraffin mixture floating in a tank of warm water would melt due to heating from the sun, acting as a heat sink.

The system is almost like a conventional solar water heating system that uses water for heat storage, but this has a more size-efficient heat sink and is thus intended to be used for home heating, not just domestic water heating. Solar collectors — conventional hot water system. I had never read about such a system, but using phase changes to store energy makes a lot of sense.

Latent heat the heat it takes to melt or evaporate a substance is a very space-effective way to store energy compared to sensible heat the heat associated with changes in temperature.

This is why many big district heating systems use steam, not hot water, as a heating medium. You would have to circulate a lot more mass of water through the district to deliver via a temperature change the same amount of energy that steam delivers just by condensing back to water. In the case of a 20 degree temperature change in the hot water, for example, you would need almost 50 lb of hot water to deliver the same energy as only 1 lb of low pressure steam. I found a good technical review of phase change materials for solar thermal storage here.

There are also some apparent problems with just the sheer volume of the system I would need. According to my utility bills, my house used aboutBtu about 5. Using some data about paraffin and stearic acid, I found I would need about gallons just of the wax beads. That is a lot of paraffin for one home.

My home really is a worst case scenario, especially because I did the calculations for a stand-alone system sized for the peak heating demand of my home.

A more viable storage system would probably be sized to only augment an existing heating system, instead of taking the entire heating load, and be located in a more temperate climate. Understanding the key drivers up front is the key to completing great projects, especially with new technology.

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I assumed that all it does is freeze and solidify, with minimal changes in temperature. So, I would need: She frequently works with industrial energy efficiency projects, as well as boiler replacement and cogeneration feasibility studies. Clair is part of Antares' New York office. I have a passive solar heater I was thinking about lining the ceiling and the wall with PVC or high Heat PVC to retain heat from the solar heater produces for free so it really a wood shed with R24 insulation wall ceiling and floor is higher.

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Would you the expansion rate of paraffin wax? January 10, by Clair Hessmer 1 Comment. Solar collectors — conventional hot water system I had never read about such a system, but using phase changes to store energy makes a lot of sense. My house is located in the frozen hinterlands of Upstate NY. I have a relatively high heating load and a relatively low sun exposure, meaning I would need a large system and probably not reap its full benefits. My roof is well shaded with trees, is relatively steeply sloped, and does not have a lot of continuous, open space.

It would be difficult to mount collectors on the roof, meaning I might need a ground-mounted system. My house has forced-air HVAC systems, not a hydronic hot water system.

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I would need to convert to a hydronic system ouch! Comments Gerald Guerrero says: November 17, at 9:

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