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The quickest and surest way to gain an advantage over my competition is to hire away their top performers. Their loss is my gain. Employee engagement and sustained, high levels Jack Of Hearts Casino Hiringsmart productivity don't just happen. Good leaders set the stage for performance to emerge, by establishing the right relationships and setting the right co So the most important qualities I'm looking for in my employees are things like reliability, trustworthiness and a good work ethic This was our recruitment strategy at the time.

It took us at least 6 to 8 weeks to fill a gap in the organization and for a company with only 85 employees that was a real problem With HiringSmart we profiled our top performers and matched recruits to that profile, helping us focus our recruitment energy and strategy on those who can do the best job.

There really need to be a method to the madness, you can't just wing it, you can't just go on gut feeling and instinct. HiringSmart taught us that there's a very well- defined process that you need to go through in order to significantly mitigate the risk of making a poor hiring decision. HiringSmart has enabled us to find people and hire people that are really a good fit with the organization.

We actually got to look into people's behaviors and skills and lots about their characteristics that really didn't jump out at us when we were simple looking at resumes. Before, there was a lack of consistency and a lack of process in hiring. Through the HiringSmart process we see an improved confidence around hiring.

The data shows we are making better hiring decisions. That is the bottom line. I've been with the company a short time but I definitely feel that I'm a fit for what they were looking for. It's a good program both for an employee or the person who's looking to hire. Hiring the right people and keeping them motivated and engaged is absolutely essential.

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  • HiringSmart gives companies a competitive edge by helping them attract and engage the RIGHT nguyensan.meg: jack ‎hearts ‎casino.

The HiringSmart system adds significant and valuable information in helping you make better decisions. The HiringSmart system is efficient at weeding out the candidates and providing a good pool of those we should be focusing on. We get outstanding people- that's the end result.

From our perspective HiringSmart is the best thing we ever did-we have been successful at finding good people. Having people seeking you out is one of the things that has been the most pleasant surprise. It allows us to have access to candidates that we would not have had. By using this tool we found a strong match for a new position within an existing employee.

It helps making sure you have not put a square peg in a round hole. A leading bakery in the North East changed their hiring process and found themselves increasing employee engagement, improving productivity and reducing turnover. What makes us different? Join us for coffee live presentation. Hiring Myth 8 Myth 8: Self-Awareness is a Prerequisite of Solid Leadership Employee engagement and sustained, high levels of productivity don't just happen.

Bagel Company Making Dough A leading bakery in the North East changed their hiring process and found themselves increasing employee engagement, improving productivity and reducing turnover.

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A look back at the blog that was. Two expert selections from John Camacho Vidal. A delicious, fresh everyday Giacosa bottle! Two expert selections from Michael Adler. I love the wines of Umbria and, wanting to learn more about Sagrantino and the wonderful wines it produces, I took advantage that this tasting was being held during my time visiting to attend.

I was also excited of the possibility of seeing the Paolo Bea Estate. Like many people I was introduced to the region and to Sagrantino through his wondrous biodynamic wines.

My friend Barbara, who runs a tour company based in Perugia, was able to call ahead of time for me and arrange a visit. We were met by Sergio, who has been working at the winery for over a decade.

He was very apologetic because it turned out that on that day the bottling machine, which goes from producer to producer, happened to be available and they were in the process of bottling and corking wine. We were also able to witness the entire family busy reaching for bottles of wine from the assembly belt and quickly but diligently place them in crates where they will rest for another two years or so. When we walked down to the final level, Giampiero greeted us with his son and walked us through the rest of the cellar and the process.

After our tour of the cellar and watching the bottling process in action, we followed Sergio to a tasting room a few yards from the winery. There we sat down and I was able to taste through all of the Paolo Bea wines. All of them were spectacular.

Giampiero stopped in again and we chatted about the wine and his philosophy; after about 10 — 15 minutes Paolo Bea himself walked in. I stood up to shake his hand and everything I wanted to say to the man just went blank. I mumbled a few words and he gave me a hard handshake and a hug.

I presented him with some coffee that I brought from Colombia just for this occasion. We tasted the rest of his wines together.

When I returned to New York, I nestled these bottles in the back of our wine fridge, where they will stay until I celebrate a very special occasion. I always say that there is no better way to taste a wine than to taste it with the person behind the wine. After our tour and tasting it took me a few hours to come down from the excitement.

Labels can be very confusing and in some cases almost Da Vinci code-like, but they do contain information that helps make that buying decision.

Some wineries give labels a lot of importance, while others do not. Some producers change their labels every vintage, while others have had the same label since they began bottling their precious juice.

For example, Montevertine Le Pergole Torte is one of my favorite wines and labels. I look at a label for a wide variety of criteria: Modern, traditional, grape varietal, country or producer. Some labels even provide tasting notes and vinification methods.

This is usually displayed in the largest type-size and the most noticeable font. I still get a kick out of some of the fantasy names that come up. The producer of the wine: However, you can always read our blog , our website and our eLetter offers for some guidance. De gustibus non est disputandum, the Romans said, and they were right. Italy we has 21 wine regions, and each of these has many sub-regions.

For example, Piemonte is the larger region, and Barolo and Barbaresco are sub-regions. Courtesy of Wine Words Wisdom. Last I read Italy has approximately 2, indigenous grape varietals. Some of the most recognizable red grapes are Sangiovese, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo, just to name a few.

My favorite is Sangiovese Grosso, which is the sole grape used in Brunello. The year of the wine is always important of cores. Having a thumbnail concept of what years are banner, bust or sleeper can really aid you in deciding on a wine.


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