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According to its website, the MGA aims to prevent the abuse of Capping Casino Essentials Conference 2018 and the proliferation of compulsive gambling. It also supports agencies and organisations which engage in research and programmes for prevention and education. Where and whenever possible, the MGA increases awareness on pathological gambling to the general public and it has vowed to ensure adequate protection for minors and vulnerable persons.

Furthermore, the MGA aims at making sure that gambling is conducted in accordance with Maltese regulations, in order to prevent crime and prevent players from being exploited. It applies to games of chance, games of mixed chance and games of skill, amusement gaming, commercial communication Capping Casino Essentials Conference 2018, broadcasting media games, betting, sweepstakes and bingo.

Furthermore, this first tier establishes the regulatory authority. The second tier involves various regulations in more detail and is published by legal notice following assent by the Minister responsible for the MGA.

It outlines the detailed requirements for the granting of licences, including the procedures and requirements of technical systems involved. The third tier is made up of various directives and guidelines. MGA are intended to serve as a means of assisting licensees in complying with their obligations.

These instruments contain various measures which are intended to permit a degree of flexibility to be able to adjust to the ongoing evolution of the gaming sector in a timely manner. The third tier includes some noteworthy directives such as:. This helps the gambler to recover from his addiction and recoup his losses. If a player chooses to self-bar himself from any land-based premises, being either Casino, Commercial Bingo Hall or Gaming Parlours, then the player is self-barred from all of them for the stipulated period.

In order to protect minors, Part III of the LOGA states that any person selling any game to person s under the age of 18 shall be guilty of an offence. In the case of the current National Lottery licence, persons under the age of 18 cannot be sold National Lottery Games. Also, according to article 26 of the Gaming Act,any Maltese citizen under the age of 25 is prohibited to enter a casino.

Non-citizens will not be allowed access under the age of Payout Casino Zollverein France Any person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or is acting in a disorderly manner will not be allowed to enter a casino, bingo hall and will be restrained from buying any lottery tickets. Any person who is subject to any means of gaming should be in a good state of mind and mental condition.

The MGA gives maximum attention to all advertising of any means of gaming and lotteries. Licensees have to abide by the provisions of the Code of Conduct on Advertising, Promotions and Inducements.

Any form of loan or credit to patrons is prohibited in Malta. The MGA feels that in view of the element of skill and knowledge involved in fantasy sports, these activities should be differentiated from games of chance in terms of licensing and regulation since the risks associated with these games do not warrant such stringent ex-ante requirements.

The proposal for the new licence has been sent to the EU Commission for approval, and the MGA should be in a position to issue new licences in early We would like to refer you to the article on fantasy games exemption by Bas Jongmans, published in World Online Gambling ReportJack Of Hearts Casino Yahtzee Instructions Bonusavailable for download on www.

To qualify for a licence, an applicant must be a limited liability company registered in Malta. The granting of a licence is revocable; it furthermore cannot be transferred without the written prior Capping Casino Essentials Conference 2018 of the MGA. Under the responsibility of the MGA, a four-stage application process is conducted, beginning with a due diligence of the applicant, finding its completion into certification of the live system. Subsequently, a licence shall be issued by the MGA for a renewable period of five years.

Due diligence documentation includes information on qualifying shareholders and key management personnel, as well as a detailed business plan of the prospective remote gaming operations. The applicant must demonstrate an ability to carry out the proposed gaming operation and, furthermore, needs to demonstrate that the operation is covered by sufficient reserves to guarantee player winnings and deposit returns.

The applicant must also submit specifications of the control system and gaming system for MGA approval. Applications for a licence must be made on forms provided by the MGA and include information concerning:. The RGR facilitates the right of the applicant to not disclose requested information. However, this will most certainly lead to denial of a licence.

According to article 8, RGR, a licence shall not be renewed unless the MGA is reasonably satisfied that all persons involved in the applicant company are fit and proper persons. In determining whether the applicant continues to be fit and proper, the MGA shall have regard to the following matters:. It should be noted that the MGA may order the suspension or cancellation of a licence in a broad variety of scenarios, including the scenario where the MGA is reasonably satisfied that the licensee presents a danger to the reputation of gaming in Malta.

Essential in the licence application process is the obligation to appoint a key official Part IV, RGR who is required to be a Maltese resident. The key official is required to personally supervise the operations of the licensee and shall furthermore ensure that the licence holder shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Are personal and premises licences needed?

Do key suppliers need authorisation?

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The GAR specifies the persons who are required to hold a licence in order to participate in the activity of land-based gaming. Article 14, GAR constitutes the obligation of a land-based casino operator to hold a licence.

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The GDR specifies the persons who are required to hold a licence in order to participate in the activity of operating gaming devices. Article 3, GDR specifies that a licence is required for persons who:. A Class 3 or 4 licensee may only operate a gaming device on a MGA-approved location. The GDR provides certain conditions for the eligibility of such premises. The RGR Fruit Machine Casino Drive Furiani Furniture the persons who are required to hold a licence in order to participate in the activity of remote gaming.

