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  • Detailed trim-level price information and inventory for the Volvo XC MSRP starts at $ Learn more with TrueCar's review of the Volvo XC90, specs, photos, and nguyensan.meg: casino.
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  1. Volvo XC90 overview with photos and videos. Learn more about the Volvo XC90 with Kelley Blue Book expert reviews. Discover information including pricing, ratings, consumer reviews, and nguyensan.meg: casino ‎garage.:
    New Car Pricing - Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum prices. Get the MSRP, fair purchase price, dealer invoice, 5 year cost to own, and resale value for the Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum from Kelley Blue Book, The Trusted nguyensan.meg: casino ‎garage. Casino Volvo Suv. Published on: November 27, We got quite attached to the Volvo XC90 during its yearlong stay at Motor Trends Detroit garage. Volvo's first compact SUV production model that's due in Find Volvo XC90 Price in Volvo launched a plugin hybrid variant of its flagship. It's also in the Volvo XC90/ S well it used to be the auto cost more right? probably from economies of scale and other things that's simply no longer the cost. on top of that, the auto and paddles can shift faster than us anyway. so it's . BMW M5 F90 Official Thread: Information, Specs, Wallpapers and Videos Galore.
  2. E Holden confirms 7-year warranty, VFACTS, Navara review, Las Vegas Casino car collection, BMW X3 owner review and details on you can check out the Stinger this weekend! 2M ago . Meanwhile, the Peugeot pricing and specs have been released, Koenigsegg Agera RS breaks new record hitting k.:
    Paul Maric is back! Joining him is Mandy and James Ward this week, to bring you lots of car news. We talk Range Rover Velar pricing, Renault Alpine A returning, Takata pleading guilty over dea – Listen to E Takata airbags to pay out $ billion, Volvo XC90 and Toyota C-HR review, ARC driver Molly Taylor. SOMERVILLE, Mass. (AP) — Wynn Resorts says Somerville's latest challenge to its Everett casino will cost Massachusetts $55 million every month the project is delayed. The appeal represents Somerville's fifth legal action against the casino, which Wynn hopes to open by Eversource seeks to buy. New York City College of Technology (City Tech) is the designated college of technology of The City University of New York, currently offering both baccalaureate and New York City College of Technology (City Tech) is the designated college of technology of The City University of New York, currently offering both.
  3. According to the Connecticut State Police Eastern District Casino Licensing and Operations Unit, Foxwoods security found Piao in the Rain Maker Casino and At about p.m. on May 31, a Volvo XC90 driven by year-old Chenoa K. Hosko of Preston rear-ended a Ford Fusion driven by.:

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I seriously HATE that stupid eco function. If I knew what a pain that was, I would have seriously shopped for a vehicle that didn't have that function.

Regarding the car, improvement to be made: Please make your Info System Provider do some serious speed optimizations quickly. Also cant be over turned by hitting the back button bug - Please make screen more configurable, e. I real hope that Volvo fix for all of us who bought this feature.

Please introduce time hysteresis on the night mode dimming of the screens, as of now it switches in a blink of an eye when e. All my other cars has this feature This is the feedback I have after miles in 3 weeks of driving, please contact me in person if you want more feedback. This is feedback I have already submitted to Volvo. I'm resubmitting it here. There are some aspects of the car which I find less than amazing. The navigation system is clunky to use and does not respond well to voice commands.

For example when I say "Navigate to Disneyland" it doesn't send me there. If I tell Google to navigate to Disneyland it sends me there immediately. The voice recognition on POIs is not very good at all either.

The "high level interior trim " is not. I bought an R- design and I am very disappointed with the ambient lighting features inside. This lighting feature is not up to spec within the market that Volvo is competing against. I have been able to only count 3 ambient lights whose color I can change, and they aren't lights at all.

There is lighting along the trim, but this lighting is not controlled by the color scheme through the interface. I found this to be incredibly disappointing. In fact the lighting throughout the interior for the most part is not LED lighting , but regular halogen. For an example please see the lighting in the new Q7, or even in a Ford. Within the Sensus display there is no option to customize the already configured drive modes, nor does there seem to be an option to have the car start in a particular drive mode.

I have to remember to turn it off every time I start the car. I would also like the ability to tell my car to start in the individual drive mode that I created. Instead of having to manually select it each time I start the car. Not having Android Auto while having Carplay is another area that is disappointing. Which leads into the other disappointment, only 1 USB port within the entire car.

