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Give credit where it's due to the Las Vegas Review-Journal for today's interesting revelation that Columbia Sussex had been running the Las Vegas Tropicana with rival GMs overseeing the casino and hotel operations, respectively.

This appears to confirm rumors I'd heard that ColSux likes to 'silo' the gambling and lodging aspects of its casino-hotels into separate profit centers which compete against each other instead of operating symbiotically. Given how rundown the Casino Aztar infrastructure was when Dingman arrived, his ability to turn around business there is all the more impressive.

Whoever succeeds Dingman shouldn't tinker with his business model, as it's proven to be an indisputable success.

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Further down in the same assemblage of news briefs is the announcement of Brooke Dunn 's New Years Eve resignation from Shuffle Master. The former Shuffle Master senior VP has been under a cloud ever since the SEC recommended civil prosecution against him for allegedly passing privileged information to an unrelated third party. Dunn's resignation was sadly inevitable, as he can neither fuufill his job Lottery Scheme Casino Montelago Las Vegas nor be entrusted with sensitive information as long as the SEC's accusations hang over his head.

Also out the door is the Ameristar Casinos Chief Accounting Officer Thomas Malone "who has resigned to pursue other opportunities ," such as the opportunity of not having the doorknob hit you in the butt. Given the performance of its casinos despite the recession, Ameristar has been unaccountably jittery of late, with Malone's abrupt departure being merely the latest tremor. After a brief tenure in the job, he's been shown the door in favor of ex-Shuffle Master CFO Richard Baldwina long-tenured slot industry executive.

So I guess they can put that big Cosmo Class of '08 reunion on hold. Reuters has all parties involved denying everythingso this is looking like one of those news reports that's more entertaining than true. At the very least, it provides clarity as to how this rumor got started.

On the other hand, Thacker made the trip from the Cosmo to the Trop via an interval spent as VP of casino operations for Fontainebleau Resorts "where he was responsible for casino design, development, systems implementation and general casino operations" for a casino that hasn't been finished, Doubledown Casino Slots Free Downloads alone opened.

So, after making the big bad Fire Department the fall guy for Dec.

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The problem wasn't that — as initially reported — new fire-safety rules prevented launching fireworks from Strip rooftops. But spend an extra grand on the Strip's single biggest party night?

Nosiree Bob, can't have any of that. There's a recession on, you know. Or, "The first priority is the experience on the Strip," to borrow the excuse du jour. Although, if the latter is the case, why bother firing off pyrotechnics from the Convention Center well off the Strip and beneath the Fremont Street Experience canopy 'nuff said?

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Based on experience, I'd say to expect LVE to stay atop its high horse for maybe another fortnight and then, when it hopes nobody is looking, admit that "It was a mistake.

Will it be a happy new year for the Strip? In terms of "supply shock," the timing could be a lot better, let's put it that way. Aliante Station and Encore an aggregate 2, rooms relieved some of the pressure by opening sooner than Morgan analysts anticipated. But that still leaves Concert Tickets Casino Del Sol lot of product in the pipeline, headed right at us. Even if that proves to be both true and a blessing in disguise, we're only talking units.

Seriously, we could stand to have a few more big projects Cosmopolitananyone? After all, was to have been an absorption year, with only the St. Regis condo tower units at Palazzo slated to open. Now that's on indefinite hold, so the deck is clear for developers who'd like to push their opening date back.

We'll have to check back in a year, God willing, and see how clear Spectrum's crystal ball proved to be. There's nothing on that list that strikes me as off the beam and much of its seems dead on target.

I respectfully beg to differ. Opening in far-flung markets while your core properties were losing market share Isle of Capri was a decision. Taking on preposterous amounts of debt Harrah's Entertainment or simply assuming more debt than your cash flow and lavish spending tendencies can support Station Casinos were decisions.

Rashly demolishing the Atlantic City Sands Non Cash Casino Montelago play online thereby leaving yourself with empty, non-revenue-producing land Pinnacle Entertainmentthat's a decision. Making not one, but two major acquisitions at a time when your cash cow — slot routes — is giving less milk and then overpaying for some of the new assets Herbst Gaming is a decision.

Now that, that was not a decision. That's playing the hand you were dealt. It's business as usual at the Atlantic City Hilton tomorrow night.

Only "private parties" to mark the New Year. During his days at the helm of the New Frontierowner Phil Ruffin was pretty shy with media access. So when he talksit behooves one to pay attention. Which will probably make it one of the first stops for comparison shoppers in Vegas who are looking for something affordable … but classier than Circus Circuslet's say. A pity others in the industry didn't twig to this as soon as he.

The one started with a lone gas station, the other with a single motel. But Ruffin sold at the top of the market while Yung bought. Not only that, the latter publicly proclaimed himself to willing to pay any price — and piled the debt-laden Aztar buy atop a similarly costly acquisition of 14 Wyndham-branded hotels.

