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Laser Tag Gun Set

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Vilamoura also offers facilities for equestrian sports, shooting, lawn bowling and other outdoor activities.

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Nerf Casino Laser Game Set Tag Night 1964

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  1. The Phoenix LTX Tagger is a Nerf Lazer Tag laser tagger that was released in The Phoenix LTX pinpoint sight could only be purchased while Lazer Tag was still owned by Tiger Electronics. Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack uses a class 1 LED, infrared light (40 nanometers Missing: casino.:
    item 1 Nerf Lazer Tag Guns Phoenix LTX Tagger 2 Pack Set LASER BLASTERS Kids Toy Gift -Nerf Lazer Tag Guns Phoenix LTX Tagger 2 Pack Set LASER item 6 Nerf Lazer Toy Gun Pistol Rifle Shotgun Combat Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2pk Battle -Nerf Lazer Toy Gun Pistol Rifle Shotgun Combat Tag Phoenix LTX  Missing: casino ‎night. Laser Tag Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix Ltx Tagger 2-Pack -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $ on eBay! Laser Tag Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix Ltx Tagger 2-Pack -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $ on eBay! Laser Tag Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix Ltx Tagger 2 Pack 2 Player System Real Life Lazer Combat -> BUY IT. A laser tag birthday party in Los Angeles is a unique way for celebrating the birthday of your boy or girl. Let's have Why do You Need to Add a Laser Tag Game to Your Birthday Party? .. Hot PSD Casino Night Flyer Template • Only available here ➝
  2. Customer Reviews: Legacy Toys Laser Tag Set for Kids (2 Pack) for Boys and Girls Birthday Party Lazer Tag Blasters.:
    Buying a Nerf toy but confused about which Nerf product you should buy? Soaker Water Gun Toddler Boys$girls Squirt Gun Pump Action Water Pistol Toys Summer Pool Beach Yard Toy Kids Children Handy Water Gun Water Festival Blaster .. Our Shot Roulette Games combine the fun of casinos and in home parties. What a great idea let kids earn "tickets or fake money" through the week to buy snacks for movie night! Great for Taryn's Journal: Nerf Gun Backyard Party Lowe's aprons for ammo, paint them with glow in the dark so you can have a night time nerf war. Find this . Laser Tag Birthday Party at Home | West Valley Moms Blog. Find out where iCOMBAT laser tag systems are used around the world. At Rock Ridge Paintball and Laser Tag Games our mission is to create a family and friends oriented outdoor recreational park focused on the highest standard of excellence .. No problem - Zombieland Paintball will set the arena for a night fight.
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Short and focused on just the things that a busy gamer like you really needs to know. Picking up after the events of the first Portal originally part of Valve's Orange Box collection and now available as a standalone game , which you should play before this one if at all possible - if only so that you experience the magic of testing with GLaDOS firsthand.

The sequel is actually more accessible, while adding much greater depth courtesy of new elements with which to solve some truly vexing though never too difficult puzzles. And solving these puzzles gives you such a natural high that the biggest risk is that you won't want to put it down, and you'll be more than a little sad though ultimately satisfied when it's over.

Fortunately, there's a co-op mode that doesn't extend the main story, but can prolong the overall experience while encouraging you to be social and share the game with friends. If you beat the first Portal, you'll have no problem picking this up. Setting it down will be the hard part! If you're new to shooters, don't worry: The game designers are experts at teaching you the controls as you go, so you'll soon being doing science like the pros. As with the original, there's some blood and a few adult situations.

There's a heartless human named Cave Johnson who rants a bit about burning down the homes of enemies and such. But nothing too bad. We let our 8-year-old watch us play the main story and he even participated in some of the co-op missions - and though he wasn't very much help in solving the levels, fun was had.

Buy, Rent or Skip? This one's a keeper. Buy it unless you absolutely hated the first one or first-person shooters make you excessively seasick. On a Personal Note: We absolutely adored the original Portal's fresh take on storytelling with an innovative new puzzle dynamic and an antagonist whose vicious taunts and teases were so fulfilling we couldn't help but crave more. So we pre-ordered Portal 2 months in advance and began consuming it the same day it arrived.

