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Publisher: Bessie Beauvais This is because California is home to magnificent theme parks, train rides, deserts, zoos, ghost towns and farms.

Cheap automotive rentals from Brisbane airport will let you discover our rather more about this river and all of the activities associated with it.

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A ton of cell phones can yield as much as 280 grams of gold, about 140 grams of platinum and palladium, and Casino Chase X Skye Bedell kilograms of copper. Beginner Electric Guitar Tips - Program.

It was with the premise of schooling for all, not simply the lucky few.

The long-term average worldwide temperature will continue increasing throughout this period, and will stabilize at a new, higher temperature when emissions rates fall toward zero. What is the deal with such sites providing you free entertainment using these flash and online games.

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Maximum Stake Casino Font Typefaces 2018

Maximum Stake Casino Font Typefaces 2018

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Online Casino Games With Best Odds

Online Casino Games With Best Odds

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Free Casino Games Downloads Offline

Free Casino Games Downloads Offline

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The seashore was truly lovely. We walked a bit, watched the surfers, and just enjoyed the warm sand and sun. It was a nice break from the Iowa winter. We saw tons of cool birds and bird habitat, but no bobcats or alligators, which are both said to live there. The refuge provided a buffer for space operations while protecting key wildlife habitat. But no, we waited for the parking lot tram, waited for the ferry, waited while the ferry, well, ferried us slowly to the entrance where we waited in another long-ass line to buy our tickets.

Buy tickets before leaving home. It took us more than an hour to get from the parking lot into the park.

And I thought February was the off-season in Disney World? I turned out that I was wrong, because we battled long lines and huge crowds all day. There were lots of international visitors, making up maybe a third of the total crowd, so maybe they have February spring breaks in Europe? I do love the parades at Disney; we would watch two more before the end of the day. I just hovered near the front of the line where the official Disney photographer takes pictures and snapped away. In fact, I found myself feeling quite old when I opted not to stand in line for either Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad above , preferring to walk the park, sit and watch the crowd, and eat Mickey ice cream on a stick.

On previous trips this would have been a disappointment, but now, eh, no big deal. We visited New Fantasyland and were not wowed. We grabbed a fast pass for Under the Sea — Journey of the Little Mermaid and were underwhelmed by the slow, old-school animatronic ride in a clamshell. Basically, it made me want to watch the much more entertaining film. If you have little girls who adore Belle and would spaz out to meet her, I suppose you should stand in line. All castles and France and mermaids.

This always stresses me out: Which direction is the parade coming from? What if we end up shooting into the sun? But it turned out OK, and, as I said, I do so love the parades. Later in the day we re-visited some of our favorite places and tried a few new ones: Tom Sawyer Island relaxing, with no line and few guests , Monsters, Inc.

Once it started getting dark, we positioned ourselves on the second story of the railroad station to wait for the Main Street Electrical Parade which runs twice, at 7 and 9 p. This turned out to be the highlight of the day: Once the parade was over and people left, we actually got chairs on the balcony and settled in to watch the Wishes fireworks show.

I love the fireworks even more than the parade; I always get a little teary-eyed during the fireworks and believe that this is truly the most magical part of the Magic Kingdom experience.

After the fireworks we got the hell out of the park and — surprise! The sign said the wait would only be 45 minutes so we decided to stand in line…only to learn that the sign LIED and we would be in line for more like an hour and a half I do NOT stand in lines for an hour and a half, so I was more than a little peeved. And by the time we finished, we could grab another fast pass, so we got one for the Aerosmith ride something to look forward to later in the afternoon, after my head stopped pounding from the first ride.

We headed over to Tower of Terror and stood in a reasonable fast-pass induced line. I swear that ride is not always the same; I think sometimes you fall further or bounce more often. Maybe they just changed it? Our heads were sort of spinning from all the rides by this point, so we took it easy and rode the Great Movie Ride the movie clips at the beginning and end are my favorite part…Disney could have saved itself a lot of money by just doing a bunch of movie highlights.

The Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun! Afterwards we went to The American Idol Experience, which was sort of cool but also really annoying. I was getting tired by this time and wondered how we ever did four parks in four days when the kids were little. We went to Muppet Vision 3-D, which apparently will never change, and scored fast-pass tickets from a passing couple to the Toy Story Midway Mania!

So that was fun. Got to our car in record time, just before it rained. Flowers and butterflies are a sure-fire way to beat the winter blues, and Reiman Gardens in Ames has both this weekend. A huge variety of exotic orchids are on display and available for purchase. The Central Iowa Orchid Society will answer your questions, and orchid experts will be presenting sessions on orchid care 1 p.

Next, scoot inside the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing for a hubbub of winged action. Dozens of different species were active today — so active I had a hard time catching them with my camera.

Most of my shots showed nothing but a frantic blur of wings. I tried without much success to capture a Blue Morpho, one of the showiest butterflies on display, but they never stopped moving! This image below of a Blue Morpho hanging out with pretty moth is the best I could do. Walking through the Butterfly Wing is a bit like being in a rainforest.

Besides watching the butterflies in flight, you can also see them in their pupae stage through the glass window of the butterfly lab. Let me just say this right up front: I do not ice skate. I will never ice skate. Here are some fun facts:. Kids younger than 6 are free. In the summer, the skating plaza transforms into an outdoor event center, for community events, concerts, and other gatherings.

I read an article in the Des Moines Register on Thursday that said a canopy may soon be added for the warm summer months to shield the plaza from the sun.

