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Chase U Card sardisUnited States. The state of tn uses this for unemployment. I can see why they are not at all concerned with customer service or support. I have had nothing but problems with the website and getting my unemployment. All forms of contact are automated and prevent you from getting any real service on an issue.

Half the time i cant sign in and the other times i call to check on my account i get charged. I hate being unemployed, but the only good thing is realizing i would never do any business with this company. I am only now by means of unemployment.

I hope anyone who thinks of doing business with this company or its affiliates reads all the complaints and does business somewhere else.

I sure my complaint or issue means nothing and probably wont be answered but it is hopefully advice for someone who may protect themselves. I couldn't access my account after activating it. And I couldn't find any phone number linked to a human being to help either. I used the remaining balance to put gas in my car. I can't even get an accurate balance of my account. I work for a major school district that employees over 23, employees.

I'm ready to let the superintendent know about the problems with Chase. Also of note is the fact that there is Stake Casino Lobbyist Korean contact Casino Chase Ucard Center anywhere on the u.

If you call the regular Chase Bank they cannot help you. My money is being held hostage and therethe is nothing I can do about it. They should get out of the online banking business. Why do we get screwed. Then I go to transfer my balance online from my chase ucard to my chase account and I was able to put in the acct. I was never able to put in where it was going. I called and talked with a human being that says if I didn't complete the form the money will come back to me in a few days.

I completed the form I saw, the form was incomplete. Now I'm broke and can't pay my car payment. I lost a good job due to a medical leave spinal surgery. The people running this whole system are s. I'd like one of their jobs please. Their website is always down. You can call to get your balance, but they charge you after a few times!

My biggest problem is not being able to reach a live person! This means I paid for something I didn't even get! Right now I tried ordering some much needed shoes. They double charged me despite saying the billing address was wrong.

Me and the ex were fine with check payments. This card method should not Casino Chase Ucard Center required by law! I especially agree with the inaccurate account balances. I tried something different today in order to speak with a live person. Here's what I did. Call the number on the back of your card. Press the number 1 to report a lost or stolen card.

Allow the automated system to continue to prompt you which will be about 3 more times. Eventually you will be transferred to a customer service representative. They will be able to help you with any questions not just lost or stolen cards. I Registered my Snap card and could never re log back in no matter what the site said, andmatter what I try to do.

I was actually able to use their website until about a week ago. For some reason, it decided that the answer to one of my security questions was incorrect, and now it says that my user ID is invalid. It won't let me change my password, or register a new user ID, or access my account. There's no way to reach anyone to fix the issue. My security questions, and their answers have not changed, so the problem clearly resides with the inferior quality of their website, and their absolute lack of customer service.

The given phone number brings you to an automated system with no humans and no useful information. If Chase conducts the rest of their banking business in the same manner Prizes Casino Wharf Fx Cape Ucard, I'll never willing use them for anything.

Most of our welfare money goes to illegal immigrants so they obviously do not care what happens. They also screwed me many times. They allowed a 3rd party to cancel my card and change my address and then charged me for the replacement!

JPMorgan Chase- Chase Manhattan Bank(s) same thing EBT Cards! WTF?

The phone for customer service only puts you in a queue that doesn't give an option to talk to a person or address website issues. I originally registered for an on-line account and set up a password.

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After accepting the initial login credentials, it won't accept them on subsequent attempts. Every time I try to login on line I have to request a new password.

I finally got someone on the phone and all she could tell me is that her systems doesn't show any failed login attempts for my account. She said everything looks fine on her end so I must be making a mistake when I'm logging in. I reiterated that I've had to change my credentials every time I log in and she still blamed it on me. I'm am so frustrated with this pathetic company.

Who is in charge? What are they doing about it? Is this the best they can pay for??? There are many persons in this country who could fix the website in a blink and have it running properly, spend the money and hire an IT professional!

Every time I log into my account to check my balance I have to go out to get a special code from my email and put that code in UCARD's website just so I can see my balance, every single time!

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There is a problem on their end and they refuse to take responsibility for their actions, it's ever so much easier to insult and blame the customer. Recently Discussed Complaints Sams Club free food sampler server bad customer service 1 0 mins ago. Bill Cox Furniture Failed to deliver product after receiving payment 2 1 mins ago. Max Novelty paint by number unethical behaviour 20 36 mins ago. Pizza Hut The manger 1 52 mins ago. Subjects of Wide Speculation 1. My Hub Travel 18 travel agency not provide service as per package and receive more money at last time.

Dollar Tree 15 return policy. Safeway 14 manager of safeway locate on west capital ave sacramento. The Salvation Army Womens Shelter 14 homeless services - for women and children! Olive Garden 11 bad service, bad food, bad experience. Dollar Tree Store 11 "anna yvette, or evette", and cashier name is "rachel" both were rude.

Dunia 10 unjust loan interests. Latest Questions address info. Tax on individual liquor drink. Why complaint cannot removed against our company which has been solved before 1 year. Today's Mess-Up Photo What is this?

Jan 3, by. Was the above complaint useful? Chase - denied fraud claim [45]. Chase Home Finance - chase now causing and encouraging foreclosure! Chase Auto Finance - vehicle repossession after payment arrangement was made [22]. Chase Bank - fraudulent charges on a lost debit card [2]. The Chase ucard is a joke. I'm having the same problem, every time I log in it tells me that my card not valid and I use it every month and it also tell me to contact a phone number and when I call it all I get is automatic assistant that don't even have an option for the problem that I am having I got a new phone and when I got it activated got a number and with Casino Chase Ucard Center number i get monthly text messages telling me that i have received money on my chase card, I do not have a chase card, it says to text stop to stop getting these text messages i have every month done this but i still get these stupid text messages and i have had this phone number for 11 months now, i have tried to call you cant get a human, so i am wondering how much longer i am i going to get these texts for ever or what Why is there a charge to use a chase card at a chase bank.

This card is a scam and joke! I do agree with alot of the previous comments. Chase U Card is a joke for me as well.

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Chase online; credit cards, mortgages, commercial banking, auto loans, investing & retirement planning, checking and business banking. Mar 30,  · ITW Balance 4 UCARD Free. ITWeRKS Create an ID if you do not have one by clicking REGISTER FOR UCARD CENTER. The UCard® is issued by Chase Bank/5().

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JPMorgan Chase- Chase Manhattan Bank(s) same thing EBT Cards! WTF?