We immediately fell in love with the oafish Wheatley, a new robot companion whose smart British accent is paired with some of the stupidest dialogue ever written get a sample in our audio review. And once we each beat the well-paced main story, there was more. Part of the game's draw is the inventive co-op mode, which puts you in the metal boots of a duo of mechanical test chamber junkies -so there's not even any blood when they get hurt!

There were many games we loved in , but Portal 2 was the most polished, the most enjoyable and the only title that we agreed deserved to be our pick for Game of the Year. If you missed out on it, you should look into remedying that now. Game of the Year Runners-up: GrrlGotGame and I have very different tastes in games, so picking a Game of the Year that satisfies both of us can be a challenge, especially this year when I was leaning toward RPGs like Bastion and Skyrim and she was hot for zombie bashers.

Bastion , The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , Jetpack Joyride and L. Your Busy Gamer Community Picks. Posted by Gamewatcher on January 11, 9: We're working on our own BGN Game of the Year review, which encompasses two busy gamers' perspectives on 's best title. But we'd like to hear more voices on the topic even after the big "reveal," which should arrive within the next week.

This is also our first community-sourced post culled from the new Forums. We hope to do more of these, but for now we'll kick it off with this excellent pick from sharks2k:. I have to go with Saints Row The Third. It's a surprisingly fun game. A sense of humor even if it is often silly or juvenile. It's not too hard on normal. Lots of customization, or just use defaults. Different voices lead to different dialogue often.

The choices you make albeit only 3 or 4 times affect the bonuses, items, scenarios you find. It can be played for any amount of time. As many saves as you want. Difficulty can be changed any time.

Just make sure kids are out. I haven't played too many of the games released in yet unfortunately, but my pick would have to be Dead Space 2. The first was one of my favorite games ever and the second somehow managed to exceed it. Better gameplay, better characterization especially giving Isaac a voice and a ton of creepy and epic moments. James adds this perspective:. Arkham City, Uncharted 3, Skyward Sword and plenty others so my opinion might be skewed.

Of what I did play however, Skyrim was definitely the best! Dragon Age 2 for its ambition; it took guts to focus the story on just the characters the way they did, limited to one major locale and largely ignoring the Blight going on in the rest of the world. And it paid off, despite the game's cut corners. Portal 2 for its perfection. It's so delightful, yet deep and meaningful, and feels like a Pixar movie.

Might be one of the most genuinely funny games ever. The gameplay felt appropriately challenging; not as tough as Portal 1 and very welcoming to less experienced gamers. We found more picks stuck in the approval queue! Alvarox offers a pair of unexpected choices:. If playing a game for a long time is any indication of it's brilliance then Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is my game of the year hands down, as my daughter loves to play co-op. Have a Game of the Year pick?

Post it to the forums! Give good reasons and we'll continue to add highlights here. Include your Twitter name if you want a link to your Twitter profile.

Posted by Gamewatcher on January 4, 5: When we took down Busy Gamer News late last year, we vowed to come back and re-invent it as a community hub. The first piece of this new beginning is here: Community Forums , user profiles, profile pictures, and the option to follow fellow members and view their recent activity on the site.

This just the beginning. We plan to start community-sourcing articles. What this means is that we want you to contribute the news that interests you, and we'll post the most helpful and interesting entries to the main news feed with full attribution. This way, with your help, we hope to provide more regular updates even when our work projects go into overdrive.

This will also greatly expand the base of news and feature article topics to support a wider range of gaming interests. Busy gamers helping busy gamers. Despite our hectic schedules and personal obligations, we all have stuff that we track to the degree possible.

Alone, it doesn't amount to much. Even when you work at it as hard as we do, the past 8 years of Busy Gamer News coverage is a patchwork of things that we stumbled across and thought enough to share with our fellow gamers.

Together, we can assemble a much bigger patchwork, perhaps something never seen before, and maybe even influence game design in a positive way. To start things off, we have a News that Matters to You section where you can post whatever news tidbits you find interesting enough to share.