Principal Financial is leading that charge. Not a bad deal. During the competition according to a Des Moines Register article she wowed the judges not just with her food, but with her answers to these question: Will you stand by it both on busy Saturday nights and slow February days? Will you be a part of the community in good times and bad, in sickness and in health? Anyone who can answer those questions to the satisfaction of the judges is my kind of restaurant.

When I arrived there on a weekday before noon, only two tables were occupied. By the time I left, the lunch hour was in full swing, the tables were full, and the line to order was a dozen or more people deep.

You go in and find a table, a server brings water and menus, and you place your order and pay for your food at the counter. The lunch menu is simple and functional, not one of those massive monstrosities favored by so many chain restaurants. There are soups of the day, several salads, half a dozen sandwiches, and a few pasta dishes.

The salads sounded wonderful, but it was a cold day so I chose a cup of cheesy potato soup and the sweet potato and black bean burger topped with buttermilk ranch, dilly cucumbers, leaf lettuce, and cheddar cheese on a homemade bun. I swear the patty was a full inch thick. I had to eat the sandwich with a fork — and I only ate half. My dining companion ordered the soup with a smoked salmon sandwich that came topped with cream cheese spread, pickled radish, and alfalfa sprouts on toasted challah bread shown above.

The menu includes local, farm-fresh produce, and the food is served on hand-thrown bowls and plates. I immediately loved the vibe of the place: If I could make two suggestions it would be these: But these are just very minor suggestions to improve an otherwise delightful lunchtime experience. I will definitely be planning return visits to this up-and-coming, uniquely Iowa restaurant. The restaurant is open for lunch Tuesday through Friday, 11 a.

The bar is open Tuesday through Saturday nights starting at 5 p. Visiting an art museum is a great activity on a cold January day. The exhibits were about as different as they could be — and I liked both of them equally well. I noted a mammoth fossil tooth and a Cuban toad in a jar; a stuffed tapir, gibbon, penguin, duckbilled platypus, and two toucans; a giraffe skull and gorilla skeleton…all juxtaposed with a horse whip, a sugar bowl, a fur hat, and some opera glasses.

And so much more! Brass fingertips from Thailand, linen napkins from a German hotel, Indonesian shadow puppets, a cylindrical slide rule, a leaf-nosed bat, a dinosaur leg bone, and foam patterns used to produce aluminum castings. Most of the items would be at home in a natural history museum. Indeed, many of these items came from the college museum in Morrill Hall that, beginning in the s, was home to many natural history specimens. Some of them are just bizarre. I found myself unable to look at some of the creatures preserved in liquid inside jars.

That crossed the line for me. Now think Andy Warhol if he used found items instead of paint. The exhibit also includes a portrait of George W. Bush made from beer-bottle caps, a baby elephant made from plastic babies, and a really cool Popsicle sign made from Popsicle sticks. Born in , Magee is a native of Arkansas and has lived in St. He will be on hand in the Petersen gallery during the noon hour on Feb.

Hours are Monday through Friday, Parking can be tricky: I sort of think of it as a movie theater for grown-ups. You never have to wade through a bunch of families with little kids, nor loud groups of teenagers. Rice Krispies bars in two different flavors the last time I was there , cheesecake, chocolate cake, muffins, blueberry streusel cakes, biscotti, and brownies in addition to the usual movie popcorn. Drinks, too, are a big plus: They sell beer Sam Adams, Amber Bock, Coors Lite, Guinness , wine Big House chardonnay and cabernet , bottled lemonade, Italian cream soda, coffee drinks espresso, cappuccino, lattes, mochas, etc.

They do offer Hollywood films, but only the best, Oscar-worthy kinds of films. The Fleur is also home to the annual Wild Rose Film Festival , which features student films, shorts, documentaries, international entries, animated films, and feature films.

Iowa Girl on the Go An Iowa travel and discoveries blog. Maybe that sounds weird at first, but just look at these pictures: How I do love you. Bought food at Fairway W. We got a loaf of Jewish sourdough rye, two kinds of cheese, a kosher dill pickle, and a black-and-white cookie. I accidentally dropped a pickle on the floor, but nobody seemed to notice. We schlepped the bag of food to Central Park and ate lunch on a bench. And then we sat on that bench for a long time.

Walked through Central Park above , stopping often to sit on more benches. A huge percentage of women do not. What is the genetic predisposition women have toward uncomfortable, ridiculous footwear? I want to know. Bought souvenirs at the first tacky souvenir store we found. Got our picture taken in front of a different tacky souvenir store in Times Square. Drank a beer at a bar on 8 th Ave. Took pictures of Times Square after dark and then took the subway back to Brooklyn. Go to Big Creek for boating, fishing, picnicking, biking, or walking.

Uncategorized Leave a Comment. As part of the Smithsonian, both museums are free to the public. Florida in February Posted February 24, Filed under: The Butterfly Wing celebrated its tenth anniversary in November.

Here are some fun facts: Without success Charles leave the trio and Tony and Manuel contacted with Vick and another singing trio was born,Jan Barry send the guys to maverick producer Kim Fowley who liked the group and recorded some demos. See The Sinner's life perfomance Acappella Doo-Wop group from Manhattan N.

Jose Luis Torres-1st Tenor. Another Rare Doo-Wop Picture. If anyone know the name of these groups please write me to; doowopbrothers mixmail. Posted by Whitedoowopcollector at 6: If anyone know the name of these groups write me to ; doowopbrothers mixmail. This photo is posted in the Larry's Facebook site http: He's on the bottom right. He later spent some time as a member of the Earls. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Please send your personal suggestions to: About Me Whitedoowopcollector View my complete profile.

Whitedoowopcollector on youtube http:

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