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This first email is lengthy. But he summarizes it this way:. You seem to have gone from practice Peaceful Possibility to a more no practice approach the videos with Luis. Just Free Casino Penny Slot Games me where to send it and click the button below. He then mentions Jim Newman and Tony Parsons as examples of no practice gurus.

So first of all, to the point about my having drifted from practice to no practice. I believe that I received a lot of benefit from a handful of practices. I had at one time tried to teach those practices in a stripped-down, non-religious, non-spiritual, non-bullshit way. So even though my attempt was helpful for people, I later decided what I had produced was misleading in some ways, and I have unpublished that content — some of the only Are Casino Slot Machines Honestidad to date I have actually unpublished.

And I implicitly and perhaps explicitly expressed that these practices would or could lead to some kind of generalized life betterment, which could be understood as a kind of enlightenment. Because what I see is that they could just as easily lead to furthering the compulsive search to escape what is happening. I believe that perhaps more than anything else I received benefit from practicing awareness of bodily tension and letting go of that. In my experience it revealed even greater terror underneath the chronic tension, and it was really scary for a while.

The other thing that I credit with being very helpful to me was choosing to go headfirst, so to speak, into the things I had previously tried to avoid. I chose to start thinking the thoughts, feeling the feelings, and putting myself into the situations that previously I had tried to avoid. This is, in many ways, similar to exposure and response prevention.

Also similar to stoicism. I just recognized that trying to avoid stuff seemed to make things worse. So I reasoned that doing a might be useful. And it seems to be. And I still believe they can be useful for people in the context of relieving chronic tension or chronic avoidance. But then I started getting a huge number of queries about spirituality and enlightenment and such things. And people were hoping that I could give them practices to achieve their spiritual goals.

Which make sense because I implicitly or explicitly had stated as much or allowed people to think that. But I realized after some time that there are two different Who Owns Ballys Casino that I was talking to people about — sometimes overlapping. One was recommendations for things to consider practices that might possibly help to relieve specific unpleasantness.

The other was how to become enlightened. There is no one true way. There is nothing that needs to be gotten. They are selling a lie. I will say this. Of the bunch mentioned in the email, Tony Parsons is the most entertaining. I should also note that I am also full of shit.

I know that may seem petty and mean. He sat there flanked by very spiritual-appearing objects and images, staring into space in a very spiritual way for a minute or two before beginning a very spiritual-sounding monologue. But everybody sits there politely and nodding in approval of his Free Casino Penny Slot Games fantastic new wardrobe.

You might as well be going to church and believe the promises of the New Earth. Fill in the blank. You might find yourself in the Care Bears universe one day. But if you do, notice whether or not it gave you what you hoped for. I read about people who, how would you call this, have realised truth?

I could name examples, you seem to have tried many different thing before you got to truth, as have Jeff Foster, Adyashanti, Lisa Cair[n]s, Tony Parsons and others.

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Or if i should hide from all distractions, such as no computer, phone. Maybe my laziness or down-to-earthness keeps me from doing something radical like that that could help. Or, put another way, awakening is the result of all the effort that precedes it.

The popular idea is that awakening comes as a result of doing something. It is the ordinariness and extraordinariness of what is happening. Not a particular understanding of it. Not a particular type of feeling about it. Because you are living it. But this is it. No matter what this is. No matter how you feel. This is already awakening. So, you see, awakening cannot come as a result of anything. But searching for awakening can seem to obscure that this is already it.

No matter what else has been done or not been done, when you stop looking for something else, this present awakening that is the ordinariness and discomfort of life is obvious — just as it always is. Because this is already it.

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The person who asked me about kundalini simply asked if I had written anything about kundalini. Here is what I have to say on the subject. For example, how can I know that there is such a thing as happiness or orgasm or pain? All I can know is that whatever is happening is happening. And why should I care to do that anyway? Because no matter what I only have the experience I have.

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Us agreeing on a name and an abstraction actually offers no benefit — at least not when it comes to existential stuff. Maybe it helps when diagnosing a broken bone. Tell me what email address to send it to. Too lazy for truth? And a question about kundalini. Do you value my work? Do you appreciate my blog posts? Support my work through Patreon.

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