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Language Set favourite s Login. A homicide investigator digs deeper into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims. Jack Reacher is an above-average crime thriller with a smoothly charismatic performance from Tom Cruise. AG] sub download 0 Arabic subtitle ggg sub download 0 Arabic subtitle Jack. AG] sub download -1 Arabic subtitle Jack.

AG] sub download 0 English subtitle Jack. AG] sub download 6 Turkish subtitle Jack. First of all i would like to ask how any of the other reviewers could possibly give this film 1 out of 10? They must have some deep rooted personal reasons for this i guess. I nearly didn't watch this film for all of the negative reviews. I would have so missed out on something good. The film was excellent! Creepy bad guy and a reasonable amount of suspense.

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I have never read the Jack Reacher books, so cannot compare Cruise to the title character. I imagine that some people might have been disappointed at the lack of huge explosions and transforming robots etc etc, but this was a fine old school action thriller with many new tricks which i haven't seen before check the buss stop scene. I loved the pacing and the great interaction between players.

Sure, some of the one liners seemed a tad forced, but they were not so common.

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Well done Cruise again. Do yourselves a favour. Ignore the negative reviewers and give this a go. Having never read any Lee Childs novels regarding Jack Reacher, I went into this one with somewhat limited knowledge on who Jack Reacher is and what his claim to fame is. So like many, I read where the "serious" fans were disappointed that Tom Cruise was picked to portray this iconic hero.

To them I say, so what, did you watch this movie? In truth Tom Cruise is very good in this role, the movie is fast paced and action packed, the writing is cleaver and spot on, so to those who would continue to pan this movie I say lighten up and relax.

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  • IMDB. 61Tomato. Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins, Werner Herzog. A homicide investigator digs deeper into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims. Jack Reacher is an above-average crime thriller with a smoothly charismatic performance from Tom nguyensan.meg: hearts ‎casino ‎dawn.

This was a very good movie, Tom Cruise was good in the lead role, the several one-liners were very cleaver and kept a sense of humor in a plot with plenty of violence and too close for comfort realism. This movie was good, it was entertaining, well acted, and should be viewed and enjoyed by all who watch it.

Chix Chat on Film Review: Reacher is the Man! Jack Reacher Tom Cruise is the tale of a very astute ex-military policeman. The army training came in quite handy as he digs into the evidence of a heinous crime that turns out to be not at all what it seems to be on the surface.

I was surprised at how funny the dialogue in this film was, it is definitely not a comedy, but the sarcastic and comedic one-liners kept coming, even in situations that were completely devoid of a humorous setting there was some very amusing conversation.

There was even a scene in which Reacher is attacked in a bathroom that had me cracking up at the bumbling bad guys. The comedy was heightened even further with the old codger Cash Robert Duvall. Duvall always delivers a convincing performance, same here. As with any film that features Mr. Cruise the expectation is that it will be fast paced and very entertaining, same here. The only thing missing was his trademark sprint to or after something or anything. I've just come to expect to see him running, really running but we are getting older.

The trailer is the only kind that I like, the ones that do not give away the whole movie. David Oyelowo Emerson is one to watch, he is building an impressive resume and it is easy to see why because whenever he portrays a character he is that character. When he played a pilot in Red Tails, Player Development Senior Executive Casino Host Salary totally believed he could fly a plane.

When he was the head Jack Of Hearts Casino Yify Subtitles Dawn a company experimenting on Apes, I was again thoroughly convinced and I believed every aspect of his being a police detective. One of the best car chase scenes that I've seen lately was in this film.

There were so many attributes of this film that I liked, including the sexual tension between Reacher and Helen Ronin Rosamund Pike that I will just sum it up by saying. Everything just seemed to be genuine and authentic, even though I know that the fights are staged they looked logistically correct, but Steven Segal did come to mind. I liked that the film had a legitimate beginning and end, even if there are subsequent Jack Reacher tales to follow, there was no gaping wide open door of a final scene leaving the audience wondering 'What's up with that?!?

But I do hope there are sequels, at least one. I give it a green light. They also didn't have to destroy ten city blocks, have a "clever" hook or feel the need to tack on a social message to justify their carnage. No, all they needed was a reason for some good old steak and potatoes action and a star to anchor it all. Maybe this won't appeal to the eGeneration who need to have their senses constantly bombarded, but for the rest of us, Jack Reacher is a solid bit of retro-refreshment.

Action movie-making done right! Here's some of my thoughts. There are no spoilers. First Harrahs Casino Vegas, I'd say I agree with the general critical reception: To me that means it's a solid movie that delivers at the high end of its genre. The excitement here doesn't come from over the top stunts or huge explosions. Like the action movies just referenced, you thrill to watching a strongly defined protagonist outsmart, outfight and outmaneuver the bad guys.

Which brings me to the character of Jack Reacher and the casting of Tom Cruise. After a lifetime spent on military bases overseas, he lives as a drifter in the United States who adheres to a life of zero commitments: No house, no job, no car, no possessions, no family.

Oh, and he stands 6'5" and weighs lbs. Clearly Tom Cruise doesn't match that physical description. What makes Reacher such a great character in Child's books though has far less to do with his exterior than it does with his intellect. If you've read the series as I have, it's a little strange at first.

As the film played out however, I got more relaxed and more into it. This was definitely a movie about Lee Child's hero Jack Reacher, physical differences be damned. Would I have preferred an unknown actor closer to Child's description to play Reacher on screen? But I could say that about virtually any character, and often do. I generally want unknowns for everything.

Which is where Cruise's casting comes in handy a bit. Because his casting sort of guarantees a certain amount of box office, it means the filmmakers can take more chances.

Like crafting an action movie that's longer on character and occasional brutal violence and short on mindless action and impossible nonsense. I'd definitely recommend it, and I'm going to see it in the theater again.

That's for damn sure.

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