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I'm taking a break until then. In this demon hell world, all you can really do is take it one day at a time. Oh, you know we love a bit of hip house over here at The Boxxx Report.

This smooth burner reminds me of both Myspace and DJ International Records and if I had a bleak-but-profitable DJ night at a boutique hotel of some sort, I would definitely play it there.

Tenement are a great band, part of a continuum of WI pop punk that I would have to explain to you in person. The story goes that this song was recorded the day Drakeo the Ruler was released from prison less than a week ago. To even include that sensational tidbit on The Boxxx Report seems a bit off, but the fact of the Casino Displays Llc is the song slaps.

Speaking of soul music, this cut is taken from one of the all-time great records: The brainchild of Daniel Miller AKA The Normal, this is classic good time rock and roll done on all synths and drum machines in the post-punk 80s.

A singular perfect record, what can I say? Somehow, the links are still active. The s were a confusing time. I just don't know. More evil boogie from one of the slickest in LA. I quit drinking over two years ago but it is still hard for me to not eat hamburgers. I am a simple person. As a performer, I think it is important to watch a lot of Prince live videos.

A bit of a lowkey classic, or at least that is what I tweeted last week. Gonna take a heavy late pass on this early-2K17 party break, maybe one of the best party breaks I have heard in a long time. I heard Flex chop this one up last Friday and I was transported to a different place. On a related tip, I know I am old and out of touch because I post a fair amount of Dipset-related content on The Boxxx Report, but I gotta say, for what it is, this new one is especially fire.

Well, it looks like these two fucked around and made a trip metal record for the year The first collab was sick but this one raises the bar. Earbud depression energy music no doubt. That last sentence makes me want to stop doing this. Well, I am in England right now, so I might as well lace you with one track that made me want to go deeper into new UK Maximum Stake Casino Elizabeth when I was just a wee lad.

My main guy Colin L. Theusisamonster were a spiritual force never to be forgotten and the man continues to make music that stirs the soul on the neverending path towards who knows what. Just jacking the box in that generic, comforting way.

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The Peep show I saw earlier this year stuck with me so much that I wrote a song about it the next day. There is a lot to think about, most of it sad. On the way back from Philly tonight I got into a talk about screamo with Rocker Brad and of course at some point all attention turned to the mighty Saetia. Dear god this song is a monster anthem that would make even Dave Grohl blush, with vocals that in feel both hilarious and earnestly moving. And now for something positive: One day at a time.

Who is to say. Rap music and rapping is alive and well, people. Just an unbelievable nice loose new NYC pocket and no hook to be found. The band told me they had never heard of them. Just some NYC kids steeped in jazz fusion and death metal playing instrumental rock that has nothing to do with whatever happened way back when. This one does have a hook, and a good one at that, thanks to Jaquae. He is underrated, too.

Coming with a sick punk sample freak spirit, Diagonal is a label a cut above the hardware techno pack.

Timeless Boxxx Report bait. More breakcore on The Boxxx Report. I crave it, I need it: You left it vacant? Genasis song all of those decades ago.

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  • Find a Clams Casino - FACT Mix first pressing or reissue. Complete your Clams Casino collection. Shop Vinyl and opm playlists.
  • If FACT was GQ (we wish), and did a Man of the Year award, Clams Casino would be pretty near the top of ′s contenders. The New Jersey producer was already making a name for himself on the strength of his rap beats for Lil B, Soulja Boy, Main Attrakionz and more, when at the start of this year he released a  Missing: opm ‎playlists.
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I wanna quit everything and jump into a Great Lake. Any Great Lake will do. Radiograffiti is a label that is singlehandedly keeping the dream of hardcore Wisconsin rave freakout electronics alive. I am aware that this producer is from England, but you know what I mean. Radiograffiti put it out. Complicated snares with emotional resonance. Who knows, all I know is that I heard this truly mindblowing tune on the radio during my last tour and then was recently reminded of its existence thanks to a Mabson text.

I could probably listen to these 12 minutes on loop, it is maybe the perfect soundtrack to my sustained mental breakdown. Crunch and squall in all of its dumb majesty. You think I give a shit anymore? Completely pointless and idiotic. Splitting the difference between 90s Miami check the samples Atlanta and modern day California, this party cut delivers the goods.

