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Cash, chips and dice on a craps table at a casino. The Georgia GOP state committee overwhelmingly passed a resolution over the weekend that opposes casinos and horse racing. Watson, a veteran operative and lobbyist, has advocated for legalizing gambling on behalf of Boyd Gaming Corp.

An initial version of the resolution also Casino Politics 2018 have included fantasy sports betting, but that was stricken from the text. How much money, untaxed by the way, is being poured into these crooked businesses that most of us know as churches. Either tax the churches or approve the casinos. Lol, give it time. Just like Sunday alcohol sales ; Right palms just aren't getting greased. Morons,, the ones who downplay Casinos are paid by raising out taxes.

Brunswick would benefit tremendously from a Casino. There would be a reason to get off of I Businesses would spring up all around the Casino. People would have jobs. Send the tax money to Alabama Florida and Tennessee people that want to gamble are still going to gamble.

Lottery is gambling so what's the difference. If people want to gamble they are going to gamble anyway. Instead of pouring money into Georgia they are taking it to Alabama, Mississippi or wherever there is a casino. Politicians need to quit determine people's life's. Either way we gamble every day. Life is a gamble. They need to look into the dictionary to get the definition of gambling.

Then they should ask those naysayers what's the difference between spending money on lottery tickets or playing in the casinos.

The big guy knows my heart. Those casinos wouldn't advertise in Georgia if they didn't feel they weren't getting a very big piece of Georgia business.

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I've lived in Las Vegas, also I live in Tucson now which has 4 casinos. Has made no difference. I choose NOT to gamble and don't! Those that choose to gamble will simply take their money to other states that allow it! Odd how the first three states I listed are also "Bible Belt" states! I'm sure those casinos in the MS delta are taking a lot of money out of Memphis!

Look the only way to boost revenue in this state is to tax hard working people. I got the sarcasm; you wrongly imagine casinos would ease the tax burden of hard working people.

I'm not sure why you didn't comprehend my one sentence reply. Correct me if Im wrong But hasnt The Georgia Lottery afforded many who could not afford college a college education? Gambling Casino Politics 2018 fine as long as the government runs it. Sarcasm because Daniel obviously doesn't understand sarcasm.

Keo, who plays the lottery? Who spends more of their income on lottery tickets? Income taxes work opposite of that. Mark, if you scroll back up, and if you're able to figure it out, you'll find that my first reply was to Keo's sarcasm. Daniel Eason anybody who wants to play plays. No one forces these people to play. Were all forced to pay taxes.

Play the fruit machines Casino Politics 2018 then

Daniel Eason Since when do poor people pay an unfair tax? Many, if not most don't even work, they live off the effort of working people. You guys crack me up with all this BS. All because they refuse to share revenue with Native American tribes that got royally screwed after the Georgia gold rush.

Because it's so much easier to go to Alabama, North Carolina and Mississippi and gamble. That's why we put those smart Republicans in office in the first place. Why continue to fight the battle. Harrahs Cherokee is only a few hours away https: But the lottery is ok. Hypocrites haven't figured out a way to benefit themselves with it financially yet.

We are becoming one of the heaviest taxed States in the Union. No relief in sight.

Boredom kicks just whip Casino 2018 Politics problem

Keep doing what you are doing and keep getting what your are getting. Highest Gasoline Tax in Southeast, highest sales tax, high State income tax, school tax thru the roof, property tax gone plum crazy. But Georgia is a Republican state and we deserve it. I never have and never will vote for an incumbent politician. Deep in Casino Politics 2018 Bible belt. Hold the voting on Wednesday night when the do-gooders are at church.

Though I would like to see casinos on a limited basis in Georgia, if one is to say that Georgians need to replace their GOP representatives there could also be a legitimate argument that Georgians should also replace their Democratic representatives. All of you people who keep voting for these people and say "less government more freedom! They wont even legalize weed here. The AJC is reporting that the committee passed the resolution […].

Fantasy sports was initially included but stricken from the text. Ironically, the head of the committee recused himself from the vote because he has lobbied for […]. We have sent you a verification email.

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Click here to return to the page you were visiting. Hm but Lottery and scratch off tickets is not gambling. I'm guessing the lottery gig is too good for any competition. Casinos, like all gambling, are a higher tax on the poor than on anyone else.

Headline here is misleading. They gave fantasy sports a pass. The Georgia GOP really needs to replace it's representatives. August 7, at 8: Georgia GOP creates resolution against gambling activities in the state. August 7, at August 7, at 4: August 7, at 6: August 8, at 7: Casino Politics 2018 iGaming News - August 8, - iGaming says: August 8, at 1: August 9, at 4: August 12, at 4: This Week In Sports Law: August 13, at August 13, at 1: October 26, at 3: Sign in using your profile Need a Profile?

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