There are also platform specific forums, a Tips and Tricks section where we'll compile everyone's favorite techniques in games such as Skyrim and Skylanders. The best collections of tips will ideally become comprehensive articles, and we'll gladly credit your contributions. The forums are still in beta as we're still figuring out how to configure them and integrate them into the site. As of now, anyone who registers as a member should be able to create a topic, though it will still need to be moderated before it appears.

You should be able to comment on an existing topic and see the response post right away. We're still working the kinks out, so if you see any issues or have any suggestions on how to improve things, please let us know!

Here's to hoping we can all make a difference in the lives of our fellow busy gamers! Posted by Gamewatcher on January 4, Posted by Gamewatcher on November 14, If you signed up for the preview program for the next Xbox dashboard refresh when we tweeted about it a few weeks ago, that has launched.

If you were accepted and you're not seeing the preview download to your console when you sign into Xbox Live, go to Connect. Whether you're on the old or new dashboard today, here's what you'll find that's new this week on Xbox Live Marketplace:. Posted by Gamewatcher on November 10, 6: If you're on the fence about Dead Rising 2 read our Busy Gamer Review , it's a mixed bag , now you can try before you buy right in your Web browser.

You will need Java installed and, once you pass the age gate, you'll have 30 minutes to play it full screen or in the browser window. Free up your mouse from controlling the game by pressing Shift-Esc if, say, you want to blog about it or run screaming. Posted by Gamewatcher on November 9, Posted by Gamewatcher on November 7, For one thing, combat is a unique blend of real-time and turn-based fighting.

Set in the distant future where mankind is battling extinction, the story is deep and, well, resonate. You can beat it in about 20 hours and unlock Hard mode or get lost in side missions and customization of weapons and characters for 60 hours or more.

Posted by Gamewatcher on November 3, 5: We are swamped at the moment, so no new game review this week. Besides, we know that all you probably care about is this Grand Theft Auto V trailer. Yes, it's set in the Rockstar version of Los Angeles Los Santos , and it looks very nice - though this is just a teaser, so you won't see HUD or health bars. See for yourself for best results, switch to P resolution before selecting fullscreen: Posted by Gamewatcher on November 2, 2: Posted by Gamewatcher on October 31, 1: Our most chilling podcast yet!

This Halloween edition includes gruesome game audio in our reviews of:. Please share your thoughts and comments about the podcast here and on iTunes. Or just let us know you're listening! Download the podcast here , get it from Stitcher , find it on Zune Marketplace or if you can, subscribe at iTunes - and please rate us there too. Well, this article contains non-story related spoilers about various zombie games. Enter at your own risk.

You have been warned. It's Halloween time, which means time to dust off your favorite horror titles and Well, I say blow off the dust, plug that disk into your favorite next-gen console or boot up your PC and get busy living - or get busy dying, if you haven't leveled up. The city of Moresby is the second of three areas you'll encounter in Dead Island, and the first to introduce the psychotic zombies known as Rams.

These not-so-gentle giants are wrapped tight in heavy leather straight jackets and Dr. They can't bite, which may be why they are some kinda pissed off. Instead of seeking the therapy they desperately need, they just charge forward in a straight trajectory.

Here's how to turn this into a fun mini-game. Find a Ram, but try not to trigger his attention. Work your way to the other end of the street, High-Noon style. Double-back and go around if necessary. Once you reach the other side, look for a nice, juicy target. Oh wait, that's you! I recommend a burning car, which is pretty easy to find in Moresby. Take a quick moment to scout the area and determine which way you can safely lunge right or left - never backwards!

For additional safety, go BEHIND the car the side not facing your "bull" and lure any nearby zombies for a quick hack and slash session. The last thing you need is some low-level zombie grabbing you when tons o' fun is heading straight for you!

Put on your taunting face, get in front of the fiery car and yell - hey big fella! If he doesn't charge immediately, throw a disposable weapon his way or shoot at him. He'll charge like a bat out of hell. Wait until he has a good pace and throw yourself out of harm's way. You can shout, "Toro! Be sure to turn around and watch as he plunges head first into the inferno - and then waddles away both dazed and on fire.

