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  • Some distilleries have tequilas that taste similar and some are very different. For example, Meloza and Tres Mujeres come out of the same distillery and taste nothing alike so I'm not sure what to expect with Casino Azul other than that the bottle is real purty. Price: $/bottle. Aroma: A green agave with.
  • Tequila Casino Azul Anejo is % Blue Agave and is available for tequila reviews and ratings at View all types of tequila brands and agave products. as it gets. Paid $ (not a bad price considering the goods). This will always be on my list of great tequilas at a good price overall rating

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Piedra Azul Tequila - Blanco & Reposado

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Azul How Is Much Tequila Rating Casino

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  1. Tequila Casino Azul Silver is % Blue Agave. This product is a very pleasant Tequila manufactured in the Artisanal tradition of the smaller tequila companies. Tequila reviews and ratings at
    Stores and prices for 'Casino Azul Tequila Reposado, Mexico'. Find who stocks this wine, and at what price. Ownership: USA Wine & Spirits. Price Range of ml bottle, ex-tax in USD Average: $42 From: $34 To: $ Links to other wine notes. View. Also From This Producer. Casino Azul Limited Edition Tequila · Casino Azul Silver Tequila · Casino Azul Ultra Premium Tequila Extra Anejo · Casino Azul Tequila Anejo · Casino Azul. Stores and prices for 'Casino Azul Tequila Anejo, Mexico'. Find who stocks this wine, and at what price.
  2. While I mostly have fun drinking the tequila, sometimes I just have to marvel at the artwork that is done with some of these bottles. That's pretty much what you do when you see the Casino Azul bottles. A glass bird inside of a beautiful globe and stem bottle. But with 40+ brands made at NOM they have.:
    I was sort of chided for doing too many scotches over the holidays (they were gifts, and yes some were from me to me), so with St Patrick's Day having passed it was time for some tequila reviews. The last Anejo we've had on this site was from Riazul, although technically we had an Anejo rum since then. Related Products. Casino Azul Extra Anejo 4 year $ $ Casino Azul, Tequila Reposado $ $ Casino Azul Tequila Blanco $ $ Casino Azul Anejo (ML) $ Casino Azul Silver (ML) $
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