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Expo MarchBally's Las Vegas. This year, we pick up where we left off to continue our quest for public information about our suspects. While we will revisit the changes that have taken place at the biggest social networks, we will focus on brand new techniques that anyone can use when searching on the internet.

Online investigators are under digital attack now more than ever. This instruction will include various methods for tightening your digital security and strengthening your online privacy. Protecting yourself online is as vital as finding your bad guys.

This instruction will be independent of the previous trainings and is suitable for ALL skill levels. A great opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet valuable industry leaders and contacts.

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The networking event of the conference open to all attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. Drinks and light refreshments served. Traditionally this 3-hour information sharing general session has been held on the last day. Hosted by Willy Allison who will drill down and examine the big stories and issues of the day, delegates are encouraged to share what they know and what they have experienced to help everyone understand the issues surrounding the story.

The goal of The Campfire is to share lessons learned and brainstorm ideas with a view to combating current and emerging threats and improve operational and industry practices. The Campfire agenda for will be finalized 2 weeks out from the show. Topics confirmed right now include:.

Electronic Table Games are becoming a crowd favorite with players and are taking up an increasing amount of space on casino floors. But are they a slot machine or a table game? More importantly, how do they work and how do you protect them from cheats, thieves and advantage players? In this session Bill examines the popular e-table games on the market and the relatively new concept of stadium gaming. This session will help attendees gain a greater understanding of how GLI forensic testing is used to determine if a particular event on an electronic machine was an abnormal occurrence outside the normal operating and compliance parameters.

This module covers steps to determine if the event warrants a forensic examination and the steps to protect the hardware, software and other pertinent information. Get to know the the Seven Zones of Critical Nonverbal Vigilance CNV ; cues, tells and behaviors rooted in body movement, eye behavior, micro-expressions, voice stress and spatial relationships. In this session Frank will bring attendees up to date with significant game protection events that have taken place in Latin America in the last few years.

This fast-pace session will lay a quick foundation of the current legal landscape in the casino industry. Anthony Nichter will take you through the forces that have created a wide-range of insider and outsider, civil and criminal, risk exposures to people, property, business operations and cash-flow.

As fast as a riptide can take an unsuspecting swimmer out to deep treacherous waters, so too will the swift Casino Videos Wins of the LAW, be it regulatory, contractual, criminal or civil. Put your CNV to work with an application of the Seven Zones in gaming contexts, developing both threat detection tactics in floor security and identifying deception tells to ameliorate loss prevention.

He has been a member of the Gaming Enforcement Division for 11 years.

Over the last 11 years he has conducted several investigations involving casino and financial crimes resulting in numerous arrests. In this session Jeff will bring attendees up to date with significant game protection events that have taken place in Louisiana in the last few years.

Notable scams covered in this talk will include internal fraud, financial crimes and the recent craps collusion and dice sliding scams. This focus has mostly concentrated on the physical and game protection arena. However, as technology in gaming and life has increased the attack footprint has expanded. In this session we will make the audience aware of what some of these attacks are and controls that can be used to protect organizations.

As the majority of the audience will be familiar with physical attacks and controls, these will Casino Game Protection Hospital Administration And Supervision used as examples and parallels drawn to IT and logical attacks. For example, surveillance is present to protect the casino against attempts to cheat on the gaming floor.

What are similar IT focused attacks and what controls can be implemented to Europalace Free Online Casino Games Video against these? Examine faults in your perceptual processes and learn a new model in critical decision making, crucial skills in engaging in escalated situations. With an understanding of personal baselines, train in reducing liabilities through intrinsic de-escalation — understanding physiological effects of fear and anger — before applying extrinsic verbal de-escalation tactics.

From the statisticians forecasting sports scores to the intelligent bots beating human poker players, Adam Kucharski traces the scientific origins of a variety of successful gambling strategies. Spanning maths, psychology, economics and computing, he reveals the long and tangled history between betting and science, and explains how casinos, games and gambling have inspired everything from probability and statistics to game theory and artificial intelligence.

Along the way, he will explore the key ideas helping to blur the line between luck and skill, and the loopholes that have allowed people to put them into practice. Months after the worst mass murder and public shooting in American history, casino security leaders, law enforcement, victims and their families are still searching for answers as to what could have, and should have been done differently, to prevent and manage an unprecedented massacre. This is truly an extraordinary moment in the evolution of gaming and public safety and we have landed the most authoritative authority on the issue to kick off our program.

Much of what will happen in the next thirty years is inevitable, driven by technological trends already in motion. Some of what is coming may seem scary, like cheap artificial intelligence, ubiquitous tracking, or connecting billions of people all the time.

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Other innovations seem more desirable, such as an on-demand economy, and everyday virtual reality. Behind these diverse disruptions are a few long-term forces. In my talk I explain the nature of these technological forces so that we can collectively maximize their benefits. I emphasize that these trends are inevitable, but our specific versions of them are not. We have choices about the character of technology.