The remote gaming regime applied by the MGA is both technology — and game — neutral, therefore encompassing any type of gaming offered by means of distance communication including, but not limited to, internet, digital television, mobile phone technology and telephony.

Any game offered by means of distance communication, which can be securely managed and is compliant with the regulations, will be reviewed and considered for licensing by the MGA http: With regard to commercial bingo halls, the main licence is that of the operator, issued by the MGA.

However, further MGA approval is required, for instance, in relation to any potential employees to be engaged by the licensee and for certain machines found in the bingo hall. Licences may come with additional rules and limitations attached, which may be amended, supplemented, or revoked by the proper authorities at any time. Depending on the circumstances, additional rules and regulations may be added to the already existing duties of the licence holder regarding methods of player recruitment and solicitation.

Furthermore, the licence holder is, by law, at all times required to be fully aware of the signals of gambling addiction, and he or she is required to execute policies aimed at the prevention of risks that are associated with gambling addiction. As already mentioned, the granting of a licence is a revocable privilege. Furthermore, licences may not be assigned or transferred without prior written consent of the MGA on the penalty of the licence to be considered null and void.

The MGA does not mandate any restrictions for betting services or the acceptance of wagers from any particular jurisdictions. However, a land-based casino licence holder is not allowed to engage in remote operations without a separate remote licence.

With regard to the application of a remote gambling licence, the MGA assesses whether an applicant:. The MGA conducts a fit and proper exercise on the applicant by assessing all information related to persons involved in finance and management and on the Capping Casino Essentials Conference 2018 viability of the operation.

As part of this process, the MGA conducts probity investigations with other national and international regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies. The applicant is examined on the instruments required to conduct the business. This process includes examining incorporation documents, the games, the business processes related to conducting the remote games, the rules, terms, conditions and procedures of the games, the application architecture and system architecture of the gaming and control systems.

Furthermore, a remote gaming licensee is subject to minimum issued and paid-up share capital requirements. Class 1 and Class 2 licence holders are required to retain a minimum share capital of EUR , while Class 3 and Class 4 licensees are required to retain a minimum share capital of EUR 40, Companies with multiple licences are required to meet the above share capital requirements cumulatively up to a minimum capping of EURThe above three components constitute the desk-based audit of the application requirements and are completed within 12 to 16 weeks, assuming all information is complete and correct.

Inconsistent and low-quality applications are dropped and the respective applicant will have to re-apply. Once all three previous stages are successfully completed, the MGA will inform the applicant that the application was successful and will invite the applicant to implement the operation within a technical environment in preparation to go live. The applicant will be allowed 60 days to complete this technical roll-out, after which the application will be considered as suspended and subject to re-application.

At any stage within those 60 days, the applicant may request an external systems audit performed by an independent third party contracted by the MGA against a fixed market price. The systems audit will audit the live environment against the proposed application. At this stage the MGA expects minimal deviation from the application. If there are significant changes to the gaming system, the applicant will Capping Casino Essentials Conference 2018 to re-apply by filing a new application.

On successful completion of the certification process, the MGA issues a five-year licence. The MGA mandates that after going live a licensee shall undergo a number of compliance Aus Casino Xanthippe Kimmy of its operation, performed by an independent third party contracted by the MGA against a fixed market price.

The application process for a land-based casino licence seems a little less transparent than when applying for a remote licence. A competitive bidding process will follow once potential candidates have registered their interest. A concession shall be granted for the consideration, for such period and upon such terms as the Maltese Government thinks fit.

Both Class 1 and Class 2 gaming devices licences shall be subject to the payment of a one-time non-refundable application fee of EUR 2, A person wishing to obtain a commercial bingo hall licence may apply in writing to the MGA for the Class 1 licence, catering for a bingo hall with a seating capacity of not less than for a period of one year, or a seasonal Class 2 licence, catering for Capping Casino Essentials Conference 2018 bingo hall with a seating capacity of not less than for a period of six months.

The granting of such licences shall be subject to a one-time application fee. As already mentioned above, the granting of a gambling licence is a revocable privilege. The MGA may thus cancel or suspend a certain licence in accordance with the applicable regulations. As already mentioned, the MGA has been entrusted with a broad mandate to revoke gaming licences if and when it sees fit. A grace period of 21 days applies after the issuance of a written notice of the intention to revoke a licence.

Within this period, a licensee shall be allowed to explain why the licence should not be cancelled or suspended. Regarding time limits, these vary per specific licence. While the remote gaming licence is issued for a period of five years, renewable for a further five-year period, a casino licence remains in force for up to 10 years.

Subject to the GA, the licence, unless it is sooner surrendered or cancelled, may be renewed by the MGA. A gaming devices licence and an amusement machines licence, of any class, shall be for a term not exceeding one year, renewable for further periods of one year each.

Please include in this answer the material promotion and advertising restrictions.

As a rule, with the exception of the National Lottery and the issuance of land-based casino licences, the MGA does not set limits to the number of licences granted at a time. Marketing and advertising restrictions may also limit the means by which one may provide services to customers. Casinos, for instance, may only advertise in certain locations frequented by tourists, including airports. Newspapers may not feature items that could promote gambling inside a casino.

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