Before he gets his wits back, run back to the other end of the street and find a barrier or car. There should be a nice group of zombies hanging out here by now. Position yourself between your bull and the crowd, but don't engage the zombies yourself. Instead, jump out of the way and let your undead pal thin the herd while you head back toward the car inferno. Xian Mei's Survival skill tree includes the Spectre skill, which makes her less noticeable. She is also faster and more nimble than the other playable characters.

If you plan to play with the Rams, I highly recommend leveling up Xian Mei and getting the Spectre skill as early as possible! Shopping complexes play a big role in the Dead Rising series. The original is set in a mall, while Dead Rising 2 takes the action to the casinos of Fortune City, Nevada, which is connected by With everything percent off using your five-finger discount, it's hard to resist a store-by-store looting spree to find new weapons.

You might be tempted to avoid the toy stores - fluffy and soft things do not kill zombies. Plus, parents with kids of a certain age might be tempted to shoot the purple dinosaurs, and that's just a waste of bullets. The purple dinosaur does not kill. He might make you homicidal after a few hours, however! Calamity Trigger , for Xbox , well, we might just have the cure. Originally a classic arcade title, the console release is well regarded and should fulfill your need for fighting with combo attacks and even some advanced tactics such as rapid cancels and instant blocks.

Plus, there's a story mode and online play. Posted by Gamewatcher on October 21, Posted by Gamewatcher on October 20, Forza Motorsport 4 is so close in gameplay to Forza Motorsport 3 that we could simply recap most of our tips article. Which we do below, but with a short preface to discuss what's new and compelling.

First up, there's Autovista, which is basically car porn. Seriously, it's got to be erotic if you're a car fanatic - and you'll probably get a tingle even if you aren't. Unlock the right one, and you'll get a pretty cool surprise. Another difference is the cars. As in, there are many more of them. My favorite part so far has been upgrading a run-of-the-mill Prius much like my own into a racing machine complete with rear fin and more power than you'd ever expect from a commercial hybrid.

Click the image at right for a wallpaper version! The game does have one neat time saver, which is the ability to quickly downgrade your favorite car for a given race after you've modded it up. You will have to go back and reupgrade it later, so save your settings before doing this.

You'll have the advantage of knowing that your car will be at the maximum performance for a level after downgrading, so you should have an easy time with the race. As nice as all of the tune-up descriptions are, as an amateur racing fan I find I have to refer to them a lot when I'd STILL rather be able to select more user friendly choices - like whether I want my car to be more slide-y or tight in turns.

It would be nice if there were a way to quickly visualize how a car will perform after each adjustment rather than having to tweak and test, tweak and test. Forza Motorsport 5, perhaps Posted by Gamewatcher on October 17, 1: We've been collecting codes that we're not likely to use for some time now, but we thought our community could put them to excellent use!

Continue reading "Free Stuff Friday - Code-a-palooza! Uncharted 3 multiplayer, BloodRayne: You know those license agreements you scroll through but rarely read to get to the games, software and services you use every day? Well, EA and Sony have both recently updated theirs to include clauses that cause you to waive your right to sue or joining a class action case against them.

To be fair, you can still request binding arbitration but you're giving up a lot here, including the possibility of participating in legitimate remedies to bad business decisions. If you haven't already accepted these agreements or did so in the last 30 days, there is something you can do. The official opt-out process requires you to mail a physical letter, but GamersOptOut.

They just ask that you help spread the word and, if you can afford it, donate to help cover their costs.

Once you complete the form, you'll want to save the resulting URL s so you can come back and check status later - there is no account on GamersOptOut. Once the letter has been delivered, you can go ahead and accept the agreement knowing that you opted out of the lawsuit section Posted by Gamewatcher on October 12, 9: Posted by Gamewatcher on October 3, 1: Sorry this posted later than usual, we've been extremely busy with work and a game industry TV pilot for a screenwriting contest!

But we think this little treat is worth the wait. We have a twin-pack of games: One winner takes all. Lego Batman , as you probably can guess, is an adventure puzzler similar to the other Lego titles from Traveller's Tales with lots of brawling and stud collection, only with Batman heroes and villains. Also available for PC and PS3. Slather on some sunscreen and grab a machete - it's time to play: There are four playable characters in the game: All have the same basic dialogue, quests and interactions with the locals, both alive and undead.