This led to me having to buy 12v adapters for my car in order to plug in the various devices that my family and I use for long car rides. I have to make a 4 hour round trip drive every other weekend, twice in that same weekend. So this is a feature that was very noticeable by it's absence. Activating the Volvo Oncall App was also an adventure. Even then we have no idea why it was different.

We were able to get it activated through her Iphone , and then it worked on my Android. We had tried numerous times on both phones to get it to work with no success. This was a frustrating experience for me, not because I needed the app for something, but because I had spent 65, on a new car and I expected everything to go fairly smoothly.

The seat clips on the back of the second row seat were broken from the car's time at the auto show. The service manager I've spoken with suspects that the reason for the back order on these parts is due to the fact that every XC he has seen, has had those clips broken off because of how they were positioned and the materials they are made out of.

Going forward perhaps consider modifying that design slightly in order to help prevent breakage. My overall experience has been fine. I mean fine as in not great, not bad, just fine. There are several quirks with the car which are problematic. But most of the time it's a pleasure to drive. The car has a very high probability of over-revving at low speeds when in dynamics or individual which I have set to basically dynamic drive modes.

This occurs when I have come to a complete stop, such as a stop sign or light , or a low speed turn. Speeds of less than 30 mph the car seems to lose it's gear and revs to over 5. I don't remember having this problem with the car initially, it's something that has come up in the last few months.

There have also been a couple of occasions where the Sensus system becomes completely unresponsive. To fix this I had to pull off the road, turn off the car, lock the car, walk at least 20 ft away and wait a minute for the system to completely turn off and reset. While driving there have been 3 occasions where the Sensus system has completely rebooted, I was very concerned that I wouldn't be able to read my odometer but luckily that seems linked to a separate system.

In the end I have ended up with a case of buyers remorse. I don't feel that I received my moneys worth for the car, spending 65 thousand dollars on a car was by far the most I've ever spend. At the end of the day it just doesn't feel like a sound choice. This is an extremely safe vehicle especially with all the sensors.

I feel very safe driving it. I sit up high, which makes me feel good, the seats are amazingly comfortable. Definitely buy the heated steering wheel , it is the best feature on the vehicle, even better than the heated seats if you can believe that. The speakers are awesome, I switched from listening to talk radio all day back to music because the speakers are amazing. Loud music in the morning on the way to work, is almost better than coffee. The only issues I don't like are you can't put the sunglasses where the rear view mirror is and I really don't like the front counsel area, no comfortable place to put your cell phone for easy access.

They need more USB ports rather than the old traditional cigarette lighter. I would also like the remote car starter to be part of the package and not something you have to pay extra for.

Front area has no place to place your phone. Opening of the Sun roof seems to be located farther back than over the front driver and passenger head. Place to put sunglasses is down below steering wheel. Love the feel of the seats and the heated steering wheel is amazing, love it more than the heated seats.

Comfort of the seats is awesome. Feel incredibly safe driving the SUV, and I look good too: Place for sunglasses so they can be stored without being damaged. A place to put your cell phone up under the radio or on the dash. Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander both have a small opening under the dash to put your phone , it can be plugged in there, handy to grab when you need it.

I am really trying not to keep the phone in pockets anymore. Having it under the dash means you are not searching for it on the seat or in your purse. And you always have the same place to put it. Also a safety feature. Garage door opener automatic Remote car start - really wanted that feature in a new car and now I only have 6 month trial and then I have to pay additional for the service.

That is the most disappointing feature on this car, especially living in Wisconsin in a colder climate. This just seems like it should be a basic feature on new cars now, not something you have to pay additional for. Heated steering wheel is amazing - love it more than the heated seats. Would give up heated seats before the heated steering wheel. Absolutely love that you can grab the handle of the locked car and it will open if you have the fab in your pocket.

That is a very very nice feature , especially being female and I like being able to quickly jump in my car and lock it behind me. I find changing the radio stations a little clumsy. Need to push too many buttons to get where you want to go.

Really miss a place to put your sunglasses up by the rear view mirror. We have two carseats in the second row of our XC In the XC90 there is no way to get to the third row conveniently with two carseats in place in the second row. Infinity's QX60 has a second row that accommodates carseats and still adjusts forward to allow a passenger to get to the third row without crawling over the second row.

