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Posted By pferguson on November 11, Flanders poppies along the roadside near Ouderdom, Belgium.

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Ferguson image September On the advance to Reningelst I see them. A small stand, crimson with black centers grow near to another botanical family — corn stalks. I cannot help but dismount, climb the slight rise to enjoy their life, their gentle sway as the shutter clicks.

All the while…here in Flanders Fields, this land of crimson…we will remember them. Posted By pferguson on November 10, With folded arms, I bow my head.

Eyes open, eyes shut thinking back upon times when these friends behind spoke of memories of home. Together we laughed and sang, marched, ran and crawled. From one corner of a field to the next, and now many remain at the foot of a cross and I cannot help but wonder how some were spared. Today I stand vigilant…here for all to see…with folded arms I bow my head and see all their faces again.

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Posted By pferguson on November 9, Headstone inscription, Minty Farm Cemetery. He was a soldier, unknown to me, but through my wanderings across Flanders I stumble upon his place.

He is there with his fellow soldiers… who knew not what the day would bring. But this day, this time, this place, I stop a while and think upon his life and wonder who he was to others…. We will remember them.

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Gibbs, Royal Army Medical Corps. Minty Farm Cemetery Belgium. Posted By pferguson on November 4, Many of us enjoy watching movies time and time again. Each year I promise myself to find a few others and as I sit with pencil and paper in hand, neatly levered into my chair — my place, I jot down a few titles or more.

The latest list includes one film I had not thought on for many years until Cold Mountain comes to mind and especially for what I recall as the end theme. To my great pleasure I have forgotten much…. My gosh where has my time gone? In Cold Mountain we have to wait to the ending for Alison Krausse and The Scarlet Tide to take up the story, and in her sweet voice paraphrase and melodically rekindle our minute journey.

This film is an allegory, a reminder of hurt in war where pain is masterly crafted in simple words but my how I wish I could write them. What we have lost will never be returned to us….

The land will not heal……too much blood…. All we can do is make peace with the past…and try to learn from it…. There are days now when I manage not to think of you…. When the needs of the farm call with more urgency than my heart…. I find you in all of it….

If you could see us now this Easter day, at Black Cove, you would know every step of your journey was worth it. As you watch this clip I cannot help but think of families after the Great War or any war at special events or for that matter any day at any table. Know that every person gathered at this table has somehow suffered a loss related to war. Posted By pferguson on October 10, Canadian War Museum Collection. One of two known preserved wood battlefield markers of the 16th Battalion C.

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Standing on the silent field of battle looking towards Adanac Military Cemetery, France. Somme Casualties — 16th Battalion C. Appendix III, page

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Maryland Live. Close; Choctaw Casino Resort. Close; Episode POKER FANS CAN NOW WIN A FREE SEAT TO PLAY WITH . Casino & Hotel Announces Executive Appointments and Promotions. Casino & Hotel Announces Executive Appointments and came to Live! Casino from Choctaw. Jul 27,  · Maryland Live! Casino filed the lawsuit last week alleging that its former employees Poker On TV; CARD Maryland Live! Sues MGM Over High Roller List.