The only difference is the voice and the initial strength and talents of each individual. The voice acting is universally bad, sure, but it has a certain B movie charm to it. Everyone begins the adventure by awaking in a ritzy hotel room, unaware of what's happened. This innocence makes the natural tendency to loot almost laughable. I'd like to think most people don't just walk up to luggage racks and help themselves to the deodorant, wires and gears we all take on vacation.

From here, it becomes a classic open-world RPG, albeit one riddled with zombies. You will inevitably run into survivors or clues from survivors leading to quests that somehow you and only you can handle. Wander too far off course, and some upper-level zombies will put you back in your place.

Like most RPGs, it's best to complete some low-level tasks early, level up, and then begin wandering in earnest. And you will want to wander. The island is simply beautiful, with plenty of areas to explore and doors to break down.

Vehicle driving is very satisfying once you get the hang of the right-hand steering wheel, and even the rare escort mission proves to be pretty fun. The game is exclusively melee for the first few chapters, at which time a gun is provided.

If you have strong melee skills, you will have little trouble with the early game. The guns come with extremely limited ammo - in one case, I had a single bullet - which makes mastering firearms almost impossible at first. Figuring out what to do in each quest is almost insultingly easy. A map guides you directly to your selected destination in most cases and quest lines are updated regularly with what to do.

There are some exceptions, however. A few quest lines are given to you without map points see the airplane , while other side quests rely on you to take personal notes.

For example, SOS calls that can be heard in certain locations around the island. The main quest is relatively predictable, but the side missions provide a level of quirkiness that keeps the game interesting. They can also be maddening.

Just plug in the term "where is the plane" to any search engine and you'll see what I mean. By the way, where IS the damn plane?! The level tree provides some tough choices for novice players. Those who already know their preferred style e. I recommend investing in the Health perk that reduces the cost of resurrection - dying becomes increasingly common, and more expensive, later in the game.

The game auto-saves on a pretty regular basis: You cannot save on demand, and there will inevitably be times when you think that you just saved but find you've lost some progress the next time you reload. Given the extremely gory nature of the game and the unpredictability of the save system, it may be best to reserve this one for times you don't expect to be interrupted by small children.

This is a very violent, scary game. Adults only need apply. A definite buy for hard-core zombie fans! Others may want to rent to get a sense of gameplay first. You can easily complete a chapter or two in a reasonable rental period, at which point you will be able to determine if this is something you wish to continue. It really starts to get good in Chapter 3! Like Dead Rising, odds are you will either love Dead Island or hate it. As a huge Dead Rising fan, it's hard for me to judge how others will approach it.

To me, the game is about finding new and bizarre ways to hack away at zombies while exploring. Many of the missions have been over-the-top easy, making me appreciate the difficult ones even more.

A solid quest system has consistently and accurately rated missions Easy to Very Difficult while also giving me a quick rundown of what's involved and the reward, making it easy to determine what I want to do and when. The actual missions vary wildly in enjoyment, but all have been do-able to some extent. Unlike some games, this one has not made me want to throw my controller at the television. While that's not the strongest endorsement ever, it does say a lot about a game that could have easily turned into Dead Rising: You may have noticed, I love survival horror games and zombie games in general.

The Dead Island teaser video released earlier this year was the first time I was emotionally touched by a story told within the genre, however. I have read that the family is buried so to speak somewhere in the game, but have not yet found them. Also available for PC, PS3 and various mobile devices.

Meet Eastern Europeans and kill them with guns, grenades and a big-ass blade all in the name of rescuing the president's daughter. Once you get past the laughable soap operatic storyline and characters, there is immensely satisfying third-person shooter gameplay with light puzzles and the occasional quick-time event you know, those "press a button right now or be crushed" things. There's a lot going on in Resident Evil 4, but you don't have to learn it all at once. You start out shooting zombie-like people and the occasional wildlife, busting open crates and barrels and picking up ammo and healing herbs as you go.

