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You asked for information on the 1 tribal casino approval process and 2 effects of tribal gaming on Connecticut. The federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act IGRA sets out the process for federally recognized Indian tribes to operate casinos under tribal-state compacts or federal procedures. IGRA generally limits tribal gaming to Indian reservations. Connecticut currently has two Indian casinos Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.

The Foxwoods Casino operates under federal procedures; the Mohegan Sun Casino operates under a tribal-state compact. The federal procedures and tribal-state compact have the same legal effect and force under federal law. Under separate memorandum of understandings MOUthe tribes have the exclusive right to operate slot machines and commercial casino games in the state.

But the law was passed after the Mohegan tribal-state compact was approved. The casinos have had a major economic impact on southeast Connecticut and the state. They have, among other things, raised revenue, created jobs, and stimulated economic development.

Additionally, they have reportedly created 20, new service jobs in a year period. Among the negative impacts of the casinos are increased problem gambling, traffic, and possibly crime. Arrests in the region for driving under the influence DUI and embezzlement have also increased. But it is unclear to what extent the casinos have contributed to the increase in crime in the region because there Gambling Indian Casinos In Ct Usa no consensus on whether there is a casual link between casinos and crime.

IGRA was designed to give states a role in tribal gaming by encouraging states and tribes to enter into compacts to permit class III gaming on Indian lands, subject to the U.

Department of the Interior DOI secretary approval. While the federal government sets the overall contracting process, states and tribes can negotiate the state ' s role in such gaming on Indian lands. Compact provisions vary greatly.

But many compacts contain, among other things, licensing and certification for employees, enforcement issues, gaming operations, authorized games, tribal payment of state regulatory costs, alcohol regulations, and revenue sharing. Once a state and tribe agree on a compact, it must be submitted to the DOI secretary for approval.

IGRA requires states to negotiate a compact with tribes in good faith. IGRA provides Lottery Scheme Casino Ownership for courts to determine whether a state negotiated in good faith.

However, the Supreme Court invalidated this provision because it violated state sovereignty under the Eleventh Amendment Seminole Tribe v. As a result of the Seminole Tribe decision, a tribe can now bring a federal suit only if the state waives its immunity.

But a tribe may ask the U. If the court determines that the state did not negotiate in good faith, it must order the parties to conclude a compact within 60 days.

If they fail to reach an agreement, the court must appoint a mediator to whom both parties will submit a proposed compact. The mediator must then select the proposal that best comports with IGRA and submit it to both parties. A compact is reached if the state consents within 60 days.

If the state does not, the mediator will notify the DOI secretary, who will prescribe, in consultation with the tribe, procedures consistent with the proposed compact selected by the mediator. In an attempt to give tribes an alternative when states assert immunity, DOI adopted regulations that would allow the interior secretary to issue gaming procedures without requiring a tribe to sue in federal court 25 CFR pt.

But, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has held these procedures to be invalid on the grounds that Congress did not explicitly authorize them Texas v. United States, F.

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Since the Supreme Court has not ruled on the issue, this holding Casino Plaza Guadalajara binding only in the Fifth Circuit Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. It is unclear if DOI will use these procedures in other circuits. Allowable Land for Gaming.

It is settled that tribes may engage in gaming on its reservation. For gaming to be allowed on off-reservation traditional trust land or land not held in trust but subject to restrictions, a tribe must exercise governmental authority.

The courts have held that whether a tribe exercises governmental power under IGRA requires both theoretical power to exercise jurisdiction over the land and actual exercise of such authority Rhode Island v.

Narragansett Tribe19 F. But IGRA provides four exceptions. The act allows gaming on lands 1 obtained as part of a land claim settlement, 2 comprising the initial reservation of a tribe acknowledged by the DOI secretary, or 3 restored to an Indian tribe due to federal recognition.

Federal Recognition and Casino Approval. InCongress recognized the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe through a special act. After gaining federal recognition, the Pequots wanted to operate a casino under IGRA, but the state refused to negotiate a compact.

State of ConnecticutF. While the Pequots were seeking federal recognition, the tribe also filed a lawsuit to recover acres of land in Ledyard. The settlement allows the state to exercise civil and criminal, but not regulatory, jurisdiction over the land.

The Mashantucket Pequots opened Foxwoods in Foxwoods currently features more than 2, hotel rooms and suites and oversquare feet of gaming space with more than 7, slot machines and table games, including a poker room and racebook. Additionally, Foxwoods has a variety of restaurants, bars, and meeting and ball rooms.