Off of the upcoming Problem record, which is highly anticipated over here at the pathetic Boxxx Report HQ. Another slamming choon from this NYC raprock unit, slowburn sludge breaking into freakout mosh pit majesty. Off of an upcoming 7 inch. Posting a song from the legendary Kentucky noise trio Hair Police might seem odd in but I mean, why not, this track is a perfect headphone scorcher for all you out there trying to get your mind right. I should note that a member of this band recently worked on album artwork for Kesha.

Saw this band live once and they did the sick octave pedal bass splitter heavy style that the Thunder Zone Band has been fucking with, thanks to an innovation from NYC Rocker Brad.

Yeah, it is a journey, no doubt. Get past the techno warmup and get ready to get lifted. Music Play Real Casino Games Online Free a life sentence.

The entire new T. Barett reissue on Light In The Attic is required listening for these twisted times. We love the sound of a good youth choir over here at The Boxxx Report, and this one is second to none. Heart wrecking in performance and documentation. Here is some sampler punk from a New York City duo currently ripping up basements all over the town.

Soulful vocals and hard drums. New sick styles to keep you alive in the USA. Queen Key burnt the frozen pizza. A rapper talking about burning the frozen pizza on the track. That is what is up. True loose eccentric with a spirit and personality that is frankly inspirational and missing from many similar bands.

Obnox keeps cranking out fried genre-transcending music that all too often flies below the radar in this sad world. I put this on on in my headphones and I close my eyes and I freak out. I really freak out. This is a nice mix of Bay Area rap, past and present, with all styles accounted for. Life is depressing, the world is fucked. Another smash hit from Boxxx Report favorite Finn. Under two minutes of German post-punk, with a nice sax outro and some decent use of what is surely a boutique effects pedal.

Every day I wake up and I try to stay functional. This could very well be the catchiest rap song of the year. Who gives a shit. This is The Boxxx Report. My name is Juiceboxxx. As long as we are making proclamations, I think Terrior Bute were the best teenage synth-punk band to ever come Clams Casino Fact Opm Dj Mix Playlists of the state of Wisconsin.

One of the best in New York City comes through with a heavy casual Soundcloud set sure to put a few more holes in your already fried dome zone. I quit drinking 23 months ago and I tried to change my life but I still feel like shit. Let us rock with the title track off of this really great new Machine Girl album, which perfectly smashes digital hardcore together with footwork, IDM, breakcore and Kim and Kelley still got it.

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  1. Find a Clams Casino - FACT Mix first pressing or reissue. Complete your Clams Casino collection. Shop Vinyl and nguyensan.meg: opm ‎playlists.:
    There were so many new songs that hit the Billboard charts and made it into our workout mixes in So we celebrated with a pop-filled playlist of our favorite . SoundCloud is gaining huge attention in the profile of the passionate DJ cum EDM producer Sl3ndr. His latest track “Beedoop” is now out for party music lovers. To even include that sensational tidbit on The Boxxx Report seems a bit off, but the fact of the matter is the song slaps. That is why it's here . Might as well stay in England for this edition of The Boxxx Report Mix Of The Week with a recent megamix from DJ Haus recorded for the legendary Annie Mac. Just jacking the box. Kelpe. Nissim (with Amir Yaghmai). The Gaslamp Killer. The Facts. Afta Lonely Town feat. Dirg Gerner. Flako, Dirg Gerner. 31 . Locust - Original Mix. Dj Nobody. Dualities. B-JU, Ticklish. Solid Gold (feat. MNDR). Michna. Reformer. Darkstar, Empress Of.
  2. I honestly been rocking with this guy for a minute. My personal journey has included some of his songs to correlate with my life. I might not be the only [ ] Read Article → California, Casey Veggies, Dom Kennedy, Los Angeles., OPM, The Modern Life, TML New Music, TML Tape of The Day, Yellow Album.:
    The good people of Fly Times Daily in Dallas continue to send great material to The Modern Life. This time around we are introduced to the talents of a special DJ, Internet Trap God. I'm a big fan of mixes and when I looked at the title, I knew I was in for something special. This hype filled mix is all that you. This board consists mostly of particular songs or albums from artists I find interesting. | See more ideas about Audio, American art and Beats. Daily Playlists on iDZMZThese are the Music Playlist which is heard everyday on iDZMZ also on Romace FM and Kapinoy FM , OPM Music (Old and Current). Edit. Main Article: iDZMZ OPM Music Playlist. OPM Cover Songs. Edit. Main Article: iDZMZ OPM Cover Music Playlist. See also. Edit.. IBC.
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