I believe there is an option in the newer version of the XC90 for captain's chairs in the second row but for the standard configuration it is not convenient to access the third row while having more than one carseat in the second row. I think this is a big miss for the XC90 because a lot of people with a family want a third row but getting back to it is a challenge if you have young children in carseats.

It should also connect via Bluetooth which may be available in newer than the model I have. The keyless entry is just okay. The sensor on the door handle does not always register. When juggling two kids, a diaper bag, and a work bag the doors should be highly responsive to touch. The overhead view of the vehicle and backup cameras are just okay.

There is better technology on the market and I was surprised Volvo didn't spend more time figuring out this element for the XC The "around me" view on the Infinity is superior, in my opinion. Perhaps it's another " option " to have the sensors on the front of the vehicle but I think it's a miss for them not to be standard.

The cameras are already there to generate the image so why not have the sensors there as well? Ultimately I think there are too many options to pick and choose from. The packages could be simplified and be much more transparent. Trying to figure out which features are with which package is too time consuming.

I prefer choosing a package and layering upgrades onto it from there based on which features I'm after that aren't in that package already. It seems ridiculous at that price range to have those as "options". Should have included Polestar HP upgrade at purchase with no extra charge to justify my R- Design differentiation and offered unique R- Design interior color like Red. One interior color is NOT enough and will cause me to switch brands. One dark color choice for R-Resign almost made me switch to Range Rover sport.

I know you are Swedish but loosen up and give me bold color with the awesome quality you have. I'm not getting good enough fuel economy from T6. Please go back to v6 if you can't beat Acura engines. Total failure on otherwise perfect SUV. Spend some time in the front seats. While they seemed comfortable during the test drives, after sitting in them for several hours on end, I find them to be quite possibly the worst seats I have ever had in a car.

They pinch and apply pressure at all of the wrong places. My wife has no issues fortunately it is her car , but I find the back seats far more tolerable. Also, the grey leather stains too easily. Fuel economy had been a disappointment. We barely make the rated value on the highway, which is very unusual for us we almost always beat rated values.

Some of the system functions operate counter-intuitively. Volvo didn't quite knock it out of the park, though. For example, the seats fit my wife perfectly she's 5'-3" , but don't fit me well I'm 6'-2". Some of the system controls are backwards e. It should be the other way around. Fuel economy is lacking given the engine size. Yes, it is a 5, lb. Volvo really missed an opportunity by not bringing a diesel engine to the U. The seat bottom cushion side bolsters pinch my butt; they aren't adjustable like the seat back side bolsters.

My pelvis sits right between the rear seat bottom cushion and the front leg extensions, so my back has to be pressed into the seat back to prevent my butt from falling asleep on extended trips. These are details that we didn't catch during the test drives. Overall, seat comfort has been a disappointment. I'm 6'2" and my wife is 5'3". Fortunately, this is my wife's car and she loves it, so that's good enough for me. Transmission doesn't shift particularly smoothly from a standstill; seems to hunt for the 'right' gear at low speeds.

Offroad mode is interesting, but we haven't figured out how to make adjustments to things like the Hill Descent Control. This is a very complex car. While the centered mounted 'iPad' gives you reasonably good access to the different functions and modes, the owner's manual does a poor job of explaining how to use everything; it gives you basics, but not the little details that are so maddening.

I accidentally pressed the voice command button I HATE voice activated anything and the car immediately went into a tirade about what I wanted it to do. After several minutes of this thing fussing at me, my wife got it to stop by yelling yes, yelling 'cancel'. I later found, after 15 minutes of searching through the manual, how to shut it up.

I wanted to cancel navigation the other day. Couldn't figure out how to do it. Something so simple again had no obvious means to implement. It took me searching the manual online while my wife was driving to find out how. Even then, the method was buried in the fine print, and I couldn't find it again in the print version of the manual later that evening.

Fuel economy has been a disappointment. With about 5, miles on the clock, the best we've managed was a bit over 24mpg on a recent trip. Normal day-to-day driving nets mpg over a tank. We use regular gas and I've learned the car wants 91 octane, so I attribute these results to the lower octane fuel.

I haven't yet done the math to see if the higher octane fuel will improve fuel economy enough to justify the 50 cent per gallon price differential. For a car this size 4, lbs , the fuel tank is too small given the fuel economy , which really limits its range.