Federal Recognition and State Gaming Compact. That same year, the tribe negotiated with Governor Weicker and entered into a gaming compact and MOU governing slot machines see below.

Prior to gaining federal recognition, the Mohegan tribe filed a lawsuit against the state to recover land in Montville. Under the act, the Mohegan ' s received acres of land and the right to operate casino gaming. The act also allows the state to exercise civil and criminal, but not regulatory, jurisdiction over the land.

The Mohegan Sun opened on October 12,with more than 1, hotel rooms and suites and oversquare feet of gaming space with more than 6, slot machines and table games, including a poker room and racebook. It has a variety of restaurants and bars, meeting and ball rooms, and theaters. Memorandum of Understanding MOU. Initially, the Foxwoods Casino had table games but not slot machines. The tribe introduced slot machines inafter negotiating a MOU with the state.

The original MOU was negotiated and designed to suspend the moratorium imposed on slot machines by the federal procedures governing the Foxwoods ' casino gaming.

The Native Americans Cashing In With Casinos (1999)

After the Mohegans won federal recognition and gained approval to operate a casino, the Pequot tribe renegotiated the MOU on April 25, to allow the Mohegans to conduct casino gaming. The MOU also expanded the scope of the original memorandum by conditioning the tribes' contribution to the state on the state not permitting others to operate casino games, instead of just slot machines.

The attorney general, in a May 18, opinion, decided that absent legislation, the governor could enter into a compact without submitting it to the legislature. Before Governor Weicker signed the Mohegan Compact, the legislature passed a law requiring the submission of compacts for legislative approval. He vetoed the legislation and signed the agreement with the Mohegans on the same day.

The legislature overrode the governor's veto and enacted the compact approval law that is currently in place. Current Compact Approval Law. By law, the governor must file a compact or amendment with the Senate and House clerks within 10 days after it is executed. If filed during a regular session, the legislature has until its adjournment to approve or Gambling Indian Casinos In Ct Usa it. If not filed during a regular session, the legislature has until adjournment of 1 the next regular session or 2 a special session convened to take action on the measure.

If the legislature does not act by adjournment, the compact or amendment is rejected and is not implemented. If the governor files a compact or amendment within 30 days of the end of a regular session, the legislature can either 1 convene in a special session and vote within 30 days or 2 vote on it within the first 30 days of its next regular session. The legislature has until the end of either the 30 day-period to vote before the measure is considered rejected. Having two large resort casinos in southeast Connecticut has impacted the state greatly.

It has, among other things, raised revenue for the state and municipalities, created jobs, and stimulated economic development.

However, Casino Chase Ny Rounting has also increased problem gambling, traffic, and possibly crime. For more information on economic and social impacts, see Gambling in Connecticutavailable at: The main economic benefit of tribal gaming for Connecticut is the revenue the two casinos provide to the state under their MOUs.

Table 1 shows these payments. Indian Gaming Payments to the State in millions The state annually distributes a certain amount of the tribes ' gaming contributions to the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan Fund. Money from the fund is allocated to municipalities based on various statutory formulas and grant criteria. The formula is based in part on the 1 municipality ' s property values, per-capita income, and population; 2 amount of state-owned property in a municipality; and 3 amount of other tax-exempt property in the municipality.

Table 2 shows the amount of Indian gaming revenue that has been distributed to the municipalities. Gaming Revenue Distributed to Municipalities. Payment to Municipalities in millions. Economic Development and Jobs. According to the Gambling in Connecticut report, with the addition of the two casinos, millions of dollars have been spent on economic development and thousands of jobs have been created. Before the casinos were built, Southeastern Connecticut was largely rural and had lost approximately 10, jobs in the s.

Since they began operating, the two casinos have reportedly created 20, new service jobs, and between and had a job-growth rate of Final ReportDecemberavailable at: The casinos have also had a positive impact on tourism. Gambling Indian Casinos In Ct Usa who visit the casinos spend money on lodging, recreation, meals, shopping, fuel, and gaming. In addition, the casinos have become a major destination for meetings and conventions, as well as concerts and other entertainment events.

Scientific studies have long shown an association between gambling availability and problem gambling. Since the casinos opened, problem gambling has increased in the state, according to a Spectrum Gaming Group survey.

Additionally, both casinos voluntarily provide funds to the privately-run Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling.

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