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Got a room there awhile back and it was the worst casino experience I've ever had. First thing the staff was very rude, a pit boss college drop out by the name of Todd kicked me off a table for saying god damn. Guess 8 dollars an hour makes you feel powerful.

Aaron Lewis covers Journey "open arms" Grand Casino Mille Lacs oct 20 2017

The rest of the Caesar Casino Slots Free Coins either ignored or rudely responded to anything you ask. The place was garbage and I needed a drink to get through it I think Todd needs a drink to cool off. This hotel is really an unexpected treat! It is modern, very clean and comfortable.

The room we had was a good size, beds were comfortable pillows were great! The hotel is connected to the casino, a few shoppes and some restaurants. The staff were helpful and friendly. There is a large pool and whirlpool. My family booked multiple rooms here since it was on the way to our destination and they offered a free pet "boarding service" per the website and call takers. Sadly when I arrived, after checking in and paying for the room, I discovered the kennels were simply very small outdoor cages about yards behind the hotel and parking lot.

The cages had nothing but a concrete floor with multiple pieces of feces on it. There was nothing that would prevent someone coming by to badger, mess with or harm your pup and the tops to the cages were open allowing someone to get into the cage with your dog Sounds weird, but dogs do get stolen from time to time. Also it was a cold windy night and my dog is shaved so there is no way I would let her stay here. I had to let the dog sleep in the car so she wouldn't freeze from the wind and so she had something comfortable to lay on.

This also means my nights sleep was ruined since I had to go check on her every hour or so. I would have Grand Casino Mille Lacs Event Center her into the hotel but there is security by all of the entrances. Beyond this, everything else was OK. The smoke wasn't too bad what small casino doesn't have a smoke issue.

They didn't serve alcohol here and don't let any outside drinks onto the gaming floor. The dealers were friendly. All of the security guys were really nice and conversed with us.

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The bed was comfortable. The room could have been cleaner but it wasn't terrible. The food was decent and reasonably priced. I'll be staying at the Hinckley location on the drive back home, but I'll just make sure to find a real kennel for the pup before arriving. I've stayed at this hotel, eaten at the restaurants,played in the casino numerous times.

In the past my experiences have always ranged from OK to bad. I've never had a stay here in which they exceeded my expectations My last visit, last weekend, will be my final. I've read all the reviews on here, some people think this place is great, some don't. In my opinion the casino here is tight fisted.

The restaurants are mediocre with the exception of the steakhouse, which I have found to be excellent. I have actually gotten food poison on two occasions which forever ended my dining at Plums and the Grand Northern Grill. The buffet is somewhere between medicore and just OK. Staying in the hotel I have many experiences on which to base this evaluation, Indiana Maryland Casino Live Table Games place is a dump.

As others have mentioned the rooms stink, literally. On one recent occasion I asked and was given a non-smoking room Complained to the front desk and they said they could send somebody up with some kind of spray to neutralize the odor. Sorry but that is unacceptable.

The clerk seemed very disturbed that I instead requested a different room, one that had not previously been a smoking room. I found it sort of amusing that I was the one being polite and speaking calmly and the clerk was the one that was indignant. Shouldn't those roles be reversed? I let it slide though, I just wanted a room so I could crash in a non-smoking environment. The final straw was pulled though this past weekend.

Was with my girlfriend, we both had our laptops with and decided to check out the coffee shop, relax a little and use the wi-fi. Upon entering the shop no employee was visible. There was a big screen tv in the back with the volume turned up what had to be close to max and a lady sitting at one of the tables eating something and tapping away furiously on her little netbook.

We looked at the overhead menu and waited for whomever worked there to show up. A couple minutes later this lady at the table gets up in a huff and wanders behind the counter, and proceeds to ask in a very very rude manner Grand Casino Mille Lacs Event Center we wanted.

When we didn't answer quickly enough for her she added a "hello" spoken in a petulant manner I would expect a 9 year old brat to say, not a 40 something woman. I decided right there not to order anything as I didn't want to interact with this lady. My girlfriend ordered a Foxwoods Resort Casino Directions. We moved to a table and set our computers up. I should add that this lady did not wash her hands before preparing my girlfriend's beverage, something I found to be completely disgusting since she had been eating food with her hands and I saw her licking her fingers too.

At some point my girlfriend politely asked the lady to turn down the tv, as it was quite loud. You should have seen the look on the lady's face. It was as if we just asked her to chop off her leg. Next some little kids came in, obviously Grand Casino Mille Lacs Event Center to the lady either her own or nieces.

The kids go behind the counter. Another red flag and at this point I'm wondering just what is this a place of business or the lady's home? A little sign on the counter saying be back soon or something to that effect.

Around this time we decided to leave. My girlfriend threw her beverage in the garbage and in the process a little bit spilled onto the floor by the garbage.

Oops, but nobody is there so we leave. Went to the hotel lobby where it was actually much quieter. And this next thing that happened is why I will never return. About 5 so minutes later this coffee shop lady comes storming over to where I'm sitting and very rudely asks if I was the one that spilled on the floor in the shop.

I told her I didn't have a drink in there. She says yeah I know so why where you even in there? Then she says we should have waited in the shop and told her about the spill.

First of all she left the shop, second we didn't know when she would return and there is no way we are accommodating her in a situation like that, particularly with the way she had acting. If she had been in the shop where she was supposed to be we probably would have alerted her, but we're not about to wait around for an unknown time for her.

She said she was using the bathroom haha gone at least 20 minutes demanded an apology that we didn't tell her about the spill. I told her to go away. She kept persisting and I kept telling her to go away and she went over to one of the security guards and told him what happened. He looked at her like whats he supposed to do. Then she comes back over to get some last words in and I told her we're done here and go away.

I still can't believe it happened. I was stalked and accosted by an employee of Grand Casino because she was derelict in her duties and obviously felt entitled and comfortable enough to try and start a fight with a customer over her dereliction.

I have on often occasions felt the employees in all facets of Grand Casino lacked customer interaction skills and basic politeness and etiquette. Obviously they aren't trained in that area. It doesn't seem to be important to Grand Casino. There is nothing here that stands out enough to make up for the severe deficiencies and maniacal employees. I would rate this place zero if the system on this site allowed it. There are plenty of other casino's in Minnesota. I came here for a business meeting but I would definitly not choose to stay here if I didn't have to.

This property reminds me of an old unrenovated Holiday Inn. I don't care how cheap the room rate is it is just a cheap room. The bathrooms are old and the beds are uncomfortable and this was in the "new" tower!

It just seemed dirty. The lobby is the best part of this hotel- at least it looks renovated. Hopefully I will not be returning anytime soon. I can't complain too much Southpoint Casino Reviews Mille Lacs. Check-in took longer than it should have.

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