The tank needs to be in the gal. Includes some innovative features - both safety , and, convenience - such as foot operated opening of rear door when ladden with groceries, illuminated door handles , exceptionally comfortable seats. Solid, easy and safe to drive. Well laid out controls, GPS system that's easy to operate. Initially I was disappointed not to have a basic CD player - but have since realised I can handle this from a mobile device.

It's a great product. Mileage not perhaps what advertised but more than adequate. So far I'd say the car was well made, no issues to date.

Primary residence is Atlanta which is where we keep the XC90 Inscription. Many of the options that come with the Inscription we do not use, but, overall my wife and I find it more convenient, easier to use, 'safer' and, more fun to drive than our XC The windshield wiper fluid delivery, the front seat extension, the trunk 'leg' opening, the passenger space behind the driver's seat, inovative storage generally, rear visibility etc make this car truly stand out.

Yes, I have successfully programmed the navigation system , a first! For me lack of straight forward CD player a down side - the only one.

In conclusion, highly recommend. I would say, for feedback information, that the published mileage consumption is overly optimistic - but probably no more so than other vehicles under current Government Regulations.

The navigation system is a nightmare -- poor navigation abilities, takes less than ideal paths I've tested it going places that I know very well, and it consistently doesn't take the best route. Today it asked me to turn on a road that didn't exist and hasn't in at least the past 5 years -- it simply couldn't get me to the address entered while my phone and google maps worked perfectly. Way too expensive of an option to not work well. And the "talk to" feature with the speaker button is completely worthless, this was even admitted by the dealership that said this feature was lacking in these cars.

It can't ever understand, while Siri works nearly flawlessly. I'd love to give input on this vehicle -- little things that could be tweaked to make a truly amazing vehicle. I really wish the overhead cameras would come on when the car thinks you're too close to something, instead of the generic screen showing where said item is -- and you can't switch to the camera feature when it's beeping to alert you, it just switches back to show you the red bar where it senses an object too close, so it's impossible to see what it is or how close you even are.

No issue with older phones We've yet to figure out: The glass roof and headrests make adding anything but the ipad mounts impossible unless you want to swap out headrests -- and I don't. We almost didn't buy this car because of this, as we do a lot of traveling on weekends for sports and trips Ultimately it was just the better choice and we're hoping for another option other than the ipad mounts, just waiting.

The kids want to watch movies that they don't own in a digital format! This is a huge deal for us, and initially when we started looking for cars last year I didn't even consider the XC90 because of this -- and the lack of USB plugs in the rear Keep up the good work on the safety! Thank you for making me feel so safe when I drive! I was in a horrible accident many years ago and I am so happy that I'm driving a Volvo now!! I know it is the safest car available! I live in a climate that is very hot much of the year, so please consider an option of cooled seats for driver and passenger.

Not just ventilated, but air conditioned. Along that same line, I really dislike some features in the car - like that the engine turns itself off at stop signs and when it does, the air conditioner shuts itself off too, or the fan is greatly reduced! It's more than degrees Fahrenheit outside! It's too hot for that! If I want to turn that feature off, I have to do so every time I start the car, why can't I save these kinds of settings?

I expect there to be regular updates to fix the bugs in the car's operating system that I've been dealing with. Like the fact that if I mute the radio it will unmute itself without any prompting from me to do so - if I mute the radio , I want it to remain muted! This has happened on a regular basis. The Volvo On Call was out for many days after I bought the car.

Does this happen frequently? An email alerting me to outages and when it's back up would be a better way for Volvo to handle this issue, rather than my having to constantly contact Volvo to see if and when it's back up.

The phone app doesn't always work to lock my doors. A solid moon roof cover instead of mesh would be appreciated. It's very sunny here and sometimes I want to block the sun out completely. A place to more comfortably place my left arm when I'm driving would be appreciated. Larger cup holders would be appreciated. I wish I could install, or choose the option , to have a dash camera in my car, without voiding the warranty.

It would be great if Volvo dealers installed this option for customers like me. I would like to record myself while driving and the drivers around me. This video footage would assist with any litigation or insurance if someone were to hit me again in the future. I love my new XC I have been waiting for years for this redesign. My car is beautiful and I receive compliments every time someone gets in it. I thought I wanted a lighter color , but the black with amber interior is gorgeous and luxurious.