Presented with a fiscal buffet, Ruffin was selective while Yung tried to eat everything in sight. Thus, when times are bad, Ruffin has money to burn read: It'd make a good business-school case study. They are doing business, but the debt loads are too heavy. Regardless of whichever late-December holiday if any you observe, may it be joyous and Free Spin Slots Reel Them In Casino, and may it augur more of the same in the coming year.

Or, to put it differently, Aria and Fontainebleau have just been given an exceptionally difficult act to follow. I say that as someone who was Lottery Scheme Casino Montelago Las Vegas with Wynn Las Vegas when it debuted in Despite the modernity promised by the exterior, what I found inside was a pastel-colored version of Bellagio — smaller, muted, rearranged and more than a bit fussy. Let it not be said that there is anything pastel about Encore, nor anything tentative.

My job is to design the best hotel experience … I hope people propose in my spaces. It wasn't so long ago that Pinnacle Entertainment was the fair-haired boy of the casino industry, especially after it hit a home run in the Lake Charles, La. Then it nearly followed Columbia Sussex over the precipice in the crazy Aztar Corp.

Its much-anticipated Lumiere Place in St. Louis is now regarded as a succes d'estimea budgetary overindulgence.

It's certainly failed to make any significant dent in proximate Ameristar Casinos and Harrah's Entertainment operations. Pinnacle paid a bundle to agglomerate land on Atlantic City 's Boardwalk that it now can't afford to develop — and may be regretting the precipitate fashion with which it shut down and demolished the Sandswhich could have been generating a modest revenue stream all this time.

A Baton Rouge riverboat project is behind schedule, Scatter Casino Tables And Chair now …. In fairness to Harrah's, it never got a chance to operate there, its Baha Mar project having fallen victim to internecine plotting and counterplotting that still haven't been sorted out.

The torrent of red ink from Exuma has done a number on Pinnacle's bottom line, which really doesn't need any more bloodletting right now. It seems that Pinnacle decided last summer to either sell or outright close its casino on Exuma and will draw the blinds on Jan.

Given that the Bahamas also turned out to be a fiscal graveyard for "Pile of Debris" one of the bad decisions that ushered out the Goldstein Erano wonder Pinnacle's Exuma casino is wanting for takers.

Yes, they couldn't even get James Packer to take this turkey, so things must be very dire indeed. The ill-starred property has even been purged from Pinnacle's corporate Web site. No, we never had one of those. Where did you read that? I'm tempted to say this is the end of U. But this is an industry with no shortage of persistence and optimism, mostly justified but sometimes not. The final episode, "Vegas" of Stargate Atlantis — partly shot on the Strip — airs tonight at 9 p.

Ken Salazar to head the Interior Department. Salazar is from the "somewhat" but apparently not very Western state of … Colorado. Harrah's CEO Gary Loveman sought out this deal — and these particular buyers — out at a time when it made precious little economic sense, so I guess he earns sole possession of this "award," having been the architect of the debacle.

Those of us who were skeptical from Day One get a small measure of vindication to keep us warm on a day when the snowfall in Las Vegas is so heavy that I can't even see Harrah's The Riotwo blocks distant, from my office window. Way to extend that brand! Yup, Harrah's sure is getting every inch of mileage out of its Caesars brand … if you mean frequent-flier mileage, that is. At least Harrah's is maintaining its investment, not proposing to abandon it to the rough mercies of Mother Naturelike some.

Criss Angel goes to DisneylandHefbot in tow. Angel if we mustit's conventional wisdom to the nth power that Vegas isn't going to make it as "Broadway West. Heck, it probably would closed after one performance, and all the king's "fixations" and all the king's clowns couldn't have put it back together again. So producers of half-assed shows like Fuego Raw Talent Live ought to thank their lucky stars they're not on Broadway West.

The way old friends do. Happily, the cast was still grabbing all the gusto they could, to Non Cash Casino Montelago play online an old beer commercial. You'd never know this particular ensemble had been together for three of the production's six years. Anyway, I figured that might be my last-ever look at the show that's successfully flouted conventional wisdom about what "won't work in Vegas. It's liable to be a bittersweet experience.

I'm sorry to see it end but we can take some consolation in observing that — like ABBA itself — it's going out with a full head of steam instead of being put out of its misery. All Non Cash Casino Montelago play online major U. The hotel-casino, which blends into the urban For years, Las Vegas' gaming companies had been preparing for the Oct Cantor Gaming target of money laundering inquiry Nevada -- Cantor Gaming officials declined to comment Monday on a report that federal agencies are investigating the sports betting firm in connection with alleged Gaming Casinos Protest Massachusetts Gaming.

Gaming Online Gaming Delaware Online. View the Rest of This Day's News. Brown lays his cards on the table at event for Bicycle Club hotel California -- Gov. Jerry Brown is famous for being unpredictable.

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