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Food court with four fast food outlets. No deposit or credit card needed! I understand end of the day of course house will be a winner but as lease u let we enjoy a bit.


Went here today for one last hurrah for Not one winning trip here forand as a matter of fact. I spend more on gas than the slots pay back. Not one hand pay, not one time I walked out with cash, nada. High limit, low rolling, whatever, you don't win shit. You will hit the occasional 20 or 40 bucks, but when you are already down a few hundred, and in some cases, a few thousand.

I'm done with Hardrock Casino Tampa Hours place. I left today with no desire to keep playing or go back.

Anyone who says otherwise is an employee. No good days here, only bad. Machines suck your money like a high powered super vacuum with less than your bet wins. Very rare bonus rounds on slots, and when you get a bonus, you will win your bet back. You have to lose about 10k to start accumulating free play. Machines don't keep you playing or have any play-ability, so free play is based solely off losses. I speak as a local, and have never won there.

When I lived elsewhere, I would have bad days, and good days, and great days. For example, one time I went into another casino with 20 bucks free play with no cash on me. I went to quick hit fever. Then went to raging rhino and put a 20 in. Won the progressive jackpot for second spin. Then, I would go a month or two without hitting.

This doesn't happen at the Tampa Hard Rock. You just lose, all the time. They don't give you a reason to come back because the place is always packed, so Hardrock Casino Tampa Hours don't care about locals especially. It is a great place to visit, especially for the food and atmosphere, but just know that if you play slots here, you will lose. I've been playing here for over 10 years,but high play in the last yrs I've become "Elite". The slot payouts are horrible.

You can spend over on a machine and be lucky to get one bonus. I regret ever being taken for a fool and losing my life savings. They take advantage of the locals knowing they have a monopoly since there aren't any casinos around for hours.

I could've taken so many trips to Vegas,bought cars,designer bags. They used to give decent comps,room stays but none of it's worth it. Essentially,it's all pre-paid with the money you Casino On Net 888 Free Slots in.

The payouts are making them lose a very high elite player,I know many X cards who will be doing the same thing. It's ridiculous how greedy they've become. They won't care that you have no money to pay your bills,lose your house,your car. I've seen ppl living in their car in the Elite garage. It's sad it took me this long to wake up.

Stay away unless you like donating,and not to a charity. Wow, its just sad that I am broke from this place thinking there would be a payout eventually. Spent after the other day with no wins again. This happens regularly now. I wonder where are the regulations that are suppose to be mandatory on casinos, even if privately owned??

I started going about two years ago and last year one 7 jackpots over but lost 3 times that amount when the year was over. This year not one jackpot over and the place is getting renovation after renovation with my money.

I started loving going to the casino as it was entertainment without going to a bar and being around constant drunks. I love the rooms there as they are super nice. I love the concept of the Hard Rock but as for the gaming, it is a sad, sad state and its not fair what they are doing.

There is no other casino nearby. The giveaways of platters and umbrellas are becoming a joke when you look at side by side what the losses are. I have come to my senses and now this ride is over Seminole Hard Rock have fun making people cry. I posted here before and recently have been traveling to Biloxi and South Florida to play slots on weekends. Pretty sad since I am 10 minutes from the Hard Rock. The payouts on slots are very noticeably different. I actually am up and have been winning for a change.

Worth it to drive 4 or 8 hours. I forgot for so long that bonus' Oxford Maine Casino 2018 Dodge actually pay more than your bet. Even in Vegas and especially along the strip, slots have tightened up, but from my experience and everyone I've heard from, you'll likely lose more money in the Tampa Hardrock Casino in any single visit than you ever would if you were robbed on the street and probably much more!

The bottom line is that there are still enough idiots to keep the Tampa Hardrock packed and if you are among those idiots, the casino will be glad to strip you of your money too because they never Hardrock Casino Tampa Hours out of idiots.

Do yourself a big favor and save the money you might blow in Tampa and just take a trip to Vegas occassionally and enjoy yourself whether you win or lose, because enjoyment is Casino Lounge Backdrop thing you will never find at the Tampa Hardrock unless you enjoy being ripped off!

I've been talking to a few past employees on reddit and they tell me what I already knew, but confirmed it. They purposely cut free play comps for locals and low rollers dramatically. You lose thousands each month and will only get dollars free play for the following Hardrock Casino Tampa Hours.

They fly in super millionaires and billionaires from around the world who will drop millions in a weekend. That is their target market. Hence, why I have had multiple 2k trips without one bonus or win more than I bet. I know, but will not say. Once again 4 days in a row. No matter what bet you played from the lowest to the highest you win absolutely nothing.

Day prior I spent and finally got one bonus. After 25 years going to this place I am finally done. The joy is completely gone. And to know that most of us here nust went through enough stress with hurricane Irma. You could have at least loosened up the machines just enough to make it fun. As I'm sure most would have put it back in anyways just to be away from home for those folks without power.

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Next time I will go to another casino if I have to drive a day to get there. You people are nothing but a bunch of crooks. Went with wife Friday night to kick of Labor Day Weekend. We both were in the car driving home 30 minutes later. It is just like WHY? One bonus on one machine with a 3. They say their payout Hardrock Casino Tampa Hours is comparable to any other casino.

That just makes me mad because no, no it is not. Definitely the tightest slots I have ever played. Do not even consider venturing into their high limit room unless you are packing some serious cash. Stay out of the newer Mezzanine area, the slots are even tighter there.

The Bounceback freeplay wasn't bad. Was on vacation and went 3 days in a row for 2 to 4 hours each time. If you are a slot player, spend your money elsewhere!!!!! I don't have words to describe this shitty place. Not just because we all lose thousands in a matter of minutes. Without even a free drink. Nut also because they are really robbing us.

When you get 10 dollars or 5 dollars. And you play without one bonus. That s a spit on our face.

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Hard Rock Tampa is the Action awaits you 24 hours a day with Casino credit is an amenity for players at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa. Enjoy the red carpet treatment at Seminole hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, Florida. The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa is a gaming complex and Four Diamond hotel that opened in It is located on Tampa Reservation, off Interstate 4.

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Hilton Tampa Downtown Tampa. The hotel has a seasonal outdoor pool, fitness center, business center, and offers a complimentary breakfast. Lowest price Distance See hotels located closest to the center first. In , the Seminoles announced plans to rebuild the casino as a Hard Rock Casino. Special Offer Choice Privileges Points.

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