Eventually, you learn to pack your case efficiently to carry as many weapons and items as possible, combine herbs for more potent healing, buy and sell items from a shady black market dude who never fails to amuse and upgrade weapons based on your gameplay preference say, shotgun and big pistol vs. Amazingly, shooting enemies doesn't get old and effective game balance keeps things challenging but rarely frustrating. Typewriters are scattered around the world for you to stash up to 20 saves.

You can generally find one nearby on your map, or backtrack to one you used previously. It's not "save anywhere" but it's better than many games give you. Keep this one far away from the kiddies. You won't want to blast the heads off zombified Eastern European villagers with your 8-year-old watching at least, we hope not! There's blood, there's gore and there's a dude with a sack over his head wielding a chainsaw.

Heck, I'm not sure whether I'm old enough for this game! Keep it away from all but your most mature teens. That depends on the version. The Wii-optimized version is the most changed - in terms of controls and reduced gore - but it does allow you to aim with your Wii-mote. If you consider this a plus, rent it if you can and then buy it if you like it. Some mobile versions contain snippets of gameplay or streamlined action, so they're not the optimal way to experience the game.

They also add achievements and trophies respectively, plus the Assignment Ada mission and Mercenaries survival mode are available once you beat the game. Resident Evil 4 is definitely in our top 5 games of all time, and the main reason we hung onto our GameCube as long as we did.

We've gladly downloaded the Xbox Games on Demand edition our first such purchase! Despite a little difficulty acclimating to the new controls we chose the less awkward alternative setup, which has you aim with left trigger and shoot with the right and are now greatly enjoying this 6-year-old classic which, so far, is the pinnacle of Resident Evil titles and third-person shooters in general. Posted by Gamewatcher on September 21, 6: Posted by Gamewatcher on September 19, All of that podcast goodness is delivered in a tight package - 40 minutes of the best of PAX Prime - which you can enjoy during even short commutes!

OK, for this one you may need two short commutes, but it's worth it. Posted by Gamewatcher on September 16, With Gears of War 3 hitting right around the corner, we thought we'd offer a choice:. Play for one, play for both - the choice is yours. Here's how to enter and boost your odds with up to 4 chances to win for one or both prizes:. Posted by Gamewatcher on September 16, 1: Posted by Gamewatcher on September 15, 4: Posted by Gamewatcher on September 12, 2: Did you miss out on last week's Super Epic Swag Bag?

Don't worry, we have more! This week's bag has some of the same items - and a few that are different. Also available for PlayStation 3. Both the show and game are set in an alternate universe New York where demons, zombies, wizards and manbirds yup, exactly what it sounds like are as common as pigeons in Central Park.

It doesn't always go well. Mark plugs his ears and shoots in the sky, sending dead Manbirds plummeting onto enemies. Grimes goes into full metal jacket mode. Players can select any of the standard load-outs before entering the game, but it all comes down to pretty much the same thing: Of course, the objects might be bowling balls, baseballs or knives. This is one time you really need to read the instructions before jumping in. There isn't much to learn, but you will need to have a grasp of the dual-joystick left moves, right fires and a basic understanding of how to use your power move to survive the level.

Fortunately, these are some of the most entertaining directions you'll ever read. Each level is preceded by a cut scene explaining why there is suddenly a ton of say, Manbirds screaming "suck my balls" while attacking in the streets, or a horde of zombies totally ignoring the ban on human brains. The scenes were written and voiced by the show's talent, creating a familiar experience for fans.

The gameplay itself consists primarily of walking down a street, getting attacked, clearing out enemies and then advancing into the next trigger area until reaching the level's boss es.

It's extremely linear and, at times, relentless. There's little in the way of exploration, but players with itchy trigger fingers and an appetite for destruction will be rewarded for destroying everything possible including benches, mailboxes and random statues.

Some produce loot, others offer the opportunity to switch load outs with a specific weapon. The game auto-saves upon completion of a level or other significant action, such as leveling up. The average level is around 5 minutes and, no, you cannot save mid-level. Older teens who watch South Park will find the humor somewhat tame. Younger kids will be traumatized. Expect sex jokes Leonard's girlfriend is an anatomically correct doll , crude language "Suck my balls" is on auto-repeat when manbirds are around and some gross moments.

