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Though this sometimes gets me odd looks from other energy efficiency engineers, it also means that I look at industrial processes a little differently than some energy auditors. Let me explain what I mean about a different approach.

One of the first design problems I was given in college went like this: Guests in a historic downtown hotel complain that the elevators take too long to come when called.

There are simply a lot of people and a lot of floors, and only one elevator to serve them. The hotel cannot add another elevator due to historic preservation concerns. What should the hotel do? As you would expect of new engineering students, we came up with many enthusiastic and complicated answers. There were new algorithms for Multiway Casino Yahtzee Rules elevator response, new ways of distributing guests among the floors, new high-speed elevators, ways of adding elevators to the outside of the building.

Everything, it turned out, except the elegant, effective, and very cheap real-life solution: The people stopped complaining and the hotel was happy. You may be asking yourself what this has to do with with energy efficiency, but fear not, here comes the point. In an industrial facility, there are some problems that are easy to define because energy auditors see them a lot:.

I visited a plastics blow molding facility with grinders that operated continuously in order to chew up plastic trimmings that were produced only every few minutes.

While it was tempting to recommend replacing the grinder motor with a high-efficiency model, the real solution was to consolidate the grinding. The trimmings could be collected in carts during the day and fed to the grinder in large Circulo De Casino Corazon Trebol Clan Agarrala for a few hours overnight.

Reducing motor run hours was an effective solution. An Multiway Casino Yahtzee Rules better solution may have been to see if the amount of waste plastic trimmings could be reduced. In situations like these, I always try to look at more than the nameplate of a motor. What is the motor actually doing?

Does it need to run as often as it does? Does its load have to be as big as it is? I recently looked at the energy efficiency of a different plastics injection molding facility. In order to cool the molds, the facility circulated large volumes of water to and from a cooling tower. The facility was thinking of installing VSDs on the process water pumps so that the flow could be reduced to only the amount needed.

When I went to read the pump motor nameplates, I found that the facility was simultaneously running two pumps a primary and a backup in parallel into a small water header clearly not designed for that purpose.

Yes, a VSD could produce energy savings on a cooling water loop, but only after the water header and pumps had been rearranged so that they saw the correct pressure profile. The number one, grade A whopper of a Problem I usually see with compressed air systems is not the compressed air system itself, but what it gets used for. Brooms are boring, but they are very energy efficient. A good industrial energy audit should carefully consider the entire system, not just one piece of equipment:.

Every industrial facility is different, and people trying to save energy—whether facility staff or outside engineers—take many different approaches to energy efficiency. What ways have you found to think outside the box and solve the real Problems with your processes? She frequently works with industrial energy efficiency projects, as well as boiler replacement and cogeneration feasibility studies.

Clair is part of Antares' New York office.

In an industrial facility, there are some problems that are easy to define because energy auditors see them a lot: Motors that should be replaced with higher-efficiency models.

Look for motors that have high run hours but low efficiencies or low loading. Motors are relatively cheap compared to their annual energy costs, so replacing them with higher-efficiency models is likely to pay back quickly.

VSDs are a little more complicated to install and analyze than a new motor, but they follow nice, predictable laws. Multiway Casino Yahtzee Rules could upgrade the compressor, seal leaks, lower operating pressure, add receiver capacity… So many nice, predictable solutions!

Resplitting Aces is allowed and the player can hit or double down after splitting them. In addition, the player can double on any number of cards and surrender after doubling. Some of the rules that favor the player are: The rules explained above are rules common Reel Power Casino Drive Propriano Corse every Spanish 21 game.

However, there are some variables that should be mentioned. For example, the dealer in some variations is allowed to hit on soft 17, while in others he stands on soft At certain casinos redoubling is allowed up to three hands and somewhere a split Ace and a face card are counted as a blackjack.

In any case, what make Spanish 21 so unique and thrilling are the many bonuses. This blackjack variation awards five-card 21 with a 3: If the player gets a combination of unsuited ora 3: If the same combination is suited the payout is 2: Certain rule variations affect the house edge of the game.

If the game is played with eight decks and the dealer stands on soft 17 the house has an edge of 0. Reducing the number of decks to six will immediately lower the house edge to 0.

Hitting on soft 17 increases the house edge to 0. Usually, this variation allows the player to surrender. However, if this rule is changed, the house edge grows for 0. In Spanish 21 usually a side bet known as Match the Dealer is offered. Depending on the number of decks, the payout varies and can be 4: Furthermore, a perfect match or rank pays 9: Additionally, if the player has 9 of spades and 9 of diamonds, he will get two bonuses. Need know about the Maximum Casino In Spanish Rules Stake Yahtzee Though this sometimes gets me odd looks from other energy efficiency engineers, it also means that I look at industrial processes a little differently than some energy auditors.

Play for a chance to Win one of these Jackpots! I've got Casino Yahtzee, and it's in playable condition, but it's missing Multiway Casino Yahtzee Rules rules. Can anyone give me a quick rundown of how the game is played? My wife and I used to enjoy it, but it's been years since we played, and neither of pokiesonlines.

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Casino Yahtzee Casino Yahtzee combines the suspense of a gambling game with the strategy of Yahtzee. Try to win the rows with the highest points by choosing the colored dice that can make it pokiesonlines. These bonuses and the 48 card decks make this a unique and popular blackjack variation. Mega bonus slots k expansion slots yahtzee gambling game does gambling affect gdp las vegas blackjack games aristocrat slots online casino seniors casinos aaa slots casino blackjack free demo jouer roulette casino x memory slots max inventory slots borderlands how much do penny slots payout red:.

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Jan 05,  · Multiway Casino Yahtzee Rules Hasbro Justin Your hand competes only against the hand of the dealer. The rules of play for the long history here at. Multiway Slot Machines Tips At Casino. This is a volatile slot machine that can Gratis Casino Yahtzee Rules Pdf; Jackpot Casino Zombies In Spaceland Dischord;. YAHTZEE; Zeus; Zeus ; Zeus God of Day of the Dead™ offers ways to win for only MultiWay Xtra™ awards pay for matching symbols in any position in.

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