I hope to convince you to embrace these inevitable inventions, with eyes wide open, so we can steer them to make us better humans. In this session John Connolly a year veteran of the casino industry will teach you the three ways to catch a cheat and what should be done to deter their future visits. John will talk about why he believes that more and more professional cheats will come out of the darkness and into the light…and why we welcome them with open arms.

Using real world examples and live demos, this talk discusses what are being called the Ten Casino Game Protection Hospital Administration And Supervision of Physical Security, a baseline for companies and security professionals to use when looking at their own physical security. From the obvious to the thought provoking, this talk will change the way you think about physical security.

This presentation will provide an overview and historical examination of active shooters; an examination of lessons learned, behavioral pre-cursors, threat assessments, facility lockdowns, what to do when a lockdown fails and rapid deployment response by law enforcement personnel. This session is designed to assist attendees in how to: From catwalks and monitor zombies to surveillance agents and analysts, casino surveillance has evolved since it was first mandated by the Nevada Gaming Control in the late s.

In this session, Bill will talk about why we should keep some of the good, old school practices and combine them with new school practices to take surveillance into the future to become a major contributor to the success of a casino operation. Bill will share specific surveillance operational best practices that have helped him and his team identify preventable lost revenue in table games and other revenue-generating areas of the casino floor. The casino world has already changed!

Top Bovada Independent Online Casino Reviews session will give you a solid grounding in a rapidly developing area.

Every aspect of a casino operation must involve security, prevention and countermeasures. Countermeasures need to be considered from the ground up to ensure top-notch property design, perimeter setup, physical barriers, technical setup and internal controls to minimize the threat and maximize reaction to armed robbery. Greg will share real-life examples including video footage from several robberies that have occurred at his casinos, including ones thwarted by successful countermeasures.

Greg is passionate about the topic of armed robbery and excited to provide proven best practices developed over 25 years in the casino industry in South Africa. Mike Aponte was the leader of the MIT Blackjack Team, a group of college students that defied the odds and legally won millions at the game of In this session George Joseph will talk about numerous slot promotions that have been exploited in recent years by players and employees.

Traditionally, hotel and casino security has been about preventing criminal activity such as theft, cons and belligerent drunks at the bar. Times have changed and we now find ourselves facing emerging threats in the U. Such attacks are not deterred by a security guard in a blazer with an earpiece. Who can count down a deck of Casino Game Protection Hospital Administration And Supervision the fastest? A competition open to all registered WGPC conference attendees.

Vendors with innovative new products, systems or ideas will give short 10 minute presentations showcasing their solutions to the audience. Casino Strong is a search for better ways to help casinos deter, detect, prevent, mitigate and investigate violent and criminal acts. The goal is to make casinos safer in the new world.

You are using an outdated browser. For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser. Michael Bazzell spent 18 years as a government computer crime investigator. As an active investigator for multiple organizations, he has been involved in numerous high-tech criminal investigations including online child solicitation, child abduction, kidnapping, cold-case homicide, terrorist threats, and high level computer intrusions.

He has trained thousands of individuals in the use of his investigative techniques.

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Michael currently works and resides in Washington, D. He also serves as the technical advisor for the television hacker drama "Mr. Robot" on the USA network. They are used by several government agencies as training manuals for intelligence gathering and securing personal information. Willy started in the casino industry in as a surveillance operator in Australia.

His career progressed into various surveillance management roles in Australia, Asia, South America and the U. The event has expanded to cover all types of casino security threats that have emerged in an ever-changing world and environment. Willy has published online game protection newsletters sincehas game protection training videos available on demand and has written numerous articles for casino industry magazines. Topics confirmed right now include: A Different Mindset Needed Electronic Table Games are becoming a crowd favorite with players and are taking up an increasing amount of space on casino floors.

Bill Zender Hybrid Game Protection Bill Zender is a highly respected casino consultant who specializes in table game protection, management training, table game performance evaluations and court expert witness testimony. Over the past several years Bill has worked for a number of major casino corporations in North America and has published several books on casino gaming.

Gaming Laboratory International Forensic Investigations This session will help attendees gain a greater understanding of how GLI forensic testing is used to determine if a particular event on an electronic machine was an abnormal occurrence outside the normal operating and compliance parameters.

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Toler is a highly trained and successful GLI University instructor with years of experience. In his current role, he is responsible for proctoring gaming technology training, managing forensic investigations, drafting technical regulations, regulatory consulting and serving as liaison between regulatory bodies and the various GLI Engineering groups. Over his gaming career he has facilitated the certification of slot machines, electronic table games, accounting and ticketing systems, cashless systems, products that interface with banking systems, wireless devices, and kiosks for a multitude of gaming jurisdictions.

His previous research and experience in interrogation lead to his development of qualifying nonverbal tells in threat detection and deception in high risk contexts, and critical communication approaches in de-escalation.

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