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This installment is part of an ongoing series. You can start at the beginning in order to follow its logical sequence. When seriously contemplating the market feasibility of a product or service idea, one must distinguish between the personal tendency to subjectively like it, and the dispassionate necessity to objectively appraise it.

The intersection of these two perspectives forms a critical juncture for differentiating a mere idea from a good idea. Regardless of whether the enterprise is a start-up or established, large or small, product-oriented or service-driven, certain aspects of this marketing ritual are universal in nature.

An idea is a thought or suggestion as a possible course of action. Statistically, most of these have little-to-no staying power, even among those that seemingly stand apart as the offspring of a lightbulb moment or the Eureka Effect.

A majority are mere ideas and nothing more. Good ideas come armed with a capacity to meet certain benchmark criteria, which can be summed up in three words: Weighing the idea against these benchmark criteria is simply imperative.

It endeavors to find what is known as a product-market fit. The critical difference, then, is that a mere idea foresees a plausible market, while a good idea seeks to gauge potential demand. The first hangs hope on a handful of mostly subjective assumptions, whereas the second derives understanding from the scrutiny of a largely objective analysis.

These two perspectives need not be regarded as incompatible or mutually exclusive. Each is important in its own way, and they can happily sit side-by side provided you maintain respect for the distinctly different roles that they play.


Together they form a near immaculate conception, an idea born of passion yet tempered by reason. The first, by the way, often gets referred to as a founder-market fit. The best of these generally come with unique insights drawn from real-world hands-on experience.

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The founder-market fit can be just as important as the product-market fit, especially during the inception stage of a launch — and especially for startups — insofar as it often fuels the resolve, along with the knowledge, to get past the early hurdles and bumps. The MOA takes stock of what you have to work with. It offers a higher degree of preparation for making prudent, and frequently pivotal, decisions — especially as they relate to understanding the nature and scope of the potential demand, and how to craft the value proposition.

A second form of evaluation, which typically comes on the heels of the MOA, is to run a provisional test for demonstrating Proof of Concept.

The proof of concept evaluation provides a mechanism for actively probing consumer interest, acquiring feedback and deploying iterations before plunging into a deep pocket commitment or scaling up prematurely. It affords the wiggle room to add here, subtract there, or otherwise refine the core idea prior to hitting critical mass — that stage where first reactions carry the risk of turning into fixed and lasting impressions.

A customer-oriented marketing organization with real-world experience would never proceed without availing itself of this feeling out process. For example, Chipotle added a new menu item in October to all its U. A favorable test yields a first success story, or the first bit of social proof, for closing a distribution agreement, solidifying an investor pitch, or endowing the product with a jumpstart prior to full market release.

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