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Anybody who tries to redeem the old chips is going to undergo very close scrutiny. But that isn't too many chips.

Why steal chips from a casino? Expert explains gambling currency

Besides the ones that were stolen, the Bellagio has, "at the absolutely most, probably a single-digit handful" of the legitimate chips circulating," Feldman said. The unidentified thief, wearing a jumpsuit and a motorcycle, helmet took off on Dec. While most of them were of the higher denomination, Feldman would not provide a specific breakdown of the chips. Whatever the number, fewer than 60 of them were of the top denomination. A casino typically knows who has any of its high-value chips at any given moment.

Usually, it is a group of high-rolling gamblers who are treated like royalty by the casino. Anybody who isn't a high roller who tries to cash in such a chip, Feldman said, would "raise every red flag we've got. Most gamblers -- Chips Casino Robbery Today high rollers or casual once-a-year players -- tend to cash out any winnings at the end of their day at a casino.

The changing out of a chip series is not unusual, but is not as frequent for the higher-value chips. Lower denominations get worn down and need to be swapped out and replaced.

Casinos will also change the chips to prevent counterfeiting. For the very high-end denominations, casinos keep a spare set locked away, ready to go at any moment.

This was one of those rare cases. Casinos have thousands of security cameras, keep money and tables far away from the entrances and have their own small army of security guards. All of that is designed to deter crooks. When they do occur, the crooks tend to go for cash from the casino cage rather than plastic chips from tables.

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Watch video · Casino Robbery Ends With shots and set fires at a casino resort complex in the Philippines. and acted alone — stuffed casino chips into a bag and. Jun 02,  · Watch video · 36 die of suffocation in botched Philippines casino robbery. in a hotel room after fleeing with more than $2 million in stolen casino chips. Jul 22,  · Subscribe to USA TODAY. indicating the robbery occurred within the casino, crammed a pile of casino chips into a fanny pack.