The extended seat is amazing. I love the Pilot Assist, adaptive cruise control , lane assist , brake assist, cross traffic indicator, the console with the ipad type controls is genius and so easy!! I drive pretty far for work two days a week and the pilot assist and adaptive cruise control make it a dream!

I used to get so sore in my hips from driving and sitting for so long, but no more. The lane assist is one of my favorite features - a true life saver!! So, all that being said, there are a few things that would improve my driving experience. Please know that I have never loved a car more, but some things you should be aware of are.

I wish the heated seats were warmer. I wish I could get the speed limit and navigation projected onto the windshield , but can't because I have a cold weather package - that doesn't make sense to me since warning lights are projected.

The car is hard to get in and out of because of the height, especially when wearing a dress - I am 5'6". The electronic user manual is great, but I don't feel like sitting in my car to use it. I wish it were online. I wish I would have bought the better sound system. I like my music loud. I cannot see the turn indicator lights due to their placement or my seat and steering wheel setting.

I usually have my music loud and I often find that I am driving with my turn indicator on after I have changed lanes. I struggle with the middle row seats when letting people into the third row.

I think there is a problem with my seat. I wish I could have cooling seats , but couldn't for some reason. Car came with a paint flaw that Volvo has so far refused to address! Herky-Jerky rough transmission that suddenly downshifts at mph speeds with no apparent cause x per week, usually when in gasoline mode and occasionally when transitioning from gas to electric.

Very unpleasant jolt which was scary at first-- feels like you've hit something! Radio occasionally doesn't go off when you turn off the ignition and open the door. Sensus Navigation and phone system minimally functional with poor voice recognition. Don't ever use it-- I use Apple CarPlay instead! Car jolts when engine goes in and off when stopped. Poor electric range in Hybrid mode-- electric charge gone by min of driving losing all- wheel drive capability and then the car is front wheel drive only!

Would not recommend this vehicle and would not have bought it if I knew what I know now when I ordered it in May of ! The new Volvo XC90 T8 Inscription Hybrid is an exciting fascinating powerful hi- tech comfortable safe dream of a drive! Having driven a Volvo XC90 V8 for ten years, there was no question that I wanted a newer more hi- tech and safer version of my otherwise comfortable and reliable vehicle.

I also wanted to embrace the concept and experience of a hybrid vehicle. I prefer large safe powerful vehicles, so choosing an environmentally "green" XC90 T8 hybrid with exceptional fuel efficiency was a given! As I am getting older, the extra safety and assisted-driving capabilities of this car make it more appealing, as I plan to drive it for hopefully a long time It is either high or low despite five choices.

There is no seperate fan control, speed control for the other passenger. That is an ante in modern, luxury cars. Suggest that you also put blind spot monitoring not only on side mirrors but integrate them into the HUD like the Hyundai Genesis does. This is a big help. After remote start , you have to restart the car, can you just simply keep the car running rather than turn it off and on again? The above are all small, easily fixable problems or ideas. I have owned four RX vehicles and one LX.

And two BMW X5. The XC90 is my favorite. Very comfortable car to drive. My XC90 is an expensive car and I feel Volvo nickel and dimes me on some things. For instancethere is no built in garage door opener!!!!!! I had to buy an ugly remote and clip it on my visor. I assumed there was a home link thing built into my visor as my last 2 xc90's had. But no-- that was not included. Also, the interior material seems to be different and gets dirty VERY quickly.

I am not a sloppy person or dirty but I have to always clean the steering wheel , driver's seat and door and floor mats. I have always had light interiors and never had this problem before.

Have to look everything up on line. Information console is not the easiest to use. Can never get the voice thing to work correctly. I use my phone or Garmin.

I could use more instruction from the dealer in how to use more of the features of my car. Right now, I don't use many things. And I am not crazy about a computer controlling everything--makes me very nervous. I do worry about the computer crashing when I'm on the highway doing mph. The car can't function with out the computer.

That should be standard in every vehicle. Some of the new electronic stuff on the console are not necessary. I am driving a car not looking at a computer screen. A few buttons are needed not all the choices. On one hand cars are safer, but texting, looking at the computer screen is dangerous.

I feel car manufacturers are going too far. Cell phones -texting- should not be able to be used while the car is moving.

People are all over the road because they are looking at their phones. Fit and finish is excellent. Materials of interior are excellent. Electronics are advanced for most cars and has excellent connectivity with other electronics such as smart phones , internet, etc Ride is very comfortable , the engine responds very well with excellent gas mileage. Exterior is very classy with sporty lines. The electronics can be very challenging to work through the electronic selections.