Fans of the show who just want to go forth and shoot things will have a ball with the levels. Those who are easily offended and gamers who prefer a bit more precision to their shooters should pass this one by. I've watched Ugly Americans from the beginning, and approached the game as a fan of the show. The game does a nice job of capturing the style and humor of the series while pushing the boundaries ever so slightly. I caught several references to past shows, a nice nod to the fan base that will presumably make up the bulk of the game's audience.

It took me a few minutes to adjust to using a second thumbstick to shoot, but once I got the hang of it, I rather enjoyed the freedom it game me to run and gun and spin and gun, for that matter. I had a more difficult time with the specialty moves. I never quite mastered Frank's machine gun, making it a waste of bullets. I tried using Mark's gun several times, only to have manbirds fall flat on the ground — instead of enemies.

I'm still not sure what Callie's power is — I assume she has one. It didn't make much of an impression. None of that mattered once I had leveled up my strength though. A leveled-up Callie with bowling balls did plenty of damage without having to resort to Through luck of the draw online, I played the game alone, as a duo and, for a brief period, with a full squad of four online friends the game defaults to online play though you can back out and choose solo action. The best overall experience was with one other team member, but that's partly due to the people who were randomly dropped into my game.

With one other person in my squad it was easy to keep track of the other, and I had someone to heal me if I fell to enemy forces. Plus we were able to stay relatively close together, a critical point when playing on a shared screen. In my four-player game, it was complete chaos - with team members falling behind to loot while others were getting creamed by the just-triggered hordes.

It was frustrating and made me wish there was a boot option. I should have been more careful with my wishes: It wasn't clear if he left the game voluntarily or his game froze. Either way, we had to abandon the level and start over. We couldn't advance without the fourth player. The game froze on me another time, requiring a full Xbox reboot to get back into action. At that point, there were no other players available, so I opted to go it alone.

After failing to complete a level alone three times, I backed out and waited until someone else appeared. I did manage to get enough credit during my failed attempts to level up, so points for letting me keep my progress even when I failed to complete a mission. Posted by GrrlGotGame on September 7, 1: So, what will you be picking up - or is this week a pass?

Any games we missed? Anything slip as these almost inevitably do? Please let us know Posted by Gamewatcher on September 5, 1: This year, we actually have too much PAX Prime swag to list it all. So we'll post the highlights and try to fill in some of the details - and maybe add some more pictures on our Facebook page - throughout the week.

PAX Prime really has gotten big, and the lines aren't just long for a few marquee titles - they're long almost everywhere! So we covered what we could; sorry if your favorite game isn't represented! Spyro's Adventure and more; podcast interviews will be in Busy Gamer Podcast 66, coming as soon as we can cull the best parts for you:. There's still no playable demo, but Irrational Games did make their presence known with a giant steampunk bird and a living, breathing Elizabeth who gamely reached out in distress or to save each booth visitor, whatever their preference.

Lines were long for a chance to study about a dozen concept art portraits lining a very small booth. After a brief, timed visit, each group was sent to a bank of computers where they could complete a series of questions "What color was the banner? Answer correctly, win a prize. A booth manager reviewed my answers before submitting them.

One answer magically changed before he submitted my quiz, granting me a prize-winning perfect score. And I'm glad he did: Sorry Irrational, nothing can top the soft-as-silk cotton tee I scored at the Borderlands 2 demo. The booth was busy all weekend, but got an extra boost on Day 2 when Creator Ken Levine and lead voice talent Courtnee Draper Elizabeth and Troy Baker Booker DeWitt followed up a fantastic panel with a signing at the booth.

I wonder how many people asked about a behind-the-scenes clip in which Baker verbally beat the crap out of Draper to help her get to a tear-stained emotional moment in the game full panel audio. We all knew Buffy the Vampire Slayer would influence pop culture for years to come, but I'm not sure this is quite the female empowerment game that Joss Whedon is looking for.

You play as Juliet, a hot blonde cheerleader at San Romero High who happens to have wicked chainsaw skills. In this case, Juliet is battling zombies and "zombie rock lords" the bosses who have invaded her school and her life. The halls of San Romero High have more than a passing resemblance to the Sunnydale High classrooms you may remember from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer games.