The radio channels are difficult to use when choosing favorites. The favorites lineup is upside down when selecting channels for favorites list. There seems to be some eratic transmission operation during initial acceleration. Difficult to use map , POIs don't show up very well - especially when several POIs are lumped into one "balloon" and not shown individually on the map.

Map is difficult to manipulate and user unfriendly. Requires too many touches to navigate through. Cannot change screen ranges and cannot display POI and businesses without stretching and compressing screen several times.

It drives smoothly, has superior handling , and all of the safety and driver assist technology is amazing Overall we are very happy with the car, here are somethings that can use improvement, I wish there were more videos on the support site, for new owners to walk through features , also videos for trouble shooting issues. The spotify app is great but is very slow to start - we end up using the app through android auto because it opens faster.

The navigation system is not as good as google maps in terms of voice activated searching The AC is really loud when it is only blowing at one of the following Face,feet or body, we have to keep blowing at at least 2 to lower the noise. Why no cargo cover in the XC90?

Please consider relocating button for lowering headrests ; when swiping through device, it is easily hit and luckily children weren't riding in car at those times. Consider gas tank on drivers side I prefer safety of being on same side of steering wheel 4.

Would be nice to have greater storage front row glove box is very small 5. The mats provided were full size and therefore can't be used in this scenario. The same carpet is on floorboards and is already pilling. Overall, love the vehicle and appreciate the back cup holders and charge plugs for electronic devices; nice upgrade from a minivan!

On an icy day at 32 degree farenhite, I was feeling reassured being in the safest vehicle and was driving 5 mph faster than I would have with other vehicle. I was dismayed to see the car slipped and almost slid into an adjacent vehicle when a pick up truck in front of me easily negotiated the same tract.

I expected a better traction feedback from my xc My car is new and it is already very dirty especially the raised median bar in the passenger area. Also we spilled some thing on the cargo floor and it is permanently stained. There is no product available to cover the floor area in the market as this car is new with new dimensions. I wish volvo sold quality floor matting, foldable cargo matts.

The finger touch lock on the door handles is finicky, does not work consistently. Google auto will be much appreciated as we use both android and apple. The current navigation system is not very good, as it does not have good database to include all the locations.

It is easy to forget where you parked your vehicle, panick horn button on the key fob would have been better. Syncing bluetooth with phone is not always smooth, and requires multiple attempts before it does so.

Lane keep is too sensitive, sometimes annoying and stressful as it keeps redirecting. The head rest on seats is not adjustible to tilt forward or backward or adjust the height. At the current angle, i feel my head is not well supported and gives me neck ache. Bought car in February , navigation crashed in April while miles away from home. Volvo service technician said this happens a lot. Found similar owner experiences online. This is, at once, the most ridiculous and the most annoying feature of the entire vehicle!

I curse Volvo every time I turn the engine on, venture out of my driveway, approach the main road and. All these electronics take too long to boot up. It's like waiting for my PC to boot up as I'm trying to back out of my driveway and get going on my way. Takes too long, which is very, very frustrating! None of settings STAY where you set them after turning engine off, unless they are input into the driver's profile.

That is just plain silly -- not to mention annoying! Getting to the driver's profile takes too long too many steps , and once you update the profile, you have to wait for the vehicle's computer to process the change. Think about drivers having to do this on an afternoon of running several errands. Takes a solid minute session just to learn how to select -- and retain -- preferences. Heaven help you if you want to make another change -- get ready for another minute session to learn it all over again.

Beautiful exterior and well-appointed interior ; but the electronics are maddening!!! I am sick and tired of having to open the front door and push the open lock button whenever I want to get into a different door than the drivers door!!!!!!!!! Finally, please consider re-engineering the location of the passenger's front headrest. There is a major blind spot. VERY hard to see approaching traffic. However it has two huge flaws. There is a major blind spot for n the placement of the passengers seat.

I have missed swing oncoming traffic several times. All doors automatically lock when a minimum speed has been reached. When the car is stopped you have to remember to press a button to open all doors or else you cannot get in from the outside. Volvo needs to create a software patch to override this and give control back to me as the driver and owner. If you are looking for a XC90, I would add the additional technical features like surround cameras , adaptive breaking and cruise control and upgraded wheels.

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