So much so one of the people behind me in line asked if this was some kind of Buffy spin-off. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Just got these for Christmas, couldn't wait to try them out! My daughter and I played and had a lot of fun running around the house playing.

They work really well for us! It's a good workout running in and out around and through the house! We use rechargeable batteries and haven't had to change them since last Christmas! We love to play this a lot! Was this review helpful to you? My boys purchased these a couple of weeks ago after reading some online reviews. I played laser tag as a kid it was just kind of ho-hum.

These pistols are incredibly well thought-out, study and loaded with features. The pistols have a small slide at the back that actually Cycles with recoil every pull of the trigger in addition to the speaker gunshot sound.

I tried these things at up to a hundred feet and they still register hits pretty precisely. You can set the gun for either 10 or 25 lives so if an adult plays against the kid you can have a bit of a handicap. They also have a very clever Shield option which makes you invincible but it's only good for a few seconds per round. If you take fire while in shield mode it makes an awesome bullet ricocheting off steel sound. I've lost count of the hours we spent playing with these and they were the hit of the neighborhood.

I can't recommend them enough. I even built a nice little stand out of plywood to hold them when they're not in use. Of the six we purchased one of them did not work out of the box. Amazon immediately refunded my money, so no worries.

Get out there, play with your kids, get some exercise and have a ball! One of the best toys ever!! No bullets to lose. Nothing left in the yard. Nothing to knock over breakables in the house. Inside or outside they are fun for the whole family.

The range outdoors is at least ft. We play on 3 acres and they really seem to work. If you don't use the sights, you wont hit anything at that range, but when you do There is a setting that selects how many times you can be hit before you are out of the game. This allows you to give an advantage to younger players or disadvantage dad. You can play in teams, or every person for themselves. We have had our first set for 5 years. We just bought a second set to allow 4 players at once.

Battery life is 6 months or more with moderate usage. We don't buy a lot of plastic toys. This one is not. If you have kids between 5 and 14yrs, I would highly recommend. I bought this for my 6 yr old nephew for Christmas. I do believe that this is his favorite toy. It comes with 2 guns, different colors. The best thing is you can buy multiple sets of 2 and everyone can have fun.

You get a certain amount of lives, which show it on your gun. You have to reload it when you run out of bullets. It uses a red laser which makes the sound of bullets. Do not really have to load anything.

Just have to more or less hide while your gun reloads itself after you cock it because you are vulnerable. It takes about 7 seconds to reload. You can shoot at further distance but that uses up your ammo faster. You can be on team 1 or 2. You will have to set it.

Obviously with just 2 guns, you will have to be on opposite teams. However, the more guns, like a total of 6 guns will allow 3 on team 1 and 3 on team 2 working together. Once you are out of lives due to your opponent's better shots, your gun will no longer operate and shows a steady Red light on gun, which lets you know you are done for this session. It was a big hit.

Shortly after playing we all ordered a set a piece on Christmas day from Amazon. It can be set to play outside also as well as inside. A great family game, showing team work and lots of exercise as you run, jump, hide in corners, under beds, in closets, behind trees, under bushes etc.. Laughing and just having an amazing time with aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins. Just great memories to serve as cushions to laugh about in your old age!

Actually bridges the gap between young and old. My son and I have already had so much fun with these. I like how well made they are and the options it gives you. I really love not having darts everywhere. I was shot it the eye with a velcro tipped dart years ago and have been extremely gun shy since. This let me get back in the game and it's been so fun.

My only wish is that it had a stealth mode because it's really LOUD! The sound is truly maddening after a while BUT it sure beats watching the kids look at a screen!

Tons off fun playing with these with my 8 year old. I like that there's no projectiles, not because someone could get hurt, more due to the fact that my little girl whines when she gets hit.

With laser tag, no worries about that! The guns are fun to use and responsive. Reloading is made pretty fun. Nice to have the rumble feedback on the guns, I just wish it was more feedback when you get hit. It's such a shame Nerf ended this series. See all 1, reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews. Published